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Trophy: The Orbiter of Faith
Collect 50 Precursor orbs Bronze
Trophy: The Orbiter of Taste
Collect 300 Precursor orbs Silver
Trophy: The Orbiter of Record
Collect 600 Precursor orbs Gold

This page lists the locations of all 600 Precursor orbs in Jak 3. Note that the listed mission is when you will be able to get the respective orb the easiest, instead of the earliest possible moment. In some examples you can grab any orbs during a mission, though in some cases this means you can potentially fail the mission, while in others it just means ignoring it for a while.

In a couple cases you actually have to wait to collect the orbs and can only do so after a specific mission, though such cases will be listed.

Collecting Precursor orbs is also related to trophies titled "The Orbiter of Faith", "The Orbiter of Taste", and "The Orbiter of Record". Collecting 50, 300, and 600 Precursor orbs unlocks a bronze, silver, and gold trophy, respectively.

If you miss any orbs and cannot find them, you can use the infinite orbs bug to make up for it (note that this bug has been patched on the PlayStation 4 version).

Method of collection Precursor orbs
Locations 169
Side missions 287
Gun course training 18
Kleiver's challenges 81
JET-Board game 18
Eco grid game 9
Spargus turret game 9
Satellite game 9
Breakdown of orb locations by missions in order of gameplay

(The links in this table refer to the sections of this page)

Mission Location Precursor orbs
After Earn 1st war amulet Arena of Death 3
After Unlock satellite Spargus 23
After Defend Ashelin at oasis 25
After Unlock satellite Spargus Palace 5
Climb Monk Temple tower Monk Temple 3
Find oracle in Monk Temple 1
Complete Monk Temple tests 2
Rescue Seem at temple 11
After Destroy eggs in nest Metal Head cave 8
After Defeat Veger's Precursor robot Main Town ruins 8
Reach Port via sewer Haven sewers 4
Reach Metal Head area via sewer 3
Find switch in sewers 6
After Reach Port via sewer Port 30
After Destroy barrier with missile Industrial Section 8
After Destroy eco grid with Jinx 5
After Break barrier with blast bot Slums 3
After Break barrier with blast bot New Haven 11
Reach catacombs via palace ruins Ruined stadium 10


Arena of Death[]

After Earn 1st war amulet[]

  • 1/3 – Right behind Damas' throne.
  • 2–3/3 – In pots in the small area behind Damas' throne.


After Unlock satellite[]

  • 1/48 – Head for the Spargus garage and turn around while standing in front of the door, the first orb is floating high up in front of some windows on the right wall near the corner. Reach it by using a leaper lizard to jump off the nearby platform.
  • 2/48 – As you turn the corner you can see two water pumps and an as of yet capped of light eco vent nearby. In one of the pots around here is another orb.
  • 3/48 – Now head for the highest platform in the south–east bend of the city, there are lots of pots on here with an orb in one of them.
  • 4/48 – From here you can also fly up to the orb on the ruins nearby, while riding a leaper.
  • 5/48 – Nearby here is a large building in the open of this area. You can use a ramp to reach the tight space between the building to find a large collection of pots hidden from view, one of them contains an orb.
  • 6/48 – There is also a ladder nearby, climb it to find another orb at the top of the building. Ignore the other orbs nearby until you have a JET-Board to grind the railing.
  • 7/48 – Head for the large staircase which leads to the Arena, use a leaper to leap off the staircase and jump on the roof to the right. At the end here is an orb hidden in a container.
  • 8/48 – Similarly you can do the same with the roof on the left side of the staircase to find an orb in the open.
  • 9/48 – From here on return to ground level and keep hugging the right wall. When you enter the path which leads to the Spargus Palace you will be able to find another very well hidden orb in a tiny nook in the right wall.
  • 10/48 – After the previous orb, keep hugging the wall until you see another orb floating on a platform on your right, use a leaper to jump up to it.
  • 11/48 – Now you want to go and hug the left wall, except in the opposite direction back to the Garage. Shortly before the corner you will find another platform with some more breakables, one of them holds an orb.
  • 12/48 – Return to the path which leads to Spargus' west side. Hugging the left wall, as you make the corner near the Palace you can see another orb on a thin section of wall. Use a leaper to jump up there and grab it.
  • 13–14/48 – Head into the nearby market area, there are two orbs hidden inside breakables around here.
  • 15/48 – Use one of the cloth roofs from a stand as a trampoline to launch yourself into the air while using a leaper lizard. This orb is located high up between two nearby palm trees.
  • 16–17/48 – From this market, face north and head for the sea. You can see a tiny island in the bay here with a lone orb, when you reach it; turn around and face Spargus again. Another orb is hidden on the cliff wall here, hidden from view from the mainland.
  • 18/48 – From here, head south and enter the dead–end section that leads up–hill, on your left you will soon enough find another platform with some more breakables with yet another orb hidden inside.
  • 19/48 – Keep hugging the wall, after a while you will enter the other area of this section of Spargus, as you hug the wall you will go uphill again. At the top here, at the highest platform, is another orb hidden inside some breakables.
  • 20/48 – As you go along the wall you will eventually see an orb floating above an orange sunshade cloth, use another one that is nearby as a stepping stone to reach it while using a leaper.
  • 21/48 – At the very western corner between Spargus and the sea is a lone orb floating above the rocks.
  • 22/48 – A tall building stands out in the south west section of Spargus, if you get close to it you can use a nearby ramp to climb it and access the tight space between it. A ladder is positioned here, use it to climb the top. Cross the nearby gap to the other rooftop and hit the breakables to find another orb.
  • 23/48 – Lastly, for now, there is one orb on the back side of the tall island that houses the Spargus gun turret out at sea.

