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Jak 3 script comprises the full verbal transcript of Jak 3.

  • Cutscenes and missions are ordered according to the scene player, except for obviously misplaced cutscenes.
  • Not all cutscenes were included in the Jak 3 scene player, therefore ascertaining the names of those scenes is impossible. In these cases, the respective mission name is used, or, if the cutscene is nonverbal or otherwise minor enough, they will either be included in their respective mission section or omitted altogether.
  • Some scenes are interspersed within a mission, or are otherwise related, therefore some scenes may be placed non-chronologically but instead prior to or after their respective mission section.
  • Some in-game dialogue is not included in their respective sections if they are not unique to said section. These lines will be placed together in a single section in the § Miscellaneous section.
    • However, some dialogue is triggered only once upon introduction, despite technically being able to be triggered elsewhere if the introduction happened there. In these cases, the dialogue is placed in the earliest possible section.

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Act 1

Intro Movie

Veger: By order of the Grand Council of Haven City, for heinous acts and crimes against the people, you are hereby banished to the wasteland for life.

Ashelin Praxis: This is a death sentence, Veger. There must be another way.

Veger: Your protest was overruled! This dark eco freak is dangerous! Now drop the cargo!

Pecker: This is an outrage! I am outraged beyond words. Although I do have something to say. Not everyone agrees with this ridiculous (squawks) decree!

Daxter: Yeah! We want a recount!

Veger: Oh, I see you wish to join him!

Pecker: Actually, we are not that outraged. Farewell Jak! Stay out of the sun. Drink lots of water, if you can find it.

Daxter: Jak?..

Jak: Go back to the city, Dax.

Ashelin Praxis: I'm sorry. The council is too powerful. There was nothing I–...

Jak: I know.

Ashelin Praxis: You just stay alive, you hear me? That's an order. Someone will find you, I promise.

Veger: May the Precursors have mercy on you.

Daxter and Pecker: (coughs)

Jak: Daxter!

Daxter: Don't thank me! I'm only here because you wouldn't last a second without me! Okay tough guy, you got us into this mess, now you got to get us out!

Pecker: Ah, what a team we'll make!

Jak: Let's just get moving. But which way?

Daxter and Pecker: That way!

Pecker: Oh, and I suppose you know where you're going, eh?

Daxter: Better than you do, bent beak!

Jak: (sighs) Let's just move.

(Cut to later in the day.)

Pecker: This was all your stupid idea.

Daxter: No, it was yours! Only a birdbrain could have thought this one up. "Let's go with him, we'll help together!" You mean we'll die together! I can't believe the city hates us; we saved those lowlifes!

(Cut to flashback.)

Torn: Jak, the city's divided. Reports say new Krimzon Death Bots are holding a vital section of the industrial area! My men are getting their asses kicked! The KG have a new leader. We're trying to find out who it is.

Samos Hagai: I'm afraid I've got more bad news. A large group of surviving Metal Heads have concentrated in another section of the city.

Jak: But we destroyed Kor!

Samos Hagai: It appears the strongest Metal Heads have survived; the battle for the city has just begun!

Ashelin Praxis: The people are blaming you, Jak.

(End flashback.)

Daxter: Right. Good plan, Jak. (coughs) A nap would be nice. Just a teensy little rest.

Pecker: This bird is overcooked!

Jak: (coughs) The Palace...

(Cut to flashback.)

Samos Hagai: Report.

Torn: It's bad! The city's become a battlefield! Mechanized death bots have taken the Industrial Section, and the surviving Metal Heads have expanded their hold on the west side. We're losing ground on all fronts.

Ashelin Praxis: The council's meeting tonight in emergency session. Rumbling's about you, Jak—it doesn't look good. They think your friendship with Krew helped the Metal Heads get into the city.

Jak: You don't believe that, do you?

Samos Hagai: What's in the past is done. Right now, metal heads are assaulting the Palace. They're looking for something, and I have no idea–...

Daxter: Help, we're falling!

Torn: Over here! Jump!

Samos Hagai: By the Precursors!

(End flashback.)

Damas: Looks like we've found some live ones. Ah-huh, barely.

Damas: Here's the beacon we were picking up. Who gave you this?! We'll take them with us! Let's move! I smell a storm coming...

Let the Games Begin!

Daxter: (gurgles, sighs) I love water. Oh yes, it's so good; desert bad.

Damas: Well, you've come back from the dead have you? And my monks were ready to pray for you. I am Damas, king of Spargus.

Jak: Spargus? Wait, nobody lives outside Haven's walls—not a whole city.

Damas: Ah yes, we are the forgotten ones. Haven City's refuse, thrown out and left to die. Just as you were. But now that you have been saved, your life belongs to the people of Spargus. And we will use it well, if it's actually worth anything.

Daxter: Hey, that sounds like a bad deal!

Damas: You are in no position to deal. Out here, everything is either useful or dead weight. Prove yourselves worthy, or the desert will be your grave.

Jak: You need to work on making a better first impression.

Damas: (chuckles) In the unforgiving wasteland, we value strength and survival above all. We will see where you stand soon enough. Complete your training, then enter the arena—just the bravest crawl out and are allowed to stay in Spargus. It's quite simple, really.

Daxter: Um, what happens to the ones that don't crawl out?

Damas: Then it will be as if we never found you.

Daxter: (gulps) I was afraid of that.

(Cut to Spargus arena.)

Pecker: Hail all citizens of Spargus! Welcome to the Arena of Death, where we get to watch other people wet themselves in fear! These halls will once again test two newcomers, each fighting to prove their worth to stay among us! Let's hear it for Jak, and his obnoxious talking animal!

Jak: Pecker! There you are. Where were you?

Pecker: Damas says I am to be his new counselor. He says my wisdom will serve him well. Oh yeah, and uh, Damas also says that you two are likely to die in the arena today, and he hopes your death is very, uh...

Daxter: Will you stop that? Damas can talk for himself!

Damas: He is right. You will most likely die. And yes, Pecker is my new advisor.

Pecker: Unlike you, some people appreciate my talents. It beats working for a living. I saw a few of the fights earlier. Whew, not a pretty sight.

Daxter: Why you little–...

Pecker: Let the games begin!

Complete arena training course (gameplay)

(Upon activating the judge.)
Pecker (communicator): You must collect all the tokens!

(Upon approaching the first ledge.)

Pecker (communicator): Come on Jak, jump like you got a pair!

On-screen: Press X to jump

(Upon approaching a narrow path crossing a gap.)

Pecker (communicator): You must roll sometimes. Jak, give the crowd a roll!

On-screen: Press L1 while moving to roll

(Upon apporaching the first test dummy.)

Pecker (communicator): You must spin to attack. Try a spin kick!

On-screen: Press Circle for a spin attack

(Upon approaching the first high ledge.)

Pecker (communicator): To make higher jumps you need to jump in the air!

On-screen: Press X then X again in the air

(Upon approaching the second test dummy.)

Pecker (communicator): You can punch as well. Fly your fist up!

On-screen: Press Square for a punch attack

(Upon approaching the second, slightly higher ledge.)

Pecker (communicator): You can get a higher jump by ducking first.

On-screen: hold L1 then press X for a high jump

(Upon approaching the first gap.)

Pecker (communicator): For longer jumps, you must roll into the jump.

On-screen: Roll (L1+Left analog stick) and then press X for a long jump

(Upon reaching the breakable platform.)

Pecker (communicator): You can break things by using a jump-dive.

On-screen: Jump and press Square in the air

The Arena Heats Up

Pecker: The candidates, have, won the challenge...

Daxter: That's right! We bad! You haven't forgotten what I taught you, Jak.

Damas: Anyone can make a few measly jumps. Now let's see how you rate against the living! Readjust the matter-formers! Prepare the arena for full combat.

Pecker: Prepare the arena for full combat!

Damas: I just said that.

Pecker: I know. I was just adding, you know, how you do the thing with the– anyway, prepare the warriors.

Daxter: You mean we have to fight against actual people? With actual weapons? Who-who actually want to hurt us?

Jak: Fine. Bring 'em on.

Daxter: All right, that's it, I wanna be on his shoulder!

Earn 1st war amulet (gameplay)

On-screen: Press L1 to fire

Jak Earns a Battle Amulet

Damas: Something you're not telling us, animal man?

Pecker: He has been touched with dark eco, my liege.

