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The ghoul spider[1][2] is an enemy in The Lost Frontier. It is encountered in three missions, the second of which features a fully-mutated dark eco version of the enemy. It is presumed that they were experimented on by the Aeropans as part of the Dark Warrior Program, as they are encountered in the Aeropa sewers and abandoned research rig, both areas associated with Aeropa and massive amounts of dark eco.

History[edit | edit source]

Ghoul spiders first appear in the mission "Escape from the sewers". They were used by Dark Daxter to fill gaps in the ground and slow down fast-moving pistons, by being picked up and thrown onto them (both with Square), thus releasing very sticky web. Their sticky web could also be spat towards Daxter to slow him down enough to be bitten.

The dark eco version.

Dark eco versions of the ghoul spider later appeared in the mission "Search for light eco" in the abandoned research rig. Instead of sticky web, these spiders spit a very harmful toxic spit, but are otherwise identical to their predecessors bar a change in color.

The original versions reappear immediately after that mission during Dark Daxter's escape from the laser lab. They are used in a similar manner as they were in the sewers, though there are no fast pistons to slow down. Additionally, crystallized web constructs produced by the spiders present additional obstacles, and have to be destroyed via Dark Daxter's frenzy mode while carrying fire.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Early concept art of the ghoul spider.

Both versions of the ghoul spider have an identical appearance minus the color, with a body plan familiar to that of actual spiders: a very large abdomen and comparatively small thorax, but with only four legs instead of eight, and six compound eyes. The first version has a brown-grey color with white striping, and light purple crystals on the legs. The dark version has a purple color with red striping, and dark red crystals on the legs.

While in Dark Daxter mode, fighting the spiders will not necessarily be an objective, so much as you will need to utilize their webs. However, you can still kill them with any of Daxter's attacks should you be overwhelmed by many of them. When fighting them as Jak, however, use any combination of melee attacks and Gunstaff fire needed, but do note they are susceptible to stunlock similar to the mutant apes, thus the Vulcan Fury can be plenty effective.

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