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Trophy: Bat Out of Hell
Unlock the Firebat Silver

The Firebat is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by collecting 15 medal points in the Green Eco Cup. Torn, Rayn, and UR-86 use this vehicle during the Green Cup, though Rayn continues to use it during the Yellow Eco Cup and in exhibition mode.

The PlayStation 4 version has a trophy named "Bat Out of Hell". Unlocking the Firebat will reward you with a silver trophy.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Firebat is a heavy-duty microcar dune buggy speedster, and is noticeably reminiscent of the Dragonfly. Unlike the Dragonfly, however, it is not quite as covered in armor and its durability lacks in comparison.

Similar to the Street Grinder, the Firebat's statistics are deceptive. Despite boasting the highest maximum engine and gearbox statistics (something seen in only one other car), it is plagued with a myriad of mechanical problems. The high top speed is hard to utilize properly due to an inefficient turbo system, and the weak armor (the lowest among all cars) means you will not fare well the moment an opponent decides to use their weapons against you.

To add to this, both the acceleration and steering is mediocre. The latter becomes nearly non-existent the moment the turbo is engaged, at which point it is as if the steering wheel is locked down. Drifting somewhat counteracts this during turns, but it is highly inadvisable to use the Firebat on any track with sharp turns or any combat-based mode.

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