Daxter: Our boy here gets all mean and nasty when you piss him off—so don't piss him off! (Word to the wise.)

Damas: Ah, then he is dangerous, and that could be useful. Your bravery has earned you your first battle amulet. If you are victorious in two more arena fights, you will earn your citizenship to Spargus. Here is a gate pass to allow free passage in and out of the city. But beware, there is no true refuge outside our walls; the desert is less kind than I. And for your victory, a gun mod is your prize.

Daxter: Oh yeah, now we're talking! Hey, what do I get? Nothing, as usual!

Talk to Kleiver (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Blaster Mod

On-screen: Press Up Down to switch weapons

Jak Meets Kleiver

Kleiver: Those were some sweet moves in the arena, boy. But a little more choke and you would have popped, eh?

Jak: You talking to me?

Daxter: Yeah! You talking to... him?

Kleiver: No, I'm conversing with me sweet departed mum. Of course you, you bore head. You two are from the big smoke, eh?

Jak: Who's asking?

Kleiver: The guy who runs this place, that's who! Kleiver's the name. You blokes stick with me, and I'll take care of you. In fact, I've got a job for you right now. Ride me leaper lizard here and catch a few of those little buggers that have been raiding me store rooms. Snag me six of them puppies, and I'll let you drive one of me racing vehicles. That is, if Damas ever lets you leave the city.

Jak: I think we can handle that.

Daxter: No! I hate riding animals. They make me chafe!

Catch kanga-rats (gameplay)

(Upon approaching the city.)
Daxter: We have to find those kanga-rats!

(After mounting the leaper.)
On-screen: Press Square for a charge attack

(Throughout the mission.)

  • Come on, Jak.
  • Keep looking.
  • Be one with the lizard.
  • We have to find those kanga-rats.

(Upon sighting a kanga-rat.)

  • I see another one.
  • There's another one!
  • There's one of those buggers, get it Jak.

(While chasing a kanga-rat.)

  • Go, go!
  • Catch him!
  • Get him, get him!
  • Ride Jak-y, ride!
  • It's getting away!

(Upon failing to catch a kanga-rat.)

  • So close.
  • Hah, you missed him.
  • Missed him by this much.

(Upon catching a kanga-rat.)

  • Hungry, huh?
  • You got him, yes!
  • You got it! Ew, nasty.
  • One more, bon appetit!
  • Did someone miss their breakfast?
  • You got him, get another one! Yes!

(After catching the second-last kanga-rat.)

Daxter: We gotta find the last kanga-rat.


Daxter: All we need is one more!

(Upon sighting the last kanga-rat.)
Daxter: There's the last one!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Daxter: We got 'em all! Anybody else hungry?

(After catching all the kanga-rats.)
Kleiver (communicator): Not bad blokes, maybe me food stores will last a little longer now. If Damas ever gives you a pass to leave the city, I'll let you take one of me rides for a spin. See you around, newbies.

Jak Meets Seem

Daxter: Check out these funny dudes, huh? (chuckles) Nice threads. I didn't know rubber was back in. What are you working on, monk boy?

Seem: It is none of your concern, animal.

Daxter: Look, coloring book, we've had a hard week. Don't push it!

Seem: The arena shows all, dark one; hate consumes your eyes.

Jak: Great, thanks for the tip.

Seem: It will destroy you, just as these Precursors destroyed themselves.

Daxter: It doesn't look like any Precursor crap we've seen.

Seem: These artifacts are an abomination. One fell on the Great Volcano. We sent an expedition to the mountain, but my monks never returned. Ill tidings sing in the wind; I fear the remaking of the world is at hand.

Daxter: I think you've been out in the sun a little too long. Let's go, Jak.

Seem: You must leave this place! Heroes think they can save the world, when they themselves are lost. You could not possibly understand the dark forces at work here.

Jak: Don't talk to me about dark powers. I want to know what this is–...

Jak: Stand back.

Seem's Warning

Daxter: You cracked it, Jak!

Seem: Don't touch it! Dark eco!

Daxter: Yeah, you're impressed now, aren't you? Come on, give him his props.

Seem: Those are solid eco crystals. It has been passed down through time that they power the greatest of Precursor technologies. Strange... It speaks an ancient dialect, the earliest Precursor forms. Something about re-claiming this unfinished world...

Jak: Those look like coordinates. Like the ones from–...

Seem: It is picking up a very powerful signal.

Daxter: I don't think we're gonna like what this thing is yapping to!

Seem: Even you cannot save us from this, hero!

Daxter: Hey, I'm the real hero here. You can call me, Orange Lightning—zazazing!

Seem: You may carry the color of our creators, animal, but we have plans to save ourselves. Stay out of our business. You and Orange Lightning are not welcome here!

Kleiver's Race Challenge

Kleiver: Well, if it isn't the newbies.

Daxter: Keep yappin' jelly boy, we'll see who–...

Kleiver: Bite your bum, rat face, or I'll pound you!

Daxter: (moans) Great stink of the Precursors! I got two words for you: tooth brush.

Jak: Nice rides.

Kleiver: You like what you see? We use these babies to make runs into the deep desert to retrieve artifacts. Tough wheels for tough work.

Jak: You said we could use one.

Kleiver: I did, didn't I? But not one of those. Those are for the big boys. You can use that one.

Daxter: Uh-hah! What a runt!

Kleiver: Seems to fit you.

Jak: Get in, Dax. I'll drive.

Kleiver: Care to wager a little something on a race, then? If you win, I'll let you keep that little vehicle for as long as you live. And if I win...

Jak: I don't have anything.

Kleiver: I'd say that yappy rodent of yours is a bit bony, but skinned and buttered, he'd make a nice treat. My vehicle against him.

Daxter: Forget it buddy! Jak would never–...

Jak: Done!

Jak: What? Don't worry. If there's one thing I can do, it's race.

Learn to drive a vehicle (gameplay)

(The following prompts occur as you approach the oncoming challenge, and after you accomplish the previous challenge if applicable.)

On-screen: Follow the green flashing icons on the map

On-screen: Hold X to accelerate

On-screen: Press Square to brake

On-screen: Hold L2 for a rear view

On-screen: Hold Square to reverse

On-screen: Press L1 to jump

On-screen: Push Left analog stick to the side and press Circle to skid turn

On-screen: Push Left analog stick to the side and press L1 to jump in place

Beat Kleiver in desert race (gameplay)

(Before the start of the race.)

  • Ready? Race!
  • Let's do this.
  • Ready? Wait for it. Go!

(Throughout the race.)

  • Move over!
  • Here we go!

(Sometimes if you overtake Kleiver from second to first place.)

  • Pull over!
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Not on my track!
  • You can't catch me!
  • You'll never beat me!

(Sometimes if Kleiver overtakes you or another racer from second to first place.)

  • Yeah!
  • See ya!
  • Passed you!
  • Move aside!
  • Coming through!
  • Bye-bye, newbie!
  • Catch me if you can!

(As Kleiver crosses the finish line, entering the last lap.)
Kleiver: (laughs) Last chance!

(If Kleiver wins first place.)
Kleiver: (laughs)

(Upon collecting a turbo.)
On-screen: Press R2 for a turbo boost

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver (communicator): Ah, enjoy it for now, skimmer. I said you could keep the vehicle for as long as you live, well, we'll see how long that is mates.

Damas Sends Jak for Artifacts

Damas: Nice wheel work. My adviser here says you have vehicle skills.

Jak: I can hold my own.

Pecker: This one will be of use to us, Damas. I think you should keep him for now.

Daxter: Can it, Pecker!

Damas: There are a number of artifacts to be found in the wasteland. Fresh storms churn the sand and reveal items that have been buried for centuries. Take the vehicle and find as many items as you can before the storms come again. And one more thing, if you get caught in the storms, they will tear the flesh from your very bones.

Daxter: Ooh, great. Thanks for the pep talk.

Race for artifacts (gameplay)

(Upon picking up an artifact for the first time.)
Daxter: We got an artifact, cool!

(Upon picking up an artifact for the second time.)
Daxter: Go to the next artifact Jak.

(Upon picking up the second to last artifact.)
Daxter: Find the last artifact, Jak!

(Upon picking up the last artifact.)
Daxter: We got the last one!

(Upon approaching a ramp.)
On-screen: Press L1 to hop with the vehicle

(Upon deviating from the path towards Spargus.)

