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Explore the brewery and restore pressure to the taps is a mission in Daxter. Osmo got a call from the brewery about "some sort of mechanical problem" and sent Daxter to fix it. Once Daxter arrived to the bar, the Barmaid explained that she lost pressure at the taps and that he needs to reset the valves.

In order to gain access to this mission, you must first complete the first dream mode level and execute the new move with the electric bug swatter.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Before you begin the mission, Taryn will greet you in a cutscene outside the Brewery. She will provide you with a modification for your spray gun: the pressure boost attachment

The new spray gun modification takes an important role in this mission and most of those onward. Be prepared to hover for prolonged times by picking up gas in mid-air to refill your spray pack. You also gain an extra mechanic involving open flames - allowing you to turn your spray gun into a temporary flamethrower. You can achieve this by using the spray against a light source. This mechanic is useful in fighting enemies, clearing pathwats, and gaining extra height when hovering. It is usually obvious, however, when this mechanic is required.

Speak to the Barmaid who will brief you on the mission. As soon as you go downstairs, you will run into a new enemy: the metal creeper. These spider-like bugs are rather agile and have both melee and ranged attacks. The brewery area itself is incredibly linear, with small rooms connected to more rooms by narrow hallways. Follow the pathways but be prepared to dodge hot steam from leaking pipes that periodically block your way. About halfway through the mission, you will run into another new enemy known as the slasher; these bugs are among the most powerful and take several hits to kill. The slasher deals double damage compared to other bugs and move quickly, so be sure to eliminate them promptly.

Several more slashers appear from here on. Beware that some of the floor gratings will give way, forcing you to hover across the gaps in a timely fashion, as you often also need to dodge steam. After numerous slashers and bottomless pits, you reach the end of the area and your real objective - restoring the pressure to the taps. In front of you will be eight meters that correspond to your D-pad and face buttons. Much like the Metal Head Mash minigame from Jak II, you will need to hit the physical buttons that correspond to the lit meter in time until the pressure restores itself.

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