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No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Jak and Daxter media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

Exterminate bugs in Breezy Valley is the name given to two different missions in Daxter. As the name suggests, they both take place in Breezy Valley.

The first mission is assigned to Daxter by Osmo after the mission "Clean up the construction site". After witnessing a discussion between Osmo and Kaeden, Daxter was told to head to Breezy Valley due to an emergency. Once there, he had to cure several plants from a bug infestation, as well as hunt down a lone hive queen using Betsy.

The second mission is assigned to Daxter by Taryn following the mission "Collect 8 eco crystals and return them to the Miner". Taryn told Daxter to "finish the job in Breezy Valley", where he had to cure animals infected with bugs as well as hunt and kill three more hive queens.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

During the missions in Breezy Valley, you will take control of Betsy, Osmo’s extermination vehicle. Betsy is indestructible, therefore careful driving is not a requirement. However, speed is a requirement for the the first two parts of the first mission and the first part of the second mission as they are timed.

First mission[edit | edit source]

Part 1:

During the first section, you must find and cure 26 bug-infested plants scattered across the valley. Some plants, however, are in small clusters of two to three. By using the ‘R’ or ‘Circle’ button whilst hovering over the plants, you will release bug spray and cure them. As the bug spray will deplete quickly, you will need to hover over the green bug spray vents to refill your meter.

Part 2:

Once all of the infected plants have been cured, Osmo will instruct you to exterminate six bugs that are feasting on the roots of a large plant in the center of the valley. To exterminate these bugs, hit them with your vehicle rather than releasing bug spray.

Part 3:

After these bugs have been exterminated, a hive queen will emerge from the ground beneath the plant. The hive queen has three health points and will therefore take three hits from Betsy to be exterminated. Due to its speed, you must cut it off during turns to inflict damage.

Second mission[edit | edit source]

The Breezy Valley bug.

Part 1:

Just like in the first part of the previous mission at Breezy Valley, you must use Betsy to cure a bug infestation. This time however, you will need to cure moving creatures infected by the bugs. The creatures will waddle around the valley, making them slightly harder to cure than the plants. Find and cure all eight creatures before time runs out.

Part 2:

Once the creatures have been cured, three hive queens will emerge. They will need to be exterminated in the same way as the hive queen from the first mission. However, these hive queens only need one hit before they are exterminated.

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