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I got thirty kilos of explosives strapped to my back... Great!
— Grim, Jak II

Grim is a minor character in Jak II. He works for Krew as one of his three explosive experts along with Jinx and Mog. Grim only appeared in the mission "Escort men through sewers", where he was escorted by Jak through the Haven sewers together with Jinx and Mog. His goal, together with his two companions, was to blow up the Statue of Mar and retrieve the Heart of Mar artifact from it, in which they succeeded attributed to Jak defending the trio from the hosehead infestations. It is unknown what happened to Grim, or Mog, as neither one are seen or mentioned in subsequent installments. However, it is known that he has eight children.[1]


Grim seems to be slightly less reckless than his partners. However, he is also very cowardly and grim, as he often comments negatively, such as "we are so dead" and the sarcastic "I got thirty kilos of explosives strapped to my back... Great!" However, he also enjoys his job as he says after the first pathway is blown open. He is also quick to lose his temper or cool demeanor. For example, if Jak strays to far from the group, Grim will yell "I'm not getting killed because of this loser! This mission is over!"

He wears parts of red armor and a visor and helmet similar to the guards suggesting he may have once been in the Krimzon Guard, though this remains unconfirmed and unexplained. He, along with his comrades, is also one of the few characters wielding a pistol.