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The hornet is an enemy in Jak 3. It is an aerial Dark Maker infantry unit, somewhat resembling the metal head wasp. They were first encountered at the KG war factory in the mission "Beat Cyber Errol boss". Afterwards they were fought again in South Haven Forest, from where they spawned out of large flowers. They were then seen in the Metal Head tower in the mission "Destroy Metal Head tower, and lastly at the palace ruins in the mission "Break through ruins".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Hornet concept art.png

The hornet has a singular pod for a torso, with a very thick tail ending in a claw similar to the dark satellite. They have a pair of wings, made up of a jagged, metallic material, with a dark purple/black complexion. They carry an anteater-like proboscis typical to most Dark Maker infantry units and Precursor depictions.

They have a small cannon mounted above their right shoulder which they use to fire a dark eco blasts in a burst-like fashion.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The hornet is an agile enemy that relies on its speed to move around, although their small stature means they have less protection from attacks. They are relatively easily taken out with the Needle Lazer.

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