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The glub, also known as the goober, is an enemy in Jak II. It is an amphibian, first encountered in Dead Town in the mission "Retrieve banner from Dead Town", encountered near the pumping station in the mission "Find pumping station valve" directly afterwards. They were later seen in the Haven sewers in the mission "Destroy turrets in sewers".


Glub concept art

Concept art

It has a yellow-white belly, yellow-green colored skin on the side of body and a dark green dorsal fin, or mane. The glub has big eyes which allow a big view of the surroundings, with strong back feet and small, weak arms. Its strong back feet allow for jumping small distances.

The glub tends to live in groups of two or three or even up to six members where they simply swarm and bite their prey. They will also team up with larger creatures, like the znorkle tooth, manic head and juice goon.


The glub has one attack where it does a very short ranged lunge at you, they are weak and tiny and easy to avoid. Although more of a nuisance when in groups or coupled with other enemies. They are very easy targets for the Scatter Gun, although melee attacks can take them down just fine.