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The Gardens are two districts, South and North, in Haven City featured in Jak II. They comprise two sections, one located north of the western Bazaar and one located to the south. They are Haven's most floral and faunal districts, consisting of pastures of fruit trees, gardens of tall and unusual fruits, and pens for yakows.

Following the fall of the Palace in Jak 3, the North Garden was ruined and became part of the palace ruins location. The South Garden, along with the western Bazaar, was terraformed into Metal Head city upon the emergence of the Metal Head tower.


During Jak II, Jak visited the Gardens sectors primarily to access other locations, namely the Mountain Temple range, Main Town, and the western Bazaar. However, some missions partially took place in the Gardens, such as "Beat Erol in race challenge" and "Rescue lurkers for Brutter", but were otherwise seldom featured.

The garden parts were maintained by automatic sprinkler systems connected to a large network of pipelines. These sprinklers kept the variety of fruits watered, of which were very large and unusual, some resembling palm trees, gourdes, tulip-shaped water tubs, or tree-shaped fruits. These fruits appear seemingly indestructible, but can be destroyed with a weapon or high-velocity vehicle.


Both Garden sectors are located on the west-most side of Haven City, with the western Bazaar dividing them. During the second game, Mountain Temple and Haven Forest could be located through an airlock in the North Garden, however, during the third game only South Haven Forest could be located by way of an airlock in the South Garden.


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