  • Head for the city!
  • Head for the city, Jak!

(As you get closer to Spargus.)

  • Almost there!
  • It's getting hard to see!
  • The storm's getting worse!

Jak Gets Some Armor

Damas: Good work. That was close.

Pecker: Oh, are you beginning to care? Damas says–... (muffled)

Damas: My concern was for the artifacts, and we will use them well. That armor you found, it is very rare, indeed. Pecker here says it's the very armor Mar once wore in his battles for this planet, long ago. Keep it for yourself. Trust me, you'll need it.

Talk to Seem (gameplay)

On-screen: You received New Armor

Daxter Becomes Dinner

Seem: You are still here?

Jak: Yeah, we thought we'd hang out, catch some rays.

Seem: This isn't a game!

Seem: I am Seem. We monks are sworn to discover and protect the secrets of the Precursors. These leaper mounts allow us to travel where you cannot.

Daxter: Man those babies sure stuff their faces. We saw one gulp a load of kanga-rats not too long ago. Stupid rats, they just sat–... (yells)

Seem: You will never last out here. That dark eco crystal from the satellite, I want it before it falls into the wrong hands. I'll wager a light crystal against it, if you race my monks on their leapers.

Seem: Sien-com-tava! Baroosh, baroosh.

Daxter: Just show us where the starting line is!

Beat Monks in leaper race (gameplay)

(Before the start of the race.)
Daxter: On your monk, get set, ride!

(Sometimes upon overtaking another racer.)

  • See you, monk boy!
  • Take that paint face!
  • Move aside, dome head!

(While losing the race.)

  • No!
  • Faster!
  • Go, Jak!

(Upon approach the last ring.)
Daxter: There's the finish line!

The Day Star Approaches

Jak: Oh yeah!

Daxter: Hah! We kicked your scaly tails!

Daxter: Back off, you filthy animal!

Seem: Fine, hero, the crystal is yours. The two types, light and dark, when combined form great energies. Be careful with them. And when you die, do be kind enough to give them back.

Jak: I don't plan on it. Why are you so obsessed with death?

Seem: Because of that! The Day Star approaches, and every day it grows brighter! This planet's final trial is coming.

Talk to Kleiver (gameplay)

On-screen: You received a Light Eco Crystal

Kleiver Hates Metal Heads

Kleiver: You guys looking for a bit of action? The scope shows a group of metal heads moving through the desert not too far from here. I don't like Metal Heads, almost as much as I don't like you! And you've got some proving to do. Intercept those bad boys and give 'em hell. Who knows, you may even get a few toys for your effort.

Daxter: Why does it sound like you're leaving out the dangerous parts? Jak, I'm getting some nasty juju vibes here. I don't have these whiskers for nothing, you know.

Jak: Relax, we can handle a few metal heads.

Kleiver: Have you ever seen a wasteland metal head?

Daxter: No, why?

Kleiver: Nothing. Just wondering. Go get 'em, heroes. (chuckles)

A Face from the Past

Errol: Metal Head commander, report! What's happening? If you lost that cargo, and you're still alive, I'll kill you myself. I want every dark eco crystal you can find! Time is short! Did you hear me? Wait, not you! (screams)

Jak: I don't like the sound of your voice.

Daxter: Hah! You sure kicked sand in his face! Oh yeah, that was good.

Jak: That face looked familiar.

Daxter: Now you're getting paranoid, buddy boy. Come on, big foot, let's get back. This desert gives me the creeps.

The Arena Awaits!

Damas: Once again, you must test your fighting skills in the arena. Face down your fears, defeat those who oppose you, and we will see if your skills are of use to us. The purity of the arena is our only guide!

Daxter: Excuse me, ahem, Mr. Sand King. Yes, I'd like to place a complaint. We've been training hard, my feet are killing me, and I think I'm getting a hangnail. So maybe I'll just sit this one out.

Damas: Enough talk! The arena awaits!

Go to arena (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Wave Concussor

On-screen: Press Up twice to select the Wave Concussor

On-screen: Hold L1 to charge and then release to fire bigger blast

Earn 2nd war amulet (gameplay)

On-screen: Press L2 to summon Dark Power

On-screen: Dark Bomb: X + Square

Jak Impresses Damas

Pecker: I can't believe you two are still alive.

Daxter: Yeah. What a surprise.

Pecker: Damas and I are very impressed!

Daxter: Hey, feather butt, who appointed you king?

Pecker: He did! Well, almost. Kind of a semi-king, you know. You should see our sleeping quarters and his harem of love birds. Ooh, I never get any sleep these days (chuckles). It's good to be the king, no?

Daxter: I don't see no crown on that fat feather head!

Pecker: You want a crown? I'll crown you! Don't make me come down there from this perch.

Daxter: I've got a perch for you birdie, right here. Twirl on it!

Pecker: That's it! It's go time!

Daxter: Bring it on, birdbrain!

Damas: Enough! If I wanted you to fight, I would have commanded it! You did, very well, Jak. You make me proud, that our training program is, so good. Here is your second battle amulet, and a new weapon mod. One more arena win, and you will be a true wastelander!

Talk to Kleiver (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Beam Reflexor

I Didn't Know My Father

Kleiver: Damas has a job for us, but I'm no babysitter, so stay out of my way!

Daxter: Jak's not afraid of you! Are you, Jak?

Kleiver: If you knew what was happening out here, you'd be afraid all right.

Damas: What's going on here?!

Kleiver: Nothing, your Lordship. Just offering Jak and the little one here some healthy advice.

Damas: You have a reputation for being rash. Didn't your father ever tell you to pick your battles wisely?

Jak: I didn't know my father.

Damas: My point is, sometimes you face your enemy head on, and sometimes, you wait until his weakness is revealed. Patience is a warrior's greatest weapon. Do you understand? Jak, I want you and Kleiver to go into the desert and herd a group of lizards into a waiting transport. We must prepare for whatever lies ahead; I need all the resources we can gather.

Jak: No problem, I'm good with animals.

Kleiver: I'll see you out there, "chum". (chuckles)

Corral wild leapers (gameplay)

(Upon starting the mission or not catching a leaper after a length of time.)
On-screen: Drive up close to a Leaper

(Upon getting close to a leaper.)

  • I see one!
  • Get closer!
  • There's one!
  • Almost there!
  • Drive up to 'em.
  • You need to get closer, Jak!

(Upon mounting a leaper.)

  • I got you!
  • Say hello!
  • You're mine!
  • Come to papa!
  • Stampede coming through!
  • Come here, you crazy lizard!
  • Step one: stay on the animal.

On-screen: Return the leaper to the pen.

(While riding a leaper.)

  • Wow!
  • Easy!
  • Wahoo!
  • Hang on!
  • Easy boy!
  • Slow down!
  • Yahoo! Yes!
  • This one's crazy!
  • Let's bring it on!
  • I got to find the pen!
  • I think this one's mad.
  • I'm getting a little raw.
  • Leaper lightning coming through!
  • Ride 'em Orange Lightning, ride!

(Upon deviating from the corrals.)

  • I gotta find the pen!
  • I gotta get 'em into the corral!

(Upon approaching the corral with a leaper.)

  • Let's bring it home!
  • One little doggie into the corral!

First Lizard Caught

Daxter: (growls)

Piece of Cake, Baby!

Daxter: Piece of cake, baby!

Jak Gets Another Vehicle

Daxter: Oh yeah! That's right!

Kleiver: I have to admit, you got some talent, kid. Have another one of me vehicles, you earned it.

Daxter: Damn straight! Would it be too much to ask for a foot rub?

Kleiver: (growls)

Daxter: Nope, didn't think so.

Reach Monk Temple (gameplay)

On-screen: Hold L1 then release for a super high jump

Jak Looks Up

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Jak Finds a Glider

Daxter: Ooh, sweet!

Jak: Seem said they lost an expedition of monks on the volcano. I bet they built these gliders to reach the top.

Daxter: Yeah, "lost" being the operative word. If they vanished, don't you think that was a sign? Hello!

Jak: Yeah, but you've got me. All we have to do is hit those accelerator rings and we're golden.

Daxter: Oh, no! See any feathers here? Looks like fur to me! No feathers, no flya-the-ottsel! There's no way you're gonna get me on some Precursor monk crap. Absolutely zippo chance! Forget it! Finito! Fat chance! Not gonna happen! Nope! Nu-uh! Never!