After Defend Ashelin at oasis[]

  • 24–39/48 – With your JET-Board on your back; head for the building from orb no. 05 which should be in the middle of the south–east area. Climb the ladder to reach the top of the building and then use your JET-Board to grind the pipe at the top. It's trickier than it looks but you should be able to do it. As you grind on this pipe (and the rails that follows) you will collect five orbs, at the end you will land on top of the roof of another building and collect six more. That's not all however, this building also has a slightly lower roof that is most likely out of view. On the north side of the building you can look down to see five more orbs on the space below you, this brings the total to 16.
  • 40/48 – Now head for a similar building on the west side of Spargus, mentioned in the description for orb no. 22. Climb the two ladders to the top and do the grind rail trick again, you will collect one orb and land on a rooftop. Do note you'll probably need to do a jump with a flip to reach the other pipe.
  • 41/48 – In a box nearby here is another orb.
  • 42/48 – Jump one rooftop down to find some more breakables, in one of these is another orb.
  • 43–44/48 – Now head back to the higher roof and look south, you can see two orbs on separate buildings ahead. The first one you can reach from here, the second one needs to be done in tandem after the first one. Use the speed you gained from jumping onto the first structure and combine it with a launch jump, boost jump or a flip (or multiple of these) to reach the pipe on the second building.
  • 45–48/48 – And right after this you'll land on the big building close to sea, which in fact contains the last four orbs in Spargus. One of them is at the south tip, a second is in one of the breakable objects, a fourth is somewhere along the northern edge and slightly obscured from view by a wall. The last one is in mid–air above a sunshade on the northern side, use the sunshade as a trampoline to grab the last one.

Spargus Palace[]

After Unlock satellite[]

  • 1/5 – In a pot behind Damas’ throne
  • 2/5 – Behind the large wheel which is behind Damas' throne.
  • 3/5 – When facing the throne after exiting the lift, turn right, at the end here is a submerged orb hidden very well behind some rocks.
  • 4/5 – Afterwards, head back and turn left to see an easily visible orb on a big rock.
  • 5/5 – The last orb is in the area behind the lift, on the right end is a lone vase hidden away behind a wall.

Monk Temple[]

Climb Monk Temple tower[]

  • 1–3/17 – You can find the first three orbs high up on the broken pillar wall that blocks your buggy, forcing you to enter Monk Temple on foot. Use the Dune Hopper to launch yourself into the air, then exit the vehicle and land onto the ruins to collect the orbs. It is also possible to reach the orbs via a series of difficult jumps on some debris on the left side of the ruins.

