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Geyser Rock is a location in The Precursor Legacy. A small island south of Sandover Village, it was used by Jak and Daxter to receive training before continuing on their journey. As such, it served as the game's tutorial. Although Geyser Rock could thereafter be visited via the teleport gate in Samos' hut, it did not contain any further missions or power cells.

The island's most prominent features include its namesake geysers, large Precursor robots embedded in the rocky cliffs, and its array of platforming challenges, unencumbered by any enemies as seen later in the game.


Jak training on Geyser Rock 2

Jak training on Geyser Rock.

Before Samos Hagai would allow Jak and Daxter to journey north in pursuit of Gol Acheron (the catalyst of the game's events), he required that they train on Geyser Rock. In addition to trialing his basic combat and maneuvering, the former of which with inanimate scarecrows, Jak was introduced to the value of Precursor orbs and power cells; his ability to interact with Precursor artifacts and other objects with blue eco; how to use green eco to heal himself; and how to collect Keira's scout flies for a power cell.

After collecting every power cell on the island, Jak was allowed to return home via the warp gate and explore outside of the village.


Geyser Rock is a small, tropical island off the southern coast of Sandover Village, and west of Misty Island, visited only by teleport gate (unlike Misty Island, which had to be visited via the Fisherman's speedboat). The island is completely uninhabited except by the seagulls flying overhead, and seven of Keira's scout flies, which were evidently captured by lurkers at some point before the events of the game.

Geyser Rock 2

The starting area of Geyser Rock.

The island is in fact fairly small in terms of landmass, but has a spiraling structure of rocky cliffs and grassy plateaus—such that the final area of the level drops directly to the beginning area from a tall cliff—which extends the length of the level vertically. The island's beaten paths are always on grassplots, though there are various sandy beach embankments that can be visited as well. Scattered about are palm trees that grow both from the ground as well as from within the cliff facades.

One of the island's most noticeable features is its namesake geysers, of which there are four, which intermittently erupt from relatively large rock formations. The first geyser is atop a mountainous structure at the south end of the island, where the mission starts. The second geyser is in the north-west, just off the coast in the water behind the tiered embankment where the scout flies were first found. The third is in the south west, on the beach off the beaten path. The fourth is in the small lagoon behind the Precursor door in the central area of the island.

The island has very few artificial elements in its environment; the most notable among these being the massive, broken down Precursor robots nearly fossilized in the various rocky cliffs. They appear to potentially still be functional, however, as during the night time, their light eco chest gems and eyes will glow. Other artificial elements include the scarecrows, used as training dummies; metal spike traps that recede into the ground; rickety wooden bridges and lampposts; and the various minor Precursor artifacts, including a floating platform that takes Jak from the top-most cliff back to ground level, large Precursor drums used as platforms, and a blue eco vent.

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