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The only other way north is by foot through the Fire Canyon, but its volcanic soil is hot enough to melt Precursor metal; you can't just walk through it!

Samos Hagai, The Precursor Legacy

Fire Canyon is a location in The Precursor Legacy. It is a volcanic pass connecting Sandover Village to Rock Village, and can only be traversed via an A-Grav Zoomer equipped with a heat shield. Its volcanic soil was said to be hot enough to burn Precursor metal.[1]

Fire Canyon was the only way for Jak and Daxter to travel north other than by the teleport gates, which at the time were not activated. Jak had to then collect twenty power cells to power Keira's heat shield for the A-Grav Zoomer, which would protect the vehicle as Jak rode through the Canyon. The Canyon itself is home to extremely hot lava and dangerous stalagmites, and despite Samos' claim that its soil could burn Precursor metal, it did have some old Precursor structures and Precursor orbs.

Fire Canyon 2

Fire Canyon

The canyon has various items along the path which Jak can collect during his journey to the end. These include cooling balloons, which are used to cool the heat shield, blue eco which can propel Jak further along the path, dark eco boxes which present a hazard, as well as the typical seven scout flies which Jak collects for one power cell. There are also several babaks which are located on the cooler, rocky surfaces of the canyon.


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