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Before you do anything else, you better go through the warp gate and get some practice on Geyser Rock. —Samos Hagai, The Precursor Legacy
Geyser Rock is a minor location in The Precursor Legacy. It is a small tropical island located on a remote point neighboring Sandover Village and Misty Island, seemingly uninhabited, and abundant with vegetation, geysers, water falls, and test dummies. It also contains a few Precursor artifacts. It is devoid of lurkers, and serves the sole purpose in the game as a training area with typical platforming elements used to train Jak in simple acrobatics. Samos Hagai sent Jak and Daxter here to prepare them for their journey north after learning that they must travel to Gol and Maia's citadel on foot. This is the first location visited and the stage to the first mission in the game, "Find the cell on the path".


Geyser Rock 1

Geyser Rock is a small uninhabited island located to the south of Samos' hut (southern Sandover Village) and to the west of Misty Island. It is primarily made up of several geysers, palm trees, lagoons, cliffs, and grassy and sandy terrain. It has a few major Precursor artifacts such as a Precursor door, and a blue eco vent. It also has several minor Precursor artifacts such as Precursor orbs, power cells, and floating platforms, amounting to the ideal training area.

The mission route which Jak follows starting in the mission "Find the cell on the path" and ending on "Climb up the cliff" consists of a spiral pathway, starting at the bottom on a primary beach, and following a path of various cliffs and platforms which Jak has to traverse to further his progress up to the top of the tallest cliff located on the opposite side of the primary geyser.

Throughout this location Jak encountered various spiked traps, test dummies, and Precursor drum platforms. This island remarkably had multiple power cells located close together, something not seen again in the game.

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