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The Great Volcano is a large volcano in the middle of the desert Wasteland, featured in Jak 3. Jak visited here after discovering the monk glider at the top of the Monk Temple, recalling that Seem stated he lost an expedition of monks who went to survey a dark satellite that crash-landed in the volcano. He proceeded to glide to the volcano, accessing it via an alcove near the pinnacle of the formation. The volcano is later exited via a teleport gate, guarded by a sentry, which connects to the Monk Temple.

Later, Jak found the satellite after battling through the volcano's obstacles (such as various metal heads, a unique spiny toad hound species, hot geysers, and fragile stone structuring), whereupon he received the Dark Invisibility dark power after touching a dark idol (which petrified a monk who held it). The satellite that was there had evidently enrooted itself into the terrain, growing to be much larger than the satellite found in Spargus.

As its name would suggest, the Great Volcano is a large, magma-filled volcano. Inside of the volcano is a lava and ash-abundant terrain, with vegetation in its more soil-abundant areas. It is made up primarily of lavafalls, rivers and beds of lava, rocky cliffs, and in some areas, cold sedimentary canyons and cliffs. Quite some parts of the volcano are traversed via alternate means, such as a wild leaper that Jak managed to mount as well as some seemingly man-made structures (such as piping, netting, and scaffolding) traversed by Daxter.