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The gunpod is a weapon featured in Jak II. It is a medium-sized gun pod stationed along rails or corners of platforms at the drill platform that fires dual red fire blasts, presumably used by the Krimzon Guard.

The turret has a single chair and a red casing with a metal frame. Its front side is made of windows and is easily susceptible to attacks. It can rotate 360° and aim for around 135° upwards or downwards. It has four small guns located on each corner which fire in rapid order, though beware of the guns overheating.

The turret was used to protect the drill platform against Metal Heads in the mission "Destroy eggs at drill platform", and was used again to kill forty hover guards and an airship tanker during the mission "Destroy ship at drill platform".

Always try to aim at the middle of an enemy and shoot in short bursts. Hitting the side will result in lower damage and scatter the enemy from the main group. Shooting in bursts simply helps to not overheat the system.

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