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The hip hog is a species in The Precursor Legacy, also referenced in Jak II. A hybrid of the hippopotamus and hog, it is first introduced in the form of Farthy, the pet of Boggy Billy. In the future, the hip hog would be the namesake mascot of the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon in Haven City, owned by Krew.


Boggy Billy and Farthy reunited in Boggy Swamp.

In The Precursor Legacy, Farthy ran away from his owner due to worsening lurker infestations, namely that of swamp rats, in Boggy Swamp. Boggy Billy then attempted to lay out Farthy's favorite snacks, though the rats kept stealing them. He thus offered Jak a power cell in exchange for fending off the rats long enough to lure Farthy back, in the mission "Protect Farthy's snacks".[1] Jak did so, reuniting the hillbilly and his pet. Farthy can then be seen incessantly licking his owner.

The hip hog sign atop the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon.

In Jak II, a large sign in the shape of a hip hog with a halo around its head was used to advertise the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon in the Port of Haven City, frequently shortened to just the Hip Hog. The sign would eventually be replaced with an ottsel when Daxter took over the saloon and rebranded it as the Naughty Ottsel.


Concept art of Farthy.

Hip hogs have a very compact build and exaggerated proportions. Their large orange snout, flared green nostrils, and pale green jaw dwarf their stubby legs, murky green underbelly, and short tail. They have the size, overall behavior, and human affability of hogs, but the head, legs, and tail of hippopotami. Farthy wears a hat nearly identical to that of Boggy Billy, covering his eyes in much a similar manner.