Daxter: Jak!

Glide to volcano (gameplay)

On-screen: Shoot closed rings to activate them

Daxter Gets Hung Up

Jak: Well, now we can't go back the way we came. Let's go check it out.

Daxter: Right behind you partner! Far behind you.

Find satellite in volcano 1 (gameplay)

(Upon approaching the leaper in the volcano.)
Daxter: Ooh, that leaper lizard could come in handy.

(While ignoring the leaper and proceeding through the area.)
Daxter: We need a leaper lizard to get across that gap!

(Cutscene dialogue after approaching the first part where Jak cannot continue.)
Daxter: Wait here, I'll be back.

(After completing the Daxter segment.)
Daxter: You can thank me later, Jak.

(Cutscene dialogue after approaching the second part where Jak cannot continue.)
Daxter: Do I have to do everything?

(After completing the Daxter segment.)
Daxter: You miss me?

Death Surrounds the Crystals

Daxter: Looks like it didn't agree with him!

Jak: Don't touch it, Daxter. Who knows what more dark eco would do to you.

Daxter: Look at me, Jak: I'm short, I'm hairy, and I itch in strange places. I couldn't do worse. Relax, I know what I'm doing.

Daxter: Oh yuck! Cold, clammy dead hands. Oh I can't look. (grunts)

Jak: Look out, Daxter!

Daxter: Jak? Jak? Where are you, buddy?

Daxter: Hey!

Jak: It's a dark power, Dax. Some kind of invisibility.

Daxter: Yeah, well cut it out. If you moved that fast a long time ago, I'd still be wearing pants. You know what I really miss? Soft underpants. You know how it lifts and cradles. (sighs)

Daxter: You wouldn't understand. We're out of here!

Veger Makes a Promise

Veger: I want no excuses! You told me this could be done. Now make it so!

Seem: But we have so little time. The Day Star approaches! You know what it brings.

Veger: Unfortunate, yes. We will deal with that as soon as I have full access to the catacombs. Just continue your work, and I'll deal with those idiots in Haven. I promise, you will meet your makers!

Jak: Why are the catacombs so important?

The Oracle Speaks

Daxter: Hey! It's one of those goober-eyed Precursor thingies.

Oracle: Greetings, great warrior. Your return brings us great hope. This planet's future is at a critical juncture. The Dark Ones have found your world again, and fate hangs in the balance where the past and the future collide.

Daxter: Do you have any idea what he just said? Speak-a-da-normal-language, okay?

Oracle: You will need all the power you can muster to survive this terrible test, great one.

Daxter: I can handle it.

Oracle: I was talking to the tall one, shorty!

Daxter: Hey!

Oracle: Look into the light and receive a power, hero.

Daxter: Okay, now you're scaring me.

Jak: Dax, the dark eco, it feels, far away. I feel better!

Find Oracle in Monk Temple (gameplay)

On-screen: Light Jak Regeneration: Hold L2 the Press Triangle

Jak is Sent on a Rescue Mission

Damas: Attention all people of Spargus: A large storm is heading our way! Prepare the city!

Damas: Jak, there are four wastelanders out there who still have not reported in. I want you to go out and find them. Do whatever it takes to bring them back!

Rescue Wastelanders (gameplay)

(Upon approaching and while near a stranded wastelander.)

  • Hey!
  • Help me!
  • Over here!
  • Please help!
  • I need help!

(After a wastelander enters your vehicle. Note that this dialogue will be skipped if the time on the clock is thirty seconds or lower, in which case they will repeat dialogue from the next or second next section, depending on how much time is left.)

  • Let's get out of here!
  • Man, you're a life-saver!
  • Thanks, I thought I was a goner.
  • Oh thank the beacons, I'm saved!
  • Thanks buddy, I won't forget this.
  • You don't know how glad I am to see you.
  • I can't believe you found me, let's move!
  • Thank the Precursors! Take me to the transport.
  • You're a sight for sore eyes. To the transport!
  • Man, one more minute and I'd have been sand fertilizer.

(Neither of the following two sections of dialogue will occur if you are close enough to the transport.)

(At the thirty second mark while transporting a wastelander.)

  • Move buddy, move!
  • Drive brother, come on!
  • This is one badass storm!
  • The storm's getting much worse!

(At the ten second mark while transporting a wastelander.)

  • It's bad!
  • It's getting bad!
  • We're gonna get lost!
  • [Come on,] hurry or we're history!
  • We're running out of time!

(Upon dropping off a wastelander.)

  • You're the best, buddy.
  • I'll put a good word in with Damas.
  • Nice driving, see you back at the city.

Defeat dark satellite (gameplay)

On-screen: You received a Dark Eco Crystal

(After beating the satellite, prior to entering the vehicle. Note that this will also be the first line of dialogue after starting "Race back to city" if you restart the mission.)
Daxter: Head for the city Jak!

Race back to city (gameplay)

(Upon nearing Spargus.)
Daxter: Almost there!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Daxter: We did it!

Kleiver's Gun Game

Kleiver: Isn't it time for you ankle-biters' naps? (chuckles)

Daxter: Yeah. Whatever.

Kleiver: That gun turret used to be the only thing that stood between us and the desert's cruel kiss. I used to be the tall poppy on that baby! Want to try to beat me score?

Daxter: Oh, don't worry, Jak beats things all the time, eh Jak? (chuckles)

Beat turret challenge (gameplay)

(Upon completing the mission.)
Daxter: Yahoo, yes!

Jak Gets Another Crystal

Kleiver: So, you nippers walloped me score. Fine. The top poppy has to be snipped sometime. Law of the land says the top gunner holds a special trophy in honor of their skill. This crystal's yours now, but I'll be getting it back soon enough!

Talk to Damas (gameplay)

On-screen: You received a Light Eco Crystal

This is Combat to the Death

Pecker: Greetings, brave fighters! The one, the only, the greatest highness of all highnesses, the magnificent, eminently–...

Damas: Enough! Just get on with it.

Pecker: Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Did I mention how fabulous your hair looks?

Damas: Pecker!

Pecker: Yes, right. Another round of games has been called. This is combat to the death. Good luck, and may the bravest man, or in some cases animal, win.

Defeat marauders in arena (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Vulcan Fury

On-screen: Press Left to select Vulcan Fury

Sig Can't Do It

Jak: Sig?

Sig: Jak? Daxter?

Daxter: Sig!

Sig: Well, don't you two look sorrier than ever!

Jak: What are you doing here?

Sig: Honing my skills. Let's finish this.

Jak: Woah, come on Sig. I'm not gonna fight you!

Sig: If we don't he'll kill us both. Rule of the arena. Sorry, nothing personal...

Daxter: Uh-oh.

Damas: Blasphemy! One must destroy the other! Complete the test or face worse pain!

Sig: I just know I'm gonna regret this.

Damas: Seize them!

Jak and Sig Get Punished

Damas: How dare you two defile the purity of the arena?! Sig, your time in Haven City has poisoned you! And you, newcomer! You deserve no mercy. I should toss you both into the jaws of the desert! However, Sig, your years of service as our spy in Haven have earned you a chance to redeem yourself. But only this once!

Jak: A spy?

Sig: Just shut up. I'll tell you later.

Damas: There is a nest of metal-pedes not too far from here. They have been harassing our artifact carriers for some time. I want you to drive into the heart of the nest and take out all the creatures you find inside. I'd say good luck, but then luck won't help you.

Destroy eggs in nest (gameplay)

(While not heading into the cave after Sig destroys the metal head egg barrier.)
Sig: Into the cave!

(Upon going through the nest entrance.)

  • Yahoo!
  • Down we go!

(Upon entering the main cavern.)

  • Here we go!
  • Into the cave!
  • Shoot the eggs!

(Upon destroying an egg.)

  • Got one!
  • Get 'em!
  • Eat this!
  • Strafe 'em!
  • Easy money!
  • Got 'em all!
  • Nice volley!
  • Oh yeah, baby!
  • Great shooting!

(Sometimes after destroying the last egg.)

  • Yeah! We got 'em all!
  • That was the last egg!
  • We took out all the eggs!

(When the poison gas floods the cave.)

  • Poison gas!
  • Let's get out of here!
  • I think that's poison gas.
  • We got to get out of the nest, Jak!
  • I'm gonna kill Damas for sending us in here!

