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The JET-Board game and JET-Board challenge are minigames based on doing tricks with the JET-Board, similar to skating, in the Mar Memorial Stadium in Jak II and the Industrial Section in Jak 3 respectively.

How to play[edit | edit source]

You have a set time of one minute and thirty seconds (1:30), although it is possible to go past this limit if you're still building up a combo. The goal is to earn points by grinding, doing tricks and flips and to combine all of these. At the end of the game you will be awarded Precursor orbs for every medal you managed to reach. In Jak II, there is a maximum of nine orbs to collect, three for every medal. In Jak 3, there is a maximum of eighteen orbs to collect, six for every medal. There is no maximum score limit.

In Jak 3, the Industrial Section will be specially cleared out and emptied of KG Death Bots and Freedom League guards, so nothing will obstruct your movement.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Game Medal scores
Jak II 50,000 (bronze)
90,000 (silver)
120,000 (gold)
Jak 3 25,000 (bronze)
50,000 (silver)
75,000 (gold)

While the JET-Board game in Jak II is notoriously hard (requiring around 1000 points per second), the challenge in Jak 3 can be considered relatively easy. In both cases, the best way to earn points remains the same; however, use all possible moves that earn you points and grind to string them together. When grinding you will travel slower than normal, plus you can safely do as many crazy moves as you want. The surface you use to grind will catch you, ensuring you won't head in a random direction.

Try to use as many varied moves as possible to maximize your point output, there are at least twelve different moves you can do, so try to get these all down. Relying on 'spur of the moment' button combos tend to end up in repeating the same couple few, meaning you will earn fewer points each time.

Lastly, the orange spheres in the Jak II course award a meager 100 points, ignore these. There are no grind rails in the Industrial Section; they instead rely on air vents to catch air and use the edges of structures and the overhead walkways.

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