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The gekko is an enemy in Jak 3. It is a reptile-like metal head that only appears in the eco mine.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Gekkos are smaller metal heads with large feat for climbing walls. They have dark green colored skin, a small skull gem in their head (which does not eject upon death), and has some small tubes and a thick black metal frame running over the back of their body. They have a small blaster in place of the mouth.[1]

A gekko generally lies in wait using its large feet to scale walls; when an enemy appears they quickly scuttle over the walls and fire blasts of dark eco at them. If they are hit, they will land on the ground and be unconscious for a few seconds. Afterwards they will quickly run around and try to headbutt their enemy.

Combat[edit | edit source]

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A gekko will either fire a blast of dark eco or give a headbutt, but only when they are on the ground.

If the gekko is still on the wall, keep moving, if it is on the ground, go to a higher area. On walls they are somewhat inaccurate shooters and on ground they are too fast to outrun.

To defeat them, use the Beam Reflexor, as its multiple reflective blasts have a higher probability of reaching the gekko (as well as taking out some other enemies nearby). The Scatter Gun is also effective when it is scuttling around on the ground.

References[edit | edit source]

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