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The Icelands comprise an icy region of the world home to a certain type of marauder,[a] and, perhaps most notably, several landscapes adapted as combat race tracks for the Kras City Grand Championship, featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. These include the Icebound Citadel, Mountaintop Highway, Frozen Speedway, and the Ice Pit.

The arctic zone had a notable amount of trees considering its tundra climate, and despite its superficially inhospitable atmosphere, it was the host of a sizable amount of inhabitable forts and other seemingly civilized structures. The area also had visible Precursor statues lodged into the ice.

Other notable characteristics include a large amount of comparatively small ice-capped mountains, as well as several avalanches of snow boulders similar to Snowy Mountain from The Precursor Legacy.



  1. Although the area is referred to several times as home to marauders,[1][2] no actual marauder people are seen, unlike in the Wasteland during Jak 3. However, nobody is seen in any of the other tracks either (such as Haven City and Spargus City), so it is more likely that the area was simply cleared for the events rather than being completely abandoned.


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