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The glub,[1][2][3][4] also known as the goober,[5] ambient,[6] or fodder[7] (not to be confused with the fodder), is an enemy in Jak II. It is a small, one-hit herptilian creature commonly encountered in groups or alongside stronger enemies.

Indigenous to Dead Town,[4][5] where it is first encountered (in the mission "Retrieve banner from Dead Town"), it is later found at the pumping station in the mission "Find pumping station valve", then in Haven sewers in the mission "Destroy turrets in sewers".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A group of glubs near some ruins in Dead Town.

Glubs are always found in packs of at least two, but usually more, and commonly appear alongside the znorkle tooth, to whom they possibly share some relation. Glubs are eaten by humans; during the years of Jak's imprisonment, Daxter scavenged for leftover glub burgers.[2] Glubs share a role with yakows, fish, and fowl as the only documented food in the Jak and Daxter series.

Concept art of the glub.

The glub is a small tetradactyl biped, presumably either reptilian or amphibian.[a] It has smooth, splotchy green and yellow skin, a pale underbelly, and a dark blue dorsal crest from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. The head is oversized, with its bulky tail serving as a counterbalance. The lower jaw blends into the abdomen, giving the glub an under-evolved appearance in comparison to the znorkle tooth.

Their status as prey is perhaps reflected by their incredible field of vision; their eyes have a 360-degree longitudinal and 180-degree lateral range, which will stay fixed on Jak throughout their encounters. Their characteristically bulging eyes give them a non-threatening appearance (even described as "cute"),[1] but they possess treacherously razor-sharp teeth and front claws.[5] Their arms are weak and small compared to their large, powerful hind legs, with which they plunge towards their prey.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Jak punching a group of glubs.

At a distance, glubs repeatedly gnaw into the ground, presumably for food. Upon approach, they will tentatively advance towards their target and proceed to bite with a hop. Although small, their hop is quite fast, and they are capable of bigger lunges if needed, such as when trailing farther behind you or if you try to jump over them. If they miss, their attacks are quick and successive; otherwise, however, there is some delay before they attack again.

Nevertheless, they are trivial to combat, requiring only a single melee attack to dispatch. The only possible threat presents in their numbers and speed; match this with a well-timed spinning attack—or the Scatter Gun in otherwise demanding encounters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The znorkle tooth, its possible quadruped relative, is in fact amphibian.
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