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Find the hidden power cell (Mountain Pass) is a mission in The Precursor Legacy that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell. The mission entails a lone hidden power cell that Jak discovered in Mountain Pass.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Note: In order to retrieve this power cell, you must have first completed the mission "Find the yellow vent switch" on Snowy Mountain back in the Red Sage's hub.

Once the former mission is completed, a yellow eco vent will open just before the cave entrance in the Mountain Pass heading towards Volcanic Crater. Stop the A-Grav Zoomer here and turn it slowly towards the left while heading through the trees. There will be a large boulder among this rock wall here which is a slightly different color. Shoot it while channeling yellow eco through your zoomer and head through the new shortcut to take the power cell at the end.

Alternatively, you can travel to the large boulder while on foot if you start from the entrance of Mountain Pass and do not get aboard the A-Grav Zoomer. On the right side of the boulder, you can crouch jump to the middle of the boulder, and then jump and slide over the rest of the boulder. Then, roll jump over the gap carefully and jump to reach the power cell. (Note that this can only be done if you have already cleared the Mountain Pass once.)

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