Find oracle in Monk Temple[]

  • 4/17 – A lone orb can be found in an urn in the room with the oracle where you receive your first light power; Light Regeneration

Complete Monk Temple tests[]

  • 5–6/17 – After reaching the oracle chamber, destroy the urns on the left and right to find another two orbs (and some gems).

Rescue Seem at temple[]

  • 7/17 – There is one urn with an orb inside to your left after entering the oracle's chamber.
  • 8–16/17 – After gaining the Light Flight power, instead of going right; go left, you will find a small room with many urns and vases inside. The ones along the wall have one orb each while the vase in the very center has a special gold orb that is worth three normal orbs, the urns and vases around this one contain gems.
  • 17/17 – The last orb in the Temple is at the left end of a broken bridge you have to fly over in the last room, it's inside in yet another urn.

Metal Head cave[]

After Destroy eggs in nest[]

  • 1–3/8 – Re–enter the Cave with a way to properly reach the high platforms upon which the orbs are located, using a Dune Hopper to jump and then exit works, although a well–made high jump with a flip with the JET-Board can also do the trick. The first three orbs are on the raised platform on the left as you go through the pod spider–filled entrance tunnel.
  • 4–6/8 – Another three on the one to the right.
  • 7–8/8 – And the last two on the last one, which is to the left again.

Main Town ruins[]

After Defeat Veger's Precursor robot[]

  • 1/8 – Begin at the white barrier separating the ruins from New Haven, while facing it, turn left and head forwards. The corner to the right has one orb hidden in a Freedom League crate.
  • 2/8 – Now head over to the other side and keep close to the wall, while making sure to check every nook and cranny, sooner or later you will find an orb there.
  • 3/8 – And shortly after the previous one, in a similar situation; a third orb.
  • 4/8 – By now you will have reached a side mission computer, keep it at your back and use your JET-Board to scale the pile of rubble in front of you. As you reach the top, a lone orb will be positioned on a metal bar that sticks out from the top, grind on it to grab the orb.
  • 5/8 – When you land, turn around and you can see a crate (with an orb in it) below the rubble you just crossed.
  • 6/8 – Now head for the canal up ahead, as you near the bridge you should see the orb you want to collect next; it's hidden behind a pipe in the corner next to the canal, just as you cross the bridge.
  • 7/8 – Turn around and cross the bridge again, like before you should be able to see another orb, hidden below some rubble this time, slightly to your left on the other side next to the wall.
  • 8/8 – The last orb is located at the end of the Main Town ruins, which is blocked by a large piece of rubble. You can either grind over it or go past it on the right, the orb will be submerged in the canal water behind it.

Haven sewers[]

Reach Port via sewer[]

  • 1–2/13 – The first time you encounter some needle fish you can find an air vent on the other side of the water, use a JET-Board to access the hidden room up top to find three KG crates inside, two of which contain an orb.
  • 3–4/13 – In the last room, while standing in the center with the exit to your back, you can see a pipe sticking out of the wall in front of you. Use the JET-Board, making sure to get some speed and use a flip in mid–air to gain enough distance to reach the pipe and subsequently the platform on the end. Follow this secret path to a room with six crates, two of which contain one orb each.

Reach Metal Head area via sewer[]

  • 5–7/13 – After a second ride on a platform, while being shot at by an automated turret, you will come to a dirty half–pipe. Ignore the normal path that is to the left of the turret and enter the half–pipe area behind the turret using your JET-Board; on the right side, after the turn is a very well hidden secret room. The key is that you cannot see the room due to the way the camera turns, but if you shoot up in front of it using the JET-Board, a platform will extend out of the wall allowing you some safe footing and entry into the room. Inside you will find several crates, three of these hold one orb each.

