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Hunt Haven Forest metal heads was a mission in Jak II. Sig said combat Metal Heads with special camouflage were spotted in Haven Forest, and had Jak and Daxter take all 30 of them out.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A fairly difficult mission if you are unaware of how to fight the new cloakers, which as their name implies, are cloaked. They are not perfectly visible as you can still see their eyes, skull gem, and a faint outline, but they are hard to spot at a distance. Avoid standing still in an open spot since they will just shoot you down from a distance. The key to fighting these is to just get in close (using roll jumps and punches) and just take them out with whatever weapon you prefer. They won't fire their weapons in close range, which in turn gives you the upper hand. As long you as you keep moving, you will be able to avoid them.

Aside from 24 cloakers, there is also 6 cloaked spyder gunners. Due to their size, they are pretty easy to spot, but in case you will accidentally run into them; there is three behind the giant tree and another three at the area (next to the water) past the tunnel on the left as you enter the forest. All enemies are also marked on the map, which you will need as some cloakers will move through the tunnel between the starting area and the area around the giant tree.

A final useful tactic is to use the wastelander move where you jump, spin kick and immediately fire some Blaster shots around you. You will probably hit a nearby cloaker, meaning you won't have to look for them as much, but you will quickly run through your ammo as well.

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