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Color Character
Orange Jak
Grey Damas
Yellow Kleiver
Teal Seem
Red Ashelin Praxis
Aqua Onin
Green Samos Hagai
Light brown Torn
Pink Tess
Brown Sig
Light blue Vin

The following is a list of missions in Jak 3. Missions are prompted by either icons on the mini-map representing a character, or they will be told to you via a communicator. When received from a character, you will have to travel to where that character is located (e.g. the Arena of Death for Damas), as a cutscene will begin, explaining the premise of the mission. After this, the location in which the mission takes place will be indicated on the mini-map.

Other times a mission is either received from a communicator or you are naturally directed into the level to the next mission. Some missions are only unlocked if you complete a specific set of earlier missions. Most of the time, however, the order in which you choose to do any mission is up to you.

Many missions will result in a reward of some kind, such as a new weapon, buggy, or item.


Complete arena training course
Earn 1st war amulet
Catch kanga-rats
Unlock satellite
Beat Kleiver in desert race
Race for artifacts
Beat monks in leaper race
Destroy metal head beasts
Earn 2nd war amulet
Corral wild leapers
Rescue wastelanders
Climb Monk Temple tower
Beat turret challenge
Glide to volcano
Defeat marauders in arena
Find satellite in volcano
Destroy eggs in nest
Find oracle in Monk Temple
Completion of all required to continue.
Defend Ashelin at oasis
Complete Monk Temple tests
Travel through catacomb subrails
Explore eco mine
Escort bomb train
Defeat Veger's Precursor robot
Reach Port via sewer
Destroy incoming blast bots
Destroy barrier with missile
Destroy sniper cannons
Beat gun course 1
Completion of all required to continue.
Reach Metal Head area via sewer
Destroy dark eco tanks
Kill dark plants in forest
Destroy eco grid with Jinx
Defend Port from attack
Hijack eco vehicle
Race for more artifacts
Beat gun course 2
Completion of all required to continue.
Break barrier with blast bot
Destroy metal-pedes in nest
Defend Spargus' front gate
Defend HQ from attack
Chase down metal head beasts
Take out Marauder stronghold
Find switch in sewers
Completion of all required to continue.
Find cypher in eco grid
Beat pillar ring challenges
Completion of all required to continue.
Destroy war factory defenses
Explore war factory
Beat Cyber Errol boss
Rescue Seem at temple
Defend Spargus from attack
Activate Astro-Viewer in Haven Forest
Destroy dark ship shield
Blow open tower door
Destroy Metal Head tower
Reach catacombs via palace ruins
Break through ruins
Reach Precursor core
Destroy dark ship
Destroy final boss