(While fleeing.)
Sig: (coughs)

(Sometimes upon reaching the the thirty second mark.)
Sig: We're running out of time!

(Upon escaping the gas.)

  • We did it!
  • That was a gas! (chuckles)
  • (coughs) We cleared the nest!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Damas (communicator): You're still with us. I'm impressed. And you destroyed the metal heads eggs. I suppose mercy is in order, and it is granted, you will not be cast out. But next time, I will not be so lenient. Never again defile the arena!

Find Ashelin at oasis (gameplay)

(After returning to the Spargus garage.)
Ashelin Praxis (communicator): Jak, this is Ashelin. I'm glad you're still alive. I see Damas still keeps tabs on his old beacons. Listen, I've got to see you immediately. I've landed out by the oasis but I don't have much time. Please come find me.

Ashelin Wants Jak to Return

Daxter: Hey baby. You thought you dumped me, huh? I knew you'd be back for some more orange lovin'! Get a good look, it's the last time you get to see it.

Jak: Ashelin! What are you doing here?

Ashelin Praxis: Jak, it's good to see you.

Daxter: Listen toots, you left us in the desert, so talk to the tail, 'cause the whiskers ain't listening! We out, Jak.

Jak: That beacon you gave me... thanks.

Ashelin Praxis: I knew Damas would find you. He doesn't miss much in this desert.

Jak: How do you know him?

Ashelin Praxis: It doesn't matter now. Jak, I need you to come back to the city. We're losing the fight. Veger is drunk on power and he's taken command. He doesn't understand what he's up against. I need you–...

Jak: Look out!

Defend Ashelin at oasis (gameplay)

(Throughout the mission.)

Ashelin Praxis
  • Look out!
  • Get 'em all!
  • Shoot! Shoot!
  • Let's get them!
  • More firepower!
  • Damn metal heads!
  • Take 'em all down.
  • They've got us surrounded.
  • Man, there're a lot of them.

(When Ashelin shoots a marauder.)

Ashelin Praxis
  • Bullseye.
  • Take that.
  • I got him.

(When Ashelin gets hit.)

Ashelin Praxis
  • I'm hit!
  • Help me!
  • Help me out!
  • I need some help!

(Upon hitting her with a melee attack.)

Ashelin Praxis
  • Not smart.
  • I won't take that.
  • Don't do that again.
  • Don't make me hurt you.
  • Check your target mister.
  • Where did you learn to fight?
  • Maybe I should be behind you!
  • Do that again and I'll put you down.
  • Listen buddy, whose side are you on?
  • You don't know who you're dealing with.
  • Watch your ass, I'm only woman on the outside.
  • Another one like that and you'll be singing soprano.
  • Hit me again and you'll loose something really valuable.

(When you or Ashelin dies.)
Ashelin Praxis: Jak I can't hold them off!

I'm Through Saving the World

Ashelin Praxis: Keira wanted me to give you this. Jak, your friends need you. I need you...

Jak: The city threw me out, remember? They can rot for all I care.

Ashelin Praxis: But what about your–...

Jak: Forget it! Just leave! I have new friends now.

Ashelin Praxis: So the hero I knew did die in the desert, or was it long before that? Don't you remember who you are?

Jak: I'm through saving the world.

Complete Monk Temple tests 1 (gameplay)

(Shortly after the preceding cutscene ends.)
On-screen: You received the JetBoard

Jak's Seal Opens the Door

Jak: Now we're getting somewhere!

Daxter: That's the ticket!

Complete Monk Temple tests 2 (gameplay)

(Upon approaching the respective challenges.)

On-screen: Press R2 to get on the JetBoard

On-screen: Jump : Press X

On-screen: Flip : Press X then L1 and Left analog stick

On-screen: Hold L1 then press X for a Launch Jump

On-screen: Grind : press Square and Left analog stick while on JetBoard

On-screen: Press R2 to dismount the JetBoard

Complete Monk Temple tests 3

Oracle: We meet again great warrior, but sadly your coming may be too late. You will soon meet the seed of our downfall. It approaches quickly, and I fear we no longer have the power to resist. Behold, the pure power of light! We offer what little we have in this dire moment.

Complete Monk Temple tests 4 (gameplay)

On-screen: Light Jak Flash Freeze: Hold L2 then Press Square

Jak Finds the Catacomb Subrails

Jak: It looks just like the catacombs we saw in Haven City. But where do they go?

Pecker: There you are! Ah, I am so squawking happy I found you.

Daxter: Look, Jak got his seal back. And it opens doors!

Pecker: Onin says we must get back to Haven City. She says the catacombs are the key to the planet's very survival!

Jak: You boys up for a little ride?

Power of Protection

Precursor: You show promise, but your bravery will not protect you from the foes you must soon face. Use this light power to help in your quest. It is what little we have left to offer.

Travel through catacomb subrails (gameplay)

On-screen: Light Jak Shield: Hold L2 then Press Circle

Mar's Eco Mine

Jak: It looks like some kind of old eco mine. When Mar built Haven City, he must have carved out these old caves to get at the eco power.

Daxter: Sheesh. That Mar guy must've never slept much!

Pecker: I'm going ahead to tell Onin we're back. Watch your tail feathers, Jak! This is a spooky place.

Explore eco mine (gameplay)

On-screen: Shoot the bridge to make it lower

Escort bomb train (gameplay)

On-screen: You received Leg Armor

(While not shooting the track targets.)
Daxter: You got to shoot the track targets, Jak.

On-screen: Shoot the track targets to lower the rail

(Upon approaching the first grind rail.)
On-screen: Press R2 to get on the JetBoard

Veger's Twisted Dream

Veger: The monks told me you were coming through the Precursor subrails. Interesting aren't they? The Precursors used them to build the world countless eons ago. The rail system leads deep into the planet where it's said the ancient ones wait to bestow unimaginable powers upon the worthy. I will save the world with that power, just as Mar did!

Jak: Yeah, you've done a great job so far, letting the metal heads destroy the Palace.

Veger: Oh, you couldn't be more mistaken, dear boy. We're on a time clock, Jak! That light in the sky, do you know what it is? Our nightmare has found us and the end is coming! I needed quick access to the catacombs below, so I attacked the Palace myself. It will be our little secret.

Jak: Well you're full of surprises.

Veger: And you're full of dark eco! You and your rat are an abomination! But I will rid the planet of this scourge soon enough. Pure light will rule the universe, and I will be the bright light that shines to every corner of the world and destroys all shadows!

Daxter: Uh, excuse me Count Vulgar...

Veger: It's Veger!

Daxter: Yeah, whatever. Isn't it kinda nice to just curl up in the shade sometimes? Just chillin' it; watching the hot babes prancing around in their skimpy little bikinis, you know, just how they jiggle. I get that special tingling feeling in my... tail.

Veger: Enough! We will start the cleansing of the world with your demise! Behold! I now command the very power of the ancient ones!

Veger: And this time, the Precursors will not have mercy on you.

Defeat Veger's Precursor robot (gameplay)

(At the start of the mission.)
Daxter: It's alive Jak!

(Upon attempting to jump on a pillar before it has cooled.)
Daxter: Wait till the pillars cool before you get on them!

(While not jumping on top of the pillars.)

  • Jump up on the pillars!
  • Get on the pillars, Jak!

(While not shooting at a minecar.)

  • Shoot the minecar, Jak!
  • We need to do something with those minecars!

(While not shooting at a minecar during the second or third phase.)

Daxter: Shoot another minecar!

The Boys Are Back In Town

Daxter: Oh yeah! The boys are back in town!

Jak: Let's go topside and see what kinda trouble we can get into.

Act 2

Meet your old friends (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Arc Wielder

Samos and Keira Greet Jak

Daxter: This place looks as bad as my old bedroom back home.

Samos Hagai: Jak, over here!

Jak: Samos! Keira!

Daxter: Ah, Samos. Still as green as the stuff between my toes.

Samos Hagai: See Keira, I knew I could feel Jak's energy. My boy, it's good to see you again! Those passageways below the Palace, they must be terribly important. The Metal Heads and KG robots are advancing toward them, and we can't hold out forever.

Jak: So the city needs me again, huh? What else is new?

Samos Hagai: Veger has turned on the force fields here.

Jak: Veger's the one who attacked the Palace! He said he was looking for something below... something in the catacombs.

