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The Gyro Burster is a weapon used by Jak during Jak 3. It is a yellow eco-powered yellow mod Morph Gun weapon, which fires continuous yellow eco bolts from its automatic multi-port drone disk.

Tess gives this upgrade to Jak after completing the first gun course challenge, "Beat gun course 1", to help with the war against the KG Death Bots and Metal Heads, and to "protect Daxter".


Tess giving Jak the Gyro Burster.

The Gyro Burster is built on the basic frame of the Blaster weapon; a rifle-looking weapon with an elongated barrel. At the end of the barrel is a large torus-shaped apparatus with three metal plates protruding from its end, acting as a large-bore gyro-burst launcher. The actual disk which is released is a small hovering plate-shaped drone with multi-port dispensers which fires thin streams of yellow eco in rapid succession, with four or five bolts firing in such rapidity that it looks like one stream, allowing quick work of stronger enemies.


Jak firing the Gyro Burster.

The Gyro Burster is the only weapon that consumes an especially large ammo rate; fifty ammunition with a single shot, which is then dispensed very rapidly by the auto-targeting hovering disk drone that the actual gun fires. The drone moves forwards slightly and will slightly change its course if it bumps into anything, although it can also be locked in place by pressing the fire button (L1) again.

Because the ammo is lost once the disk is fired it is not recommended to fire it mid-battle, by then there will be less enemies for the drone to target and it will most likely waste part of its ammunition if no new ones appear. The drone is most useful for wide open areas with a large number of enemies that are close together. It will have no problem with fast or flying enemies, as long as they stay in its targeting zones, nor are strong foes a threat as the sheer firepower will plow through any enemy.

Since the disk fires on its own it is smart to concentrate on avoiding enemies, as the torrent of bullets unleashed by the drone can make it rather hard to see incoming shots or spot that one enemy that manages to avoid the drone and is coming to attack you.