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The flut flut is a bird featured in The Precursor Legacy. It was first seen in the mission "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff", where Jak had to push an egg of the edge of the cliff to help it hatch, where it would then go into the care of the Birdwatcher and Samos. It was again used in Boggy Swamp to retrieve a power cell placed atop a large platform in the mission "Ride the flut flut". Lastly, it was transported to Snowy Mountain in order to cross Precursor platforms to retrieve a power cell during the mission "Get through the Lurker fort".


Flut flut concept art

Concept art of the flut flut.

The flut flut is a rather large bird, somewhat resembling, in shape, to an ostrich, and its later Jak 3 equivalent, the leaper lizard. It has a round head, two very large eyes, a combination of both a beak and a mouth, two relatively small feathered arms used for gliding, hooved feet, and a long bony tail with a prominent, vibrant tail fan. With the only flut flut being seen in its infant stage (referred to as a "chick"), it is unknown what a grown one looks like. The mother of the flut flut egg was captured and presumably killed by the local lurker infestation; the first person the flut flut saw was Daxter, confusing him for its mother.

They are mainly blue in color, with various yellow markings and feathers. The one seen in-game carries a saddle on its back.


Flut flut screen

A charge attack

The flut flut has two main attacks, a charge attack where it will headbutt forward, and an aerial attack, where while air-borne, will charge down with its claws releasing a purple-colored cloud (very similar to the leaper lizard in the third game.)

Due to the flut flut's large legs, it has incredible jumping power, coupled with its wings which it uses for gliding long distances.

Behind the scenesEdit

Flut fluts were originally going to appear in Jak II.