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Emerald Isle (known as Emerald Forest in the PAL region) is a location featured in Daxter. It is a large island with several islets, rivers, and caves within it. Daxter was sent here for two "Take out bug in Emerald Isle" missions, along with Ximon in the ranger zoomer. The objective of both missions was to take out hive queens unique to the location, the first time with Daxter driving and Ximon throwing bombs, and the second with Ximon driving and Daxter manning the rear turret.


Emerald Isle is a lush atoll situated north of Mountain Temple,[1] and is accessed via a warp gate in the warehouse of the Port in Haven City. The corresponding warp gate is placed within a small hut, seemingly inhabited by Ximon. The hut contains a furnace, several computer displays for monitoring, some furniture and dead fish. In front of the hut is a trans-pad which parks the ranger zoomer. The hut is situated in a small cave, one of two main caves on the isle. Beyond this cave is where the general area of the isle can be visited.

Emerald Isle 2

The second cave.

This general area consists of a lagoon that flows over to a small alcove, and is decorated with several scattered islets and waterfalls. These islets are mostly topped with grass, but also contain strange blue pod-like plants unique to the isle. Atop a mudslide to the left of the first cave entrance is an entrance to the second cave. This elaborate cave is furnished with several stalactites, stalagmites, and most notably, blue emeralds, giving the isle its name. The cave has a continuously running body of water: There is a statue gate opening at the end of the cave that causes a waterfall, and this waterfall conceals a river which ascends upward back to the cave.

Emerald Isle 3

The statue gate and the geyser (to the right).

To the right of the entrance to the first cave is a drop off which leads to a small alcove in the elevated atoll. This hidden valley contains a few broken wooden bridges and, at the end, an opening that leads to a hidden geyser. The rocky formation above the geyser is situated in the middle of the isle, and will eject the ranger zoomer far into the sky and back onto the main isle area.


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