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Trophy data
Collect 28 scout flies. Bronze
Collect 49 scout flies. Silver
Totally Buzzed Out!
Collect 112 scout flies. Gold

Free seven scout flies is a recurring mission in each level in the The Precursor Legacy. It involves Jak (the player) freeing seven scout flies from their locked boxes, scattered across the area, the last of which gives a power cell.

The scout flies were sent by Keira to look for power cells, but were then captured by lurkers. When Jak went to Geyser Rock for training, he ran into all seven and freed them. Keira told him that if he freed all seven in other areas, they would give him more power cells.

These missions are always the last in any location's mission list. Locked boxes are dark red with metal trim. They will hop in place and make a muffled buzzing sound, indicative of the captured scout fly inside. Destroy the locked boxes with a dive attack (X + Square) or yellow eco. Sometimes, you must use the A-Grav Zoomer or flut flut to destroy the boxes instead.

Collecting scout flies in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of The Precursor Legacy is related to the trophies Buzzin', Buzzed, and Totally Buzzed Out! Collecting 28, 49, and 112 scout flies unlocks a bronze, silver, and gold trophy, respectively. These scout flies can be collected from any area and in any order.

Geyser Rock[edit | edit source]

After the mission "Find the cell on the path", all seven locked boxes are clustered together across some tiered cliffs, making these the easiest to find. Two of them are on ground level while the rest are on a cliff.

Sandover Village[edit | edit source]

  • Inside the Fisherman's hut, which is the first hut to the right after crossing the bridge from Samos' hut.
  • Inside the Mayor's hut, which is directly across from the Fisherman's hut, hidden in a back room.
  • Below the bridge leading to the Sculptor's hut, around the corner to the left of the Mayor's hut.
  • On a small stretch of sand leading to Sentinel Beach behind the Sculptor's hut.
  • Inside the Farmer's hut, on the northeastern-most end of Sandover.
  • Across from the Farmer's hut and to the left is a tall stone cliff. Scale it using some tiered ledges, then high jump to the top of the cliff, where there is a scout fly.
  • Jump off the top of the cliff and back down to the second-highest ledge. Roll jump across to the next pillar, and then across the next to where the Oracle is. The last scout fly sits to the left of the Oracle.

Sentinel Beach[edit | edit source]

  • When you enter Sentinel Beach there's a cluster of eleven treasure chests with the box in the middle in the back.
  • Use the rotating platforms to reach the higher plateau area, in the middle here is a platform with a wooden bridge leading to another higher platform, with another box.

Move towards the area with the eco harvesters, close to the cliff is a path leading upwards.

  • On the higher cliff path leading to the flut flut egg, after the small path past the waterfall, is the third box.
  • Back at the eco harvester spot, jump down onto the beach closest to the waterfall, close to you is the fourth box.

Nearby is a cave with two large thick poles, uppercut these into the air, then use the rotating platform machine past the cave to climb back up.

  • The poles from earlier can now be used as a jumping platform, use the one closest to the cliff to reach five orbs and a locked box.
  • Now do the same with the other to get another five orbs and the sixth locked box.
  • At the end of the beach, where the sentinels are, you can find this one atop the first sentinel.

Forbidden Jungle[edit | edit source]

  • When entering Forbidden Jungle, follow the path forward and jump onto the stumps on the right, the first locked box is on the last one.
  • Cross the river on the left and head to the lurker machine; behind it is the second locked box.

Head back to the starting area and go left, cross the bridge above the Fisherman.

  • Use the nearby trampoline to get up on this higher level. On the end of this small area (past the hopper and swinging log) is a set of stumps. The locked box is on the last one.
  • Following the path, at the end with the blue eco vent, jump down into the canyon. The locked box is in the water in front of the small tunnel.
  • Take a right and go into the canyon to the nearby open area. Here, next to two dark eco boxes, is the fifth locked box.

Climb back up the blue eco vent, and use the blue eco to activate the Precursor bridge and door and head into the Forbidden Temple.

  • Use the trampoline on the right to access some hidden ledges on the outside of the temple, past the six orbs is the sixth locked box.
  • As you climb up the Precursor platforms heading higher up into the Temple, you will find the last locked box hidden between some treasure chests.

Misty Island[edit | edit source]

  • As you encounter the first bone armor lurker, go and take a right past the mud pit and climb up on the platforms. There's a long, giant, spine here, climb it and follow it to a high platform with the first locked box on top.

Now from that starting area, head left until you reach a lake. Grab the A-Grav Zoomer from the trans-pad.

  • The second locked box is on the wooden structure on the left end of the bay area.

Now park the zoomer again.

  • The third box is on top of the ship.
  • Now head up the wooden walkway above the ship, the fourth one is at the second safe spot.

