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Trophy: Tame the Beast
Unlock the Havoc V12 Silver

The Havoc V12 is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by collecting 33 medal points in the Blue Eco Cup. Cutter uses this vehicle during the Blue Eco Cup, and Razer uses this vehicle throughout the Green Eco Cup and onward, as well as in exhibition mode.

The PlayStation 4 version has a trophy named "Tame the Beast". Unlocking the Havoc V12 will reward you with a silver trophy.


One of the fastest cars in the championship, the Havoc V12 is also one of the hardest cars to use effectively. Although it has good acceleration, steering, and drifting capabilities, the Havoc pales in control stability at high speeds, proving to be tough to handle even for experienced racers.

Although incredibly fast, using the turbo at the wrong moment will cause your car to spin itself out of control. The key to effectively using the Havoc V12 is, quite simply, skill, as knowing when to turbo and when not to turbo comes down to experience. Ideally one should not turbo when making turns, and instead reserve it for those long stretches that don't require too much steering. An expert driver will be able to turbo the Havoc V12 through even the hardest tracks, however.

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