Samos Hagai: Well, you're just going to have to find whatever it is before he does! But first, you'll need to find another way into this section of the city. Take the sewers into the Port, then find a way north to reach us. And Jak, we're sorry for what happened. We should have stopped Veger.

Jak: I'll stop him myself.

Talk to Torn in Naughty Ottsel (gameplay)

(Upon using a zoomer for the first time.)

Computer voice: Welcome to the city transportation system. You can hover in one of two zones: low and high. Try switching hover zones.

On-screen: Press R2 to change hover zones

(After exiting the vehicle without switching hover zones.)
Computer voice: Thank you for using the vehicle.

(After switching hover zones, only if having stayed in the vehicle.)
Computer voice: Switching hover zones may help avoid traffic or ground obstacles.

Torn is Surprised

Daxter: Ah, the Naughty Ottsel. Honey, I'm home!

Torn: Jak? I never thought I'd see you again.

Daxter: Torn?! What are you doing to my place?

Torn: We needed a southern HQ for the war. Plus, I kinda like the sign with the ottsel head outside.

Daxter: Yeah, it's cool, huh?

Torn: We use it for target practice.

Daxter: Hey!

Torn: Listen, I'm sorry we couldn't stop Count Veger. We all are.

Jak: We just saw Veger. He's trying to use Precursor technology for something.

Torn: Figures. That guy always was one monk short of a choir. We have bigger problems now. Veger sent me on a suicide attack into the Port and we got cut off. Now we can't get back to Freedom HQ. Our forces are divided, and the KG and Metal Head fronts are squeezing us from both sides.

Daxter: Never fear, the trouble twins are here!

Torn: Uh-oh, speaking of trouble, we've got incoming blast bots from the KG city section. They're heading this way! Can you handle it, Jak?

Daxter: Okay, so we've got a little fear. (chuckles) But Jak is here!

Destroy incoming blast bots (gameplay)

(After destroying all the blast bots.)
Torn (communicator): Great shooting Jak! It's nice to have you back. Come back to the Naughty Ottsel and let's talk about how were gonna get our butts out of this mess.

Fish in a Barrel

Torn: Ashelin, Ashelin, this is Torn. Jak's back in the city.

Ashelin Praxis: Jak? I knew I could count on you.

Torn: That new KG leader is probably pissing in his– Wait, someone's jamming the signal. I think–...

Jak: Errol!

Errol: I live! (laughs) Still fighting for the weak link, eh Jak? Well I've had a few enhancements since we last met. Even the Metal Heads have their biological weakness. But me? I'm pure metal! I'd love to meet you again.

Samos Hagai: We must unite our forces or we're though! You've got to reach us, Jak!

Ashelin Praxis: We need you to break through and link up with us before it's too late. The KG robots are growing stronger. That floating war factory of theirs is spitting out more robots every day.

Torn: We need to assault the KG front. If we can break through their defenses, we may be able to get back to HQ and link up. Care to make some noise, Jak?

Jak: We're always up for a little rumble, hey Dax?

Daxter: Fish in a barrel, baby! Fish in a barrel.

I'll Handle This!

Daxter: I'll handle this.

Destroy barrier with missile (gameplay)

(Only if you start the mission via level select.)
Torn (communicator): The barrier into the city's tough, only a fully armed missile will bring it down. You've got to drive over every eco charge to arm the missile. Once it's armed and ready to rock, drive that puppy right into the barrier. This is your party, Daxter.

(Shortly after starting.)
Torn (communicator): Okay you're hot and heavy. Don't run into anything, or you and that missile are toast.

(Upon dying and restarting the mission, either happens only once.)

Torn (communicator)
  • Touch anything and you're an ottsel fireball!
  • You've got to avoid everything! Find an eco charge to arm the missile!

On-screen: Press X to jump

(Upon collecting the first charge.)

Daxter: Oh yeah! One charge on board.


Torn (communicator): Nice, that's one eco charge. Now find another!

(Part-way through the mission.)
Torn (communicator): Nice flying buddy, the missile's almost fully armed, keep going!

(After collecting the second-last charge.)

Daxter: I gotta find the last missile charge!


Torn (communicator): One more eco charge to find!

(Throughout the mission while collecting eco charges.)

Torn (communicator)
  • Go, baby, go!
  • You got it, Daxter!
  • You got it in control, Daxter!
  • You're braver than I thought, Daxter!
  • Yes!
  • Piece of cake!
  • Gotta hit the missile charges!

(Throughout the mission while failing to find additional charges.)

Torn (communicator)
  • Keep driving!
  • Keep looking for eco charges to get the missile fully armed.

(Sometimes as you hit, or almost hit, someone or something while steering the missile.)

  • Wah!
  • Oof!
  • Look out!
  • Clear out!
  • Move over!
  • Crash rocket fly-by!
  • Out of my way roadhog!
  • (laughs) Let's bust the peeps.
  • Make way, Orange Lightning coming through!

Daxter's Perfect Dismount... Almost

Daxter: (screams)

Tess and Daxter Reunite

Tess: Daxter! You're back! Oh, did that mean old desert burn your itty-bitty paws?

Daxter: Hey, Tess baby. Don't crush-a the merchandise. How's biz?

Tess: I'm designing new guns to help out the war effort.

Jak: You make guns now?

Tess: Yeah. I just finished this new gun. It sports a multi-port, large-bore, gyro-burst launcher with blowback breech assist, using full-jacket, eco-depleted, armor-piercing slugs, and a continuous kill zone scanner for tight groupings at a high-cycle rate of fire. (chuckles) It's a hobby.

Tess: Not so fast. First, you have to prove you can protect my little schnookums in the new gun course.

Tess Gets Tough

Tess: Not bad shooting Jak—for a guy. Now, I want you to protect my little baby with this, or else I'll hunt you down and hurt you real bad. Okay? (giggles)

Daxter: Wow! I didn't know you had so much (rawrs).

Talk to Torn in Naughty Ottsel (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Gyro Burster

Torn Has a Mission

Torn: We've got some KG defenses we need eliminated. Super-range sniper cannons are keeping our men pinned down. Jak, you need to find those hidden cannons and take 'em out. There's sure to be a counterattack when they see what you're up to, so watch out. You know the routine!

Daxter: Yeah: we do all the work, you get all the credit!

Destroy sniper cannons (gameplay)

(Upon entering the Industrial Section.)
Torn (communicator): Those cannons are shielded, you got to hit them when the shields are down!

(Sometimes triggers upon approaching a sniper cannon or while not actively attacking them.)
Torn (communicator): You got to take out those turbo cannons, Jak!

(When a cannon locks on for the first time.)
Torn (communicator): It's got a bead on you. Move!

(When the core is exposed.)
Daxter: The core's up!

(Upon destroying a cannon for the first time.)
Torn (communicator): You took one out, now get the rest!

(When moving towards the next cannon.)
Torn (communicator): Watch out! If those turbo cannons open up on you, you're history!

(Upon failing to destroy it after deactivating all the shields.)
Torn (communicator): Didn't lay a glove on it, try again!

(When the sniper cannon core reveals itself, after having already failed once.)
Daxter: Attack the core!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn (communicator): Good work, Jak. That'll help us maneuver better, I'd say we got 'em worried.

Dark, Dirty, Dangerous

Torn: Jak, I need you to go into the sewers, into the Metal Head City section. We need to attack their hive from below and the sewers are the only way in right now. We haven't been in those old passageways since the war broke out, but no scouts have reported movement down there.

Daxter: Um, that's a good thing, right?

Torn: I mean, no scouts have ever come back alive to tell us.

Daxter: Oh. Oh! Still giving us the crappy missions, huh?

Jak: Dark, dirty, dangerous... I'm beginning to like this war.

Reach Metal Head area via sewer (gameplay)

On-screen: While swimming, press and hold Circle to submerge

Destroy dark eco tanks 1 (gameplay)

(Upon reaching the sewers exit.)
Ashelin Praxis (communicator): Jak, this is Ashelin. I'm glad you're back into the fight. You're behind enemy lines now, so watch yourself. I need you to take out a cache of dark eco near the South Port border. We have reports that the Metal Heads are using it to create terrible dark eco weapons to infect the city. We've got to stop that at all costs. Good luck, soldier.

