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Seal of the House of Mar

The House of Mar was the ruling dynasty and royal family in Haven City, made up of the descendants of the city's founder Mar. The House's insignia was the Seal of Mar, indicating royalty. The members of the House ruled over Haven until the line was broken when Damas was betrayed and banished by Baron Praxis. From thereafter Baron Praxis ruled up until his death and was succeeded by his daughter Ashelin Praxis. The House of Mar was never continued, even though Damas did have a son. He named him Mar, after the founder of the city, but following Damas' banishment he was kidnapped by Veger and was the subject of Baron Praxis' forces (as the Baron perceived him as a threat to his placement in rulership). Young Mar was eventually sent back into the past, and therefore Ashelin Praxis took the throne. Although it is later revealed that Jak was indeed Damas' son, he presumably never took the throne because he never expressed any interest in leading the city.

There were only three known members of the House; Mar, Damas, and Jak. Mar was the patriarch of the House of Mar, and mysteriously died some time after completing his large weapon at the Metal Head Nest. He was buried in a large mausoleum which also contained the Precursor Stone. Mar rigged the Tomb with the "Trials of Manhood" so that the single true heir could find the stone inside. Much later down the bloodline, Damas served as the ruler of Haven City until he was banished. He moved on to serve as the King of the desert city Spargus, and eventually died upon returning to Haven City to battle Dark Makers with Jak.

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