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By order of the Grand Council of Haven City, for heinous acts and crimes against the people, you are here by banished to the Wasteland for life. Veger to Jak, Jak 3

The Grand Council of Haven City (also referred to as simply the city council or just the council) was a legislative council in Haven City until its dissolution during the War for Haven City. It presumably served as an advisory board and contingency department for Baron Praxis during the Metal Head Wars, as it maintained significant strength and tyrannical attitude even after Governor Ashelin Praxis' (the Baron's daughter) ascension to leadership. It was chaired by Count Veger, and presumably consisted of a legislative committee or equivalent.[a]

In the beginning of the War for Haven City, bureaucratic decisions lied exclusively in the hands of the count.[1] The Governor of Haven City appeared to have little influence over the council's rulings, as Governor Praxis' protest to Jak's banishment was unilaterally overruled. Additionally, Daxter called for a vote recount, and Pecker stated that "not everyone agrees with this ridiculous decree," implying that Count Veger had acted with executive authority.[1] It is unknown who else supported Veger's actions, though Ashelin noted that the "council was too powerful" and that "there was nothing [she could do],"[1] contrastingly implying that Veger may have had broad support.

However, later in the war, after staggering attacks on the city, division within the Freedom League, and continued production of KG Death Bots, Governor Praxis assumed more control over her city. She invited Jak back to Haven City under the premise to help with the war effort, which he reluctantly accepted. In a meeting at the Freedom HQ, Count Veger attempted to denounce Jak's qualifications to save the city and the planet. As the Freedom League representatives that were there sided with Jak, Ashelin dissolved the Grand Council, and consequently stripped Veger of all his powers and privileges, ending the council's influence over the city and giving more power to the governor.[2] Her sudden superiority in rank most likely came from support from the Freedom League, which was the city's military force, in addition to a unanimous vote in support for Jak. The city council was never indicated to have returned to service following the cessation of the war.



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