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The flying spider, also known as the arach-head, is an enemy in Jak II. They are large spider-like metal heads only encountered in the Metal Head nest.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

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Flying spiders have six strong legs which they use to support their heavy body. There are two strong insect-like wings tucked under shields on its back. There is also a dual-mounted dark eco machine gun in place of its mouth.[1]

The spiders are one of the main defenses of the Metal Head nest. They will fly and land somewhere near the intruder, sometimes alone but also in groups of up to three members. They will either hold ground or walk towards the enemy and attack them. Sometimes they fly in from behind to take their enemies by surprise.

The flying spider has a dual dark eco machine gun mounted on its mouth, which it uses to fire streams of bullets.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The spider has one attack, which is to fire a stream of dark eco bullets from left to right and back. They do not have a melee attack, but instead use their gun in close-range.

Depending on the amount of enemies and terrain, there are two possible strategies: if possible, just hide behind a hill or object (or even duck and hide in a crater) or retreat to a different height. It is possible to just jump over the bullets, but this is not advised due to the speed at which it fires.

The most common strategy is to simply mass attack them (as they usually will come with a load of mantis' jumping around.) Jumping and using a spin kick coupled with the Blaster is found the better strategy. However, other weapons such as the Peace Maker and Vulcan Fury work well.

If there are multiple of them, it is also possible to hide behind one spider while another fires. It will most likely kill or hurt the one you are using as cover.

The easiest strategy, which does not require any skill and has practically no risks (except if there are many enemies) is to simply walk up to them and use whatever melee attack you prefer to attack their large rear segment. Because they have no melee attack and are very slow with turning around, this is an incredibly easy way to get rid of the spiders.

References[edit | edit source]

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