Find switch in sewers[]

  • 8–10/13 – In the first room, before going through the second door after crossing the pipes with the toxic gas, look right and you can see a grindable pipe. Use it to reach the platforms that run along the wall ahead and follow this path to a secret room with several KG crates, three of these have one orb each.
  • 11–12/13 – After going through a tunnel you will end up in a flooded room with several sewer frogs. To your right, while you're still in the deep end of the water, is a ladder just above the water's surface. Climb it to the top to find a room with two orbs in some crates.
  • 13/13 – Continuing in the same flooded room you reached earlier, If you were to follow the normal path you'd head up a passage with fast–flowing water by jumping over moving platforms. Ignore this path and take the apparent dead–end to the left of it, there is actually an air vent here that leads to the last secret room with the last orb inside a crate.


After Reach Port via sewer[]

  • 1/30 – After exiting the sewers, turn left to find an orb in this corner of the Port, in front of the ruins.
  • 2/30 – Head out into the Port and turn right, turn right immediately afterwards to find another orb in the corner here.
  • 3–5/30 – Now head the other way, towards the Industrial Section. When you reach the bridge; turn around and equip the JET-Board. Nearby is an air vent which will boost you to a pipe high up in the air, grind it, avoiding the gaps as you go, to find three orbs.
  • 6/30 – The next orb is submerged underwater, close to the last orb from before. The pipe you just used to grind is attached to a structure, the orb is located between said structure and a pipe running alongside it.
  • 7/30 – Now head into the street that leads to the Industrial Section, you will see a large spherical structure on your right, below it next to the wall is a crate with an orb in it.
  • 8/30 – Head back to the Port and go left and head for the very end of this road, ignoring the bridge leading out over the water. At the end you can find another crate with an orb in it hidden in a corner behind a part of the wall.
  • 9/30 – From here, head to the right tower in the center of the Port area. Using a zoomer, charge for the tower base and exit it when you are about to hit it, if timed correctly you will end up on the small ridge above normal street level. The next step is to climb the actual tower, which is done by using the few metal platforms positioned around the wall here and there, if needed go around the tower to find the next set of platforms. At the top is a large collection of crates, one of which contains an orb.
  • 10–15/30 – Now head for the northern platform, connected to this one are two cables which also lead north. On each of these are three orbs, it is very hard to switch cables and odds are you have to climb the tower again afterwards. However, with a bit of luck you can use the platform at the end of the first cable to turn around and then get onto the second one.
  • 16–19/30 – Either way, next step is the western platform which is connected to the other tower, with four orbs floating above the cables between the two. Two of these can be collected by jumping while grinding, the other two require a flip.
  • 20–21/30 – On the other tower are more crates, two on the south end have an orb each.
  • 22–29/30 – Now you must access the northern platform on the left tower and look for the two lines extending northwards, on top of which lie eight orbs in total, similar to the set-up at the right tower. Five of them con be collected by simply grinding on both of the tables, a sixth will require a timed jump from one to another, a seventh requires another timed jump and the final orb at the end requires a well-timed flip.
  • 30/30 – The very last orb in the Port district is located directly under the bridge between the two towers, closer to the left side, next to one of the support pillars. Use a zoomer or a high flip from the JET-Board to collect it.

Industrial Section[]

After Destroy barrier with missile[]

  • 1/13 – Enter the Industrial Section and head for the second corner on the left side, the orb is clearly visible.
  • 2/13 – The second orb is on the right side this time, if you were to head into the industrial district as normal; turn right twice and the orb will be in the corner there.
  • 3/13 – Now head back the ramp for the overhead walkway near the first orb, on top you will find a metal beam between your position and the walkway on the other side of this open area, the orb is on said beam.
  • 4/13 – The fourth orb is in the corner to the right of the (closed) power station, there are some metal ledges here which you can use to climb up to find a black crate with an orb inside.
  • 5/13 – The fifth orb is in a corner further on, past the power station. Keep hugging the right wall as you reach another open area, the orb is in a corner on the right side.
  • 6/13 – And the sixth one is on the corner opposite the previous one, right past the entrance to the sewers.
  • 7/13 – The next orb; leave this somewhat open area (don't head back to the power station), as you re–enter the main road you can see another black crate on the wall in front of you, slightly to your left.
  • 8/13 – The last orb for now, turn right after the previous one and head for the barrier. In the nearby corner here is another set of platforms you can climb to find an orb at the top.