On-screen: Press R2 to get on the JetBoard

Jak's Fist Gets an Upgrade

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Destroy dark eco tanks 2 (gameplay)

On-screen: Hold L1 to charge and then release to perform the Dark Strike

(Upon completing the mission.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Jak my boy, Samos here. While you're near the entrance to South Haven Forest, could you please go check out reports of a dark eco infestation there. It seems someone is still experimenting with dark eco. If you find infected plants, you must destroy them before they spread. There are some ancient Precursor pillars in the forest that may have a link to the catacombs, but if the Metal Heads overrun the place, we'll never know for sure. Make me proud!

Kill dark plants in forest (gameplay)

(After entering South Haven Forest.)
Keira (communicator): Jak, you can kill those plants with your JetBoard. Just scoop up green eco energy and then lay it down over the plants!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Great work, Jak! Those Precursor pillars are some of the oldest artifacts we've ever found. Mar wrote that there was some ancient ruins to the west that were activated by five special artifacts and revealed wondrous truths. I'll see what I can find out.

On-screen: You received Shoulder Armor

Destroy eco grid with Jinx (gameplay)

(Some time after completing the previous mission.)
Torn (communicator): Jak, we've located four critical power junctions that if destroyed could drop some of their shields. Our bang expert Jinx can blow the junctions if you can get him to each one and protect him while he's laying the charges. You remember Jinx? He's waiting in a vehicle outside. Happy blasting.

(Upon getting in the zoomer with Jinx.)
Jinx: Hey there, pretty boy! You ready to rock and rumble?

(Upon approach of a junction box.)

  • I'll set the charges, you watch my ass.
  • Keep me healthy while I blow this joint.
  • Cover me Goldilocks, I'll be right back.
  • Lay down fire while I leave a little present.

(After planting the bomb.)

  • Let's get out of here.
  • Get me to the next target!
  • Let's roll, this baby's gonna blow.
  • Fly man, we ain't getting any younger.
  • Drive me to the next junction box, man.

Jak Drops Another Barrier (gameplay)

Torn (communicator): Sweet eco, Jak, you did it! You've got us deeper into KG territory!

Jinx: Nice work, Jak-y boy! I'm gonna go see what I can scrounge up. See you on the flip side!

Hijack eco vehicle (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Needle Lazer

Ashelin Praxis (communicator): Ashelin here. Jak, we've got word of a shipment of eco being delivered somewhere in the KG city section. I think it's worth stealing. I want you to go in, find the vehicle with the eco, and drive it back out to the Naughty Ottsel in one piece. I'm sure they'll try to stop you, but we need that eco for the war effort. Remember, don't lose the shipment.

(Upon approaching the vehicle.)
Jak: There's the vehicle, let's go!

(After the missile station launches the missiles.)

Daxter: Fly Jak, the missiles are following us!

Jak: We gotta roll. This is where I come in!

(After respawning or restarting the mission.)

Daxter: We got an unfriendly tailgater!

Jak: Hold on, Dax!

(Throughout the mission, as the missiles get closer to the vehicle.)

  • Mommy!
  • Gotta move, Jak!
  • Faster, dark boy!
  • Say goodnight, Jak.
  • They're still with us!
  • Drive like you mean it!
  • It was nice knowing you.
  • I don't think were gonna make it!
  • I can feel a missile tip on my tail!
  • Uh-oh. That warm dribble down your back, it's not my tears.
  • This is bad!
  • It's getting too close!

(While deviating from the path to the Port.)
Daxter: Head for the Port!


Torn (communicator): Head back to the Port, Jak!

(Upon approaching the Port.)
Torn (communicator): Use the decoys to get those missiles off your tail!

(Upon approaching the Port after respawning or restarting the mission.)
Jak: We need a decoy!

(While failing to lose any missiles.)
Daxter: Hit the decoy to distract the missiles.

(While still failing to lose any missiles.)
Daxter: You have to get the missile to go after the decoy!

(While not shooting any additional decoys after losing at least one missile.)

  • We need a decoy!
  • Find another decoy!
Torn (communicator)
  • Hit another decoy!
  • You still got missiles on your butt! Find another decoy.

(Each time you lose a missile.)

Torn (communicator)
  • Good work!
  • You've got it, one missile down!
  • Another missile's off track, keep going!
  • That's it, the missile's tracking the decoy!
  • Yes, one more down!
  • One more down, you are the man Jak.
  • Great, one more missile bites the dust!
  • Yes, the missile's going after the decoy!
  • One missile down, go fire up another decoy!

(After using up all the decoys.)

Daxter: We got one more missile, and no more decoys!

Torn (communicator): Drive towards the Naughty Ottsel, we'll use the bar sign as the last decoy!

The Ottsel Gets It

Torn: You can make it.

Torn: Crank that sign up to full brightness!

Jak: Hang on, Dax! It's gonna be close!

Daxter: (screams) My beautiful mug!

The Big Squeeze

Torn: Jak, we've got word of a new assault on the Port. They're trying to take us out once and for all. The strange thing is, we're seeing movement from both the KG and Metal Head fronts. It's like they're working together. We've got to repel this assault or we're through! I hate to do this to you, but I'm putting you on the front line. You're my go-to guy. Stop any KG or metal head units from reaching this place. If we lose this one, we're history.

Defend Port from attack (gameplay)

(At the start of the mission.)
Torn (communicator): Take out the enemy positions, Jak!

(After arriving to the site of the second wave.)
Soldier: Hah, you're just in time for the party.

(After arriving to the site of the third wave.)
On-screen: Protect the Civilians!

(As the second death bot approaches in the fourth wave, as several soldiers join the battle.)
Torn (communicator): Some of my boys and I thought you could use a little help.

(As reinforcements arrive for the second fourth wave blast bot.)
Soldier: Watch the blast bot!

(After clearing a wave of enemies or upon approaching a new area.)

Torn (communicator)
  • Incoming!
  • Go, Jak, go!
  • Keep moving, Jak!
  • They're onto you. Move!
  • More blips on the scope, you got company!

(After picking up a weapon.)

  • Yes!
  • Wahoo!
  • You got it!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn (communicator): You did it Jak, you stopped the assault!

Love Sick

Tess: Daxter! My hero! This city is too dangerous. We need our own little place in the country. A little pink house, with a white picket fence. And a fireplace! And a big four-poster bed, for me, and, and a little ottsel run on the side of the house for you.

Daxter: Aw, are you worried about me, my little Tess-y-poo?

Tess: Of course, my itty-bitty whisker-puss.

Jak: Oh please! Will you two take it outside?

Daxter: You need a hug, Jak? 'Cause we got plenty to go around.

Tess: Rumor is, you two are the only hope we've got to reach the catacombs! I've programmed the gun course to simulate some of the new enemy tactics. Want to try it out?

Give 'Em Hell Boys

Tess: Not bad shooting, dark boy.

Tess: Here's a nice boom stick for your sidekick, baby. Go give 'em hell boys! Then come back, and I'll scratch you behind your ears.

Talk to Sig (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Plasmite RPG

Sig Sends Jak into the Desert

Sig: Another storm is really churning the sand! Scanners show a few new artifact sightings. You two up for some rough riding?

Jak: Sure. I can race with the best of 'em.

Sig: Good. Take the vehicle and bring us back some booty. You know the drill; get to the artifacts first and they're yours to claim, Wastelander rights! Go get 'em!

Race for more artifacts (gameplay)

(After picking up the second-last artifact.)
Daxter: Find the last artifact Jak!

(After collecting the Holo Cube.)
On-screen: You received the Holo Cube

(After collecting the last artifact.)
Keira (communicator): Jak, the Holo Cube! That's one of the items we need for the forest, good work! Keep looking for more.

Destroy metal-pedes in nest 1 (gameplay)

(After completing the previous mission and returning to the garage.)
Sig (communicator): Jak, this is Sig. I heard you were in the market for eco crystals. I know where one is, but it won't be a cakewalk. In other words, we got some serious metal head hunting to do. I'll meet you in the Metal Head desert nest. I'm counting on you.

Sig and Jak Hit the Nest

Sig: There you are. I was beginning to think you'd chickened out. I saw an eco crystal in this place and it's yours if you want it. Trouble is, metal heads have been spotted here en masse. But we wouldn't want those nasty boys to just move back in here without a welcoming party, would we? Let's go give 'em a big surprise!

Destroy metal-pedes in nest 2 (gameplay)

(Throughout the mission.)