Head back down to the lurker ship, then take the bridge leading to the unexplored area with more babaks.

  • After the mud pit, use the seesaw on the right to find the fifth locked box.

Go through the nearby precursor door, defeat the ambush and exit through the other.

  • In the center of this area is a tall platform, climb it and go through the nearby tiny passage to find the sixth locked box on a ledge.
  • Now head along the cliff face and grab the last locked box at the end here.

Fire Canyon[edit | edit source]

  • Immediately after the first two blocks of dark eco boxes is a locked box, next to the first babak.
  • Right after you have to jump over a pool of lava is another locked box, between two lurkers.
  • The next one comes after a cooling balloon, followed by a Precursor platform followed by another cooling balloon. Then you will have to stay close to the left side of the pool to hit the locked box (the road is S-shaped).
  • In the next thin path section, to the right is an empty drop and to the left is a lava pool. There are another four items and the first is a locked box.
  • Immediately after the previous one is another locked box to the right.
  • After the part with the two stone pillars, followed by a block of dark eco boxes, followed by a Precursor platform, another block, a lurker, and a blue eco vent is the sixth locked box instantly on the right side of a stone pillar in the middle of the canyon.
  • At the very end, the very last corner is one final thin path. Right here is the last locked box.

Rock Village[edit | edit source]

  • Behind the Blue Sage's hut, next to some barrels.
  • When jumping down from the Blue Sage's hut onto the stone platforms, in between the last two is another one.
  • In the small passageway, behind the Geologist.
  • Behind the second big red-hot boulder (next to the bridge).
  • In the lower section, the small cafe with the Warrior and the Gambler, on the outside (leading to the lost Precursor city) is a box in the corner.
  • Right outside (on the way to Boggy Swamp) is another box on a large pontoon.
  • Once you have crossed the few pontoons leading to Boggy Swamp, it is right in front of you on the ground.

Precursor Basin[edit | edit source]

  • Behind the precursor structure, partially below ground, you see upon first entering the Basin.
  • On the bridge over the entrance to the Precursor Basin.
  • Near the first purple Precursor Ring, on an overpass connected to the path leading to the bridge with the previous scout fly.
  • On the donut-shaped platform in the second section.
  • Under the donut-shaped platform in the second section.
  • On the path from the Get the power cell over the lake mission, you'll encounter this one right before the last jump.
  • Near the first blue Precursor Ring, which is located on the cliff path you use to get the previous box. Instead of heading right to go upwards, head left.

Lost Precursor city[edit | edit source]

  • In the first large room that you enter with moving platforms, you'll be able to see a locked box towards the bottom of the room on a platform with a double lurker.
  • In the second room, with the first set of platforms that move when you stand on them, you can find a scout fly on the ledge to the right.

There are four of them in the third room, with the colored pipe puzzle.

  • If you work your way to the left to where you see the ledges moving in and out of the walls, you'll find a locked box.
  • There's another locked box to the right of the room, near the puffer. You can get there by using the manhole that is blown in the air on the right.
  • Hit the button in front of the green tube with a scout fly in it to release it and then use the moving platforms to make your way to the ledge with the scout fly on it before the time runs out.
  • Hit the button in front of the blue tube with a scout fly in it to release it and then once again use the moving platforms to take you to the spot where it was released.

After the room with the chamber, from the "Raise the chamber" mission, head left into another room.

  • The last locked box is on a tall platform, which can only be reached by using the manholes that are shot into the air by the steam.

Boggy Swamp[edit | edit source]

  • You will find the first scout fly on the initial path in Boggy Swamp. It is just over the first set of thorny vines that you must jump over.
  • Use the blue eco vent next to the launcher to take you to the second locked box.
  • Further down the path you will encounter another vent with a launcher, which brings you to the third locked box.
  • After the area where you break the second tether, there is a yellow eco vent with a group of swamp bats hovering ahead. Use yellow eco bolts to kill the lurkers and head in that direction to find a locked box with the fourth scout fly.

After reaching the flut flut;

  • There is a locked box on the wooden scaffolding close to the launcher from a little earlier, which can only be reached with the flut flut.
  • On the path towards the opposite direction of the last box you found with the mount, you will encounter the second one in this area. This is on the way to the power cell that you get with the bird.

After Boggy Billy's home, enter the next tunnel.

  • The last scout fly to be freed is in the midst of some dark eco boxes behind the wooden spikes. Use the nearby yellow eco to destroy the dark eco boxes from a distance.

Mountain Pass[edit | edit source]

  • The first locked box is at the second ramp.
  • And the second one is shortly after that, right before the tiny split in the road by the large stone column.
  • The third one is right before the thin path crossing the large bottomless pit.
  • The fourth locked box is right after the big ramp over a pit, next to some treasure chests.
  • Midway through the cave, before the narrow passage filled with vents, is the fifth scout fly.
  • After said passage you can find the sixth one on the right of a stalagmite.
  • The last locked box is surrounded by explosives at the very end of the Pass.

