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The Gambler is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He can be found at the central pavilion in Rock Village, and gives Jak and Daxter the mission "Beat record time on the gorge". Upon meeting the Gambler, he desperately asked Jak and Daxter to beat the record time in the Dead Man's Gorge race so he can "get the big pay-off." He also gives them another offer; a standard ninety Precursor orb trade, in this case to "get him back on his feet."

The Gambler is presented as the typical "gambler"-type person, seeming to place bets and gamble on races. He even lost his pants in a bet on the Warrior that he could defeat Klaww, and wears a barrel as a result. He also sports a large frayed hat with an ace of spades card tucked in it. He has a strong Brooklyn accent. The Gambler is remarkably undisturbed by the presence of Klaww.

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