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Follow that prison zoomer! is a mission in Daxter. After exiting the Kridder Ridder shop, Daxter saw Jak in the back of a prison zoomer and promptly chased it on the scooter. The zoomer eventually managed to escape and Daxter was rescued from a group of guards by Ximon in the company van.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The game expects you to follow directly behind the prison zoomer as it drives through the Industrial Section, moving on both ground level and the upper walkways. It will switch between throwing small bombs directly behind it and placing mines, either of which are easily avoided by maintaining your distance and not flying directly behind it. It is, however, possible to cheat the chase by simply staying on ground level when the zoomer uses a walkway and vice versa when it stays on ground level itself. The height distance makes it impossible for it to accurately hit you and yet you can keep up at full speed without any need to dodge the explosives.

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