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Gordy is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He is one of the two miners in the Volcanic Crater with his partner, Willard. Gordy works with Willard mining a large diamond that, according to him, would take twelve years to get out. Daxter asked if they have any power cells. Gordy told them that they found four while digging and that they would have to pay them ninety Precursor orbs for each power cell. Eventually Gordy gets four sets of ninety orbs.

Gordy is short and plump, with muddy clothes typical of a miner, and carries a pick-ax. He wears a torch-light above his head. He has a short temper (presumably caused by the fact that he has to work with Willard). Out of the two, he appears to be the smarter one. Often, Gordy will attempt to avoid helping Jak, in which Willard, being the less intelligent one, will correct Gordy. For example, Gordy tells them there's "nothing to see here," to which Willard says there is a huge gemstone, and Gordy responds with anger.

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