After Destroy eco grid with Jinx[]

  • 9/13 – Head through the area that was unlocked after the destruction of the second barrier, the first overhead walkway you will reach (which is very early) has a ramp to your left. The orb is inside a black crate, between the ramp and the wall.
  • 10/13 – While you're at the walkway, get on it and head further north into the district. After a turn to the right comes a long stretch straight ahead, halfway through or so is a slight opening into the wall in your left, you can find the orb over here in mid–air. Jump from the edge of the walkway to reach it.
  • 11/13 – Head further north, staying on the ground this time, if you stick to the right wall you will sooner or later come upon the next orb yourself. For a more direct location; it is inside a black crate which is positioned on a ledge of the wall under some rubble and more or less directly under the large fallen support tower's cable in this area.
  • 12/13 – Head back onto the walkway and get to the aforementioned fallen cable. There is a grind rail on it, which if followed leads to an orb high out in the air. You won't need to do anything fancy, just get on the grind rail using your JET-Board and you will reach the orb automatically.
  • 13/13 – The last one in this section is between the walkway ramp and the wall near the border between the Slums.


After Break barrier with blast bot[]

  • 1/3 – The first orb in the slums, if you were to head in from the Industrial Section, comes up quickly if you stick to the right wall. After the tight cut between the buildings in the street on the right you will find the orb in one of the alcoves of the wall, also to your right.
  • 2/3 – The second one is atop the relatively low lone building, in the open area that is connected to the street that leads to New Haven. Jump off a zoomer to gain the needed altitude to reach this roof.
  • 3/3 – Much like the second one, this one is also on top of a building (although in a Freedom League crate this time). The building you will automatically run in to if you were to head to New Haven, it's the one that splits the street in two.

New Haven[]

After Break barrier with blast bot[]

  • 1/11 – Heading into New Haven from the Slums district will deliver you straight to the first orb; submerged underwater in a corner to your left as soon as you enter.
  • 2–3/11 – Heading further into New Haven you will come to a T–split with two trees, a fountain and a bush. One of the trees hides an orb in its branches and you can actually walk right through the bush to find another orb.
  • 4/11 – From here, go left twice followed by going right twice. You will end up at a side mission computer nearby the Main Town ruins, the fourth orb is submerged underwater to the right.
  • 5/11 – Head back to the T–split and go right this time, follow the road until you reach a tree, destroy the crate at the base for another orb.
  • 6–7/11 – Head deeper into New Haven, before you enter the main plaza in front of the Freedom HQ you will come across a grind rail to your left. Grind it to the end to get two more orbs.
  • 8/11 – Now head into the main plaza and stick to the right wall, until you reach a corner with a tree in the center of the road, the eighth orb is hidden high up in the branches.
  • 9/11 – Head back to the plaza and use a zoomer to launch yourself high up at the fountain, there is one orb hidden on top of it.
  • 10/11 – Now stay at the plaza and keep the HQ entrance to your right. So from here, head north and go right followed by a left and stop. To your left should be a doorway, to the right of said doorway is a thick pipe leading underwater, the orb is also underwater and to the right of the pipe.
  • 11/11 – The last orb is at the end of a grind rail along the northern–most wall of New Haven, it's just a few steps away from the previous orb.

Ruined stadium[]

Reach catacombs via palace ruins[]

  • 1/10 – After entering the area, go straight left and you can see the orb on the edge of the ground alongside the wall, just dangling over a bottomless pit.
  • 2–3/10 – After that one, go right and get rid of all the enemies in this area. Over here is another pit with two pipes in it that jut out into the air. Each has an orb on the tip, can be reached by jumping although Light Flight is a good alternative.
  • 4–10/10 – At the spot with the two light eco vents, instead of crossing the gap; go right along the wall and use light flight to fly around the pillar. You will land in a section that normally would lead to the race tracks inside the stadium. Over here you can find three orbs in the open, one KG crate containing two orbs inside and at the back another two crates with only one orb each. This makes for a total of seven orbs, as well as the last few to be able to be found in an area.


Side missions[]

Gun course training[]

Kleiver's challenges[]

JET-Board game[]

Eco grid game[]

Satellite game[]

Spargus turret game[]