Volcanic Crater[edit | edit source]

  • When entering Volcanic Crater, turn right and jump into the crevice below. The locked box will be hidden here between the rocks.
  • In the crystal cave with Gordy and Willard, you can find one hidden behind a rock.
  • There is a scout fly near the oracle. Follow the path to the right and jump down the stair-patterned platforms.
  • There is a scout fly on one of the separate stone pillars leading to the minecarts.
  • On a rocky platform you come across while riding the first minecart track you will here a buzzing scout fly. Follow the sound to find it.
  • On a rocky platform you come across while riding the third minecart track, you will see a scout fly.
  • Finally, there is a scout fly near the entrance to Spider Cave.

Snowy Mountain[edit | edit source]

  • In the first gap you will come across.
  • After the gap, continue straight ahead into the frozen cave, where the second locked box awaits you within.

Continue until you reach a frozen lake.

  • To the left here is a slope, take this one down where the third locked box is nearby at the bottom.
  • Hug the wall on the right until you reach a set of snowy steps along the cliff wall, head up here to find the fourth locked box.

Meanwhile, head back to the Lurker Fort.

  • In front of it is a bridge, jump down into the area below to find the fifth one.
  • Now head into the Lurker Fort and climb the first tower, at the top is the sixth box.
  • On the opposite of the entrance is a large building, climb it and free the last scout fly at the very top.

Spider Cave[edit | edit source]

From the beginning of the area, hug the left wall until you reach a web trampoline, use it to reach a new ledge and continue through this passage with the floating platforms until you reach a yellow eco vent.

  • From here, turn right and the first locked box will be on the narrow bridge between two treasure chests.

Keep hugging the rightern cave wall and follow the path.

  • Shortly after some web trampolines you will find the second one.
  • And soon after that one is a cave on the right with a big dark eco pool, on the other side is the third locked box next to two strong boxes.
  • Nearby here is the entrance to the Dark Cave here, enter it and the fourth locked can be found halfway through.

Head back outside to the yellow eco vent and climb the nearby wooden scaffolding, jump down on the other side.

  • There'll be a scaffolding walkway leading to the fifth locked box, hidden away next to some treasure chests in an alcove. It is the same walkway you walk underneath as you go straight for the second section of Spider Cave.

Head for the second cavern now and start climbing the Precursor robot scaffolding.

  • Eventually you will want to go to the second level, with the only way being an elevator. Nearby this elevator is an extra dead end with several strong boxes and at the end your sixth scout fly.

Now go for the third level.

  • Right after exiting the last elevator, there will be a rotating platform nearby. Use it to reach a lone path that leads around the robot, at the end is the last locked box.

Lava Tube[edit | edit source]

  • The first locked box is encountered very early on. You will drive over some molten lava and two or three cooling balloons nearby. The locked box is then to the right between a pillar and a wall.
  • A little later on you will make a jump, leading to a three-way intersection below. The scout fly is in the center here.

Continue along until after the room with the rotating machine.

  • Shortly after that room you will come across a section of roller-coaster like tracks, the locked box will be on the left path early in when entering this section.
  • After the previous section comes a part with many dark eco mines and containers moving around, the fourth box will be after the second set of containers next to some mines and balloons.
  • The fifth one comes right after the fourth one. It is before the big jump and obscured behind a mine and balloon on the right side.
  • The sixth one also comes quickly after the fifth one. After making the jump just mentioned you will find the scout fly below.
  • And soon after the sixth scout fly you will find a yellow eco vent, behind it is the last locked box.

Gol and Maia's citadel[edit | edit source]

  • To the immediate right, after entering the citadel.

From here on, take the right path and go to the Red Sage's path (you want to access the broken Precursor platforms as soon as you see them).

  • At the end of this challenge lies your second locked box.

After freeing the Red Sage, take the platform down below and activate the tile puzzle.

  • Instead of going right, go left and activate another puzzle to get the third box on the other side.

Head back and continue as normal, take the path to the right to save the Blue Sage this time.

  • Halfway through, after the blue eco vent, you will find the fourth locked box along the path.

Free the Blue Sage and head back down below, continue along the path until you reach the Yellow Sage's path and enter it.

  • After going through a door, the locked box is on your immediate left.

Now go and use the blue eco to jump from launcher to launcher and free the Yellow Sage.

  • After saving him, turn right and jump across the rotating platforms here. Past the corner is the sixth box.

Now go and head for Samos Hagai with the newly opened path.

  • At the very top of the structure here, along the wooden scaffolding, you will find the last scout fly to be saved.
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