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Intercept tanker was a mission in Jak II. Jak met Ashelin Praxis at the eastern Bazaar (unannounced) who told him "Get out of the area. This is Krimzon Guard business! One of Vin's eco tankers is coming in from the wasteland but the clearance transmission sounded fishy. The driver was scared. We're going to check it out, just in case".[1] Immediately afterwards, the suspected tanker arrived and crashed into the area, killing the nearby guards. A large amount of Metal Heads jumped out of the tanker, forcing Jak to a fight.

In reality, the hi-jacked eco tanker was a suicidal probing attempt to test the city's defenses as well as keep up their part of the deal that Metal Kor had made with Baron Praxis.


Yet another ambush mission with Ashelin, this time against more juice goons as well as grunts. This is a good time to use Dark Jak, although the usual Blaster wastelander maneuver or Vulcan Fury are effective here as well. Ashelin can handle herself pretty decently, although the larger area size makes it a bit harder to take care of any metal heads that attempts to flank you. Otherwise, it is not particularly hard if you are prepared. If you lack ammo and dark eco, it's still possible to handle them with some fast melee movement if you're skillful enough.


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