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The Freedom HQ was the primary headquarters for the Freedom League, located in New Haven, Haven City. It was only featured in Jak 3 and used during the War for Haven City, primarily by Ashelin Praxis and Torn (before the latter was separated and held fort in South Town). The facility contained the main control room, accessed at the top of the building via an elevator, which utilized several computer panels as well as a primary computer system known as the holo-viewer[1] in the center used for various purposes. Beneath the control room was a hangar which held the single HellCat cruiser still in existence (that was seen in the game), but was modified and re-painted from crimson to blue per the Freedom League's color.

Jak visited the HQ several times after gaining access to New Haven, primarily to receive missions and information from Ashelin Praxis, Samos Hagai, Keira, Pecker, and once from Onin. Jak once defended the HQ from an attack by KG Death Bots using armored dropships. He also received the Mass Inverter here from Ashelin after the mission "Beat Cyber Errol boss". The Freedom HQ also appeared to have dealt with inter-league affairs, as it was here that various briefing took place, as well as Governess Ashelin dissolving the city council and stripping Veger of his title, command, and all privileges.[2]

The official Jak 3 website reveals several departments and separate control rooms in the HQ, such as a pharmaceutical room used for experiments, a weapons room, and various additional intelligence monitors.[3]

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