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The fish cannery is a location featured in Daxter, situated in the Port of Haven City. It is an expansive, naturally refrigerated factory owned and operated by Brutter, used to preserve and process food, specifically lurker shark meat. The area is one of the many locations infested with metal bugs, to the despair of Brutter. It is likely that the fish cannery was used to provide fresh meat to Brutter's trinket stand located in the Bazaars, featured in Jak II, though the cannery was not featured in that game.

History[edit | edit source]

Daxter was originally sent to the fish cannery by Taryn, who requested that he clean up the area, along with the same request in the distillery, in exchange for providing him with the flamethrower attachment. However, upon entering the entrance to the main storage area, it was discovered that Brutter had called Osmo for help from Kridder Ridder, at which point Daxter proceeded to clear out the infestation, lest Brutter lose his business.

Geography[edit | edit source]

A refrigerated storage room.

The entrance used by Daxter to access the cannery is presumably an offload point for transports in the Port, and not a proper entrance, as it enters directly upon grinders and a conveyor. This entrance is situated along the eastern wall of the Port, located by keeping right once entering the Port. The entirety of the cannery is littered with dead lurker sharks of various sizes and colors, usually surrounded by ice or frozen within large ice cubes. In fact, a dead, medium-sized lurker shark of similar appearance to those found in The Precursor Legacy immediately greets visitors upon entrance.

The main observatory room.

The cannery is characterized by several conveyors, spiked rollers, crates, processing units, fish suspended by hooks, frosty ventilation shafts, water bays decorated with ice floes, and various machinery. Beyond a factory that processes frozen blocks of fish via automated rails is the main control room.

The colossal lurker shark.

Within this control room is a single chair situated in the center, with a very large observatory window that gives view of a colossal lurker shark that is tethered down. This room has several valves, computer terminals, and computer displays as well. Directly after this room is what was referred to Brutter as the main storage area, which contains bays with live lurker sharks, presenting a hazard to anyone who travels through.

The outside storage area.

Ahead of the main storage area is an outside storage area, which consists nearly entirely of a large water bay with ice floes, large cranes, as well as water gears and various other machinery. This is also where the colossal shark is kept, though the bay is too shallow for it to swim around. There are two of these sections, connected by an additional inside room accessed via an elevator. The second section contains the larger blue and yellow sharks, and leads to a final exit indicated by conveyors that end at the original entrance.

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