  • Go, go!
  • Go, go, go!
  • Let's get 'em Jak!
  • Kill the metal-pedes, Jak!
  • I'm glad we're in some wheels!
  • Those are some big metal-pedes!

(While driving around after having killed at least one metal-pede.)

  • Let's get another one!
  • We've got some serious trophies, baby.

(Upon encountering a metal-pede emerging from the ground.)

  • Shoot him!
  • Get on it!
  • There he is!
  • We got company!
  • Move in for the kill!
  • Here comes another one.
  • That is some big metal-pede!
  • It's coming out of the ground!
  • Where did that thing come from?!
  • I knew that sucker would be back!
  • There's one of those nasty leggers!

(Sometimes when you hit a metal-pede.)

  • Nice hit!
  • You hit one!
  • Keep shooting him!
  • Oh yeah, he's hurting.
  • Nice shooting there baby!

(Upon or shortly before killing a metal-pede.)

  • Nice trophy!
  • You got him!
  • He's almost dead!
  • Nice shooting baby!

(After destroying the second-last metal-pede, up until you destroy the last one.)
Sig: Find the last metal-pede!

(Upon completing the mission.)
On-screen: You received a Light Eco Crystal

Tough Questions for Sig

Sig: Yeah, baby! I love the smell of burnt metal head! This is good practice for when the spit hits the fan. And trust me, it's coming.

Jak: What's Damas got to do with Haven City, Sig?

Sig: None of your business.

Daxter: What was all that spying you did, huh?

Sig: Let's just say, Damas lost a little something in the city and he wanted me to find it. What do you care, man? Haven folk are a bunch of weaklings, you know that! They already lost the war before it started. Luckily Damas has a plan to make sure we all survive.

Jak: You're playing with people's lives!

Sig: Why not? They played with mine. Survival of the fittest, baby. I suggest you get with the program, and be on the winning side.

Jak: And which side is that?

Sig: The one on top of the pile. Unfortunately, it's gonna be a big pile.

Daxter: Yeah, a big pile of– should I cock this?

Jak: So now what?

Sig: Just keep your nose clean and stay sharp. I'll tell you when the action's coming.

Kleiver Sells Out

Jak: Kleiver, I need to find some very special Precursor artifacts, but I'm running out of time.

Kleiver: Wait a tic. I just traded a very rare artifact indeed, to a nice band of metal heads. It was an ugly piece of hardware, looked like a dog's breakfast to me. But those toothers paid handsomely. They seemed nice enough. Good ivories they had, you know, if you dig fangs and claws. I bet if you crank up that donk, you and the offsider just might be able to catch 'em.

Sig: I'll drive. Jak, you get on the gun! Daxter, just get in, sit down, and shut up!

Chase down metal head beasts (gameplay)

(At start of the mission.)

  • Go!
  • Hold on!
  • Here we go!
  • Now this is the thick, baby!

(Throughout the mission.)

  • Hang on!
  • Blow 'em away!
  • Shoot 'em all!
  • Shoot him Jak!
  • Open up on him!
  • Fire on a roll!
  • We're closing in!
  • Hit him in the head!

(Upon approach of more metal heads.)

  • Take 'em out!
  • There they are!
  • Here come some more!
  • Keep tracking, more coming in!

(Upon approach of a flyer.)

  • They're coming from above!
  • Shoot up Jak, they're in the sky!

(Upon destroying a metal head.)

  • Yes!
  • Wahoo!
  • Good hit!
  • Beautiful!
  • Nice shot!
  • What a tee!
  • Sweet shot!
  • You got one!
  • He's history!
  • Another good hit!
  • Another one down!
  • He felt that one!
  • Great turret work!
  • Turn and burn, baby!
  • One metal head totally dead.
  • (shouts) I hate metal heads.
  • The metal head hunting machine!

(Upon getting hit.)

  • Woah!
  • (shouts)
  • Hang on!
  • Look out!
  • One more like that and we'll be walking home!

(Upon completing the mission, without having previously completed "Take out Marauder stronghold".)
Pecker: You got another item for the forest! That is called a Quantum Reflector. What it does, I don't know, but Onin and Keira said you needed it.

(Upon completing the mission, if having completed "Take out Marauder stronghold" and thus collecting all four artifacts.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Jak, you found another artifact for the forest ruins. But we are still missing the most important piece. Bring back the item you found, and we will try to find where the last piece is hidden. We must find out what that Day Star really is, and we believe the forest ruins may hold the answers.

On-screen: You received the Quantum Reflector

Damas Bares His Soul

Damas: Keeping people alive out here, keeping them full of hope, it can be daunting.

Jak: I'd say you've made a good life here.

Damas: You, too, must make a life, Jak. Take your destiny into your own hands. Look: sand cannot keep a shape by itself, but add water, and it becomes malleable. Fate can be such, if you add the right element...

Jak: Eco!

Damas: Hmm. Our minds think alike. My monks say the world is coming to an end, but I am a survivor. I say we live on long after this world dies! Be ready, you are shaping up to be one of my finest warriors, and I'll need you for the trials ahead. I mustn't lose you, like I lost my son.

Jak: You had a child?

Damas: Long ago. But much has been sacrificed in this war so that others could live. Anyway, it matters not. We're having serious trouble with marauders lately. I want you to take a vehicle and hunt down their warrior patrols. Go, and make war your own!

Defend Spargus' front gate (gameplay)

(Upon completing the mission.)
On-screen: You received the Beam Generator

Take out Marauder stronghold (gameplay)

Seem (communicator): This is Seem. Marauders have attacked one of our artifact digs and stolen a very important item. We think they may have taken it to their stronghold. We would be most grateful if you find their outpost and retrieve it. We'll make it worth your while, I promise.

(After the marauder leaders exit the stronghold.)
Daxter: You gotta catch them, Jak!

(After destroying the second-last marauder.)
Daxter: Catch the last marauder!

(Upon nearing a marauder.)

  • Get him!
  • Tag him out!
  • There he is, get him!
  • Shoot 'em, shoot 'em!

(After destroying a marauder leader.)

  • Oh yeah, you fired him up!
  • Hunt and destroy baby, hunt and destroy.

(Upon completing the mission, if having previously completed "Chase down metal head beasts" and thus collecting all four artifacts.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): Jak, you found another artifact for the forest ruins. But we are still missing the most important piece. Bring back the item you found, and we will try to find where the last piece is hidden. We must find out what that Day Star really is, and we believe the forest ruins may hold the answers.

(Upon completing the mission, without having previously completed "Chase down metal head beasts".)
Seem (communicator): Good work, hero. I mean, Jak. And you, too, Orange Lightning. We are grateful for your help. It is possible I may have misjudged you two. That artifact is called the Precursor Prism. It will be of use to you. Please, keep it as a sign of our gratitude.

On-screen: You received the Prism.

Beat pillar ring challenges (gameplay)

(Upon returning to Haven City, if having completed both "Chase down metal head beasts" and "Take out Marauder stronghold".)
Keira (communicator): I've been doing some research into the forest pillars; it seems they've been here for longer than any other known ruins, except for maybe the catacombs. Myth says, these pillars were once linked to some type of planetary observation system. Very mysterious... Let's see if those items you found in the wasteland will activate and unlock their secrets.

The Oracle Gives Hope

Precursor: Approach the Astro-Viewer, time warrior. Behold, the seed of our destruction.

Daxter: What? What? Let me see, let me see! Is she hot?

Precursor: We Precursors built many worlds across the universe, shaping them with eco into something good. But we were foolish; the Dark Makers were once Precursors, but their exposure to dark eco changed them. They began twisting worlds, conquering life, and dark ages ensued. Now, the dark ones have found your world, and are coming to claim it for themselves.

Daxter: Well that could ruin your whole day!

Jak: I think this one's bigger than both of us.

Precursor: There is but one hope left. You will find a Planetary Defense System hidden deep at the core of the planet. There is still a chance to save your world. I hope you are more successful than many planets, whose fate has already been closed.

Talk to Torn in Naughty Ottsel (gameplay)

(Shortly after the previous cutscene ends.)
Samos Hagai (communicator): I heard. This is as we feared. We must get into those catacombs before that ship reaches this planet.

Jinx Has a Plan

Torn: We may have a way to reach Freedom HQ. Jinx here has a plan.

Jinx: Hey, Jak-y boy. Long time no see. I think we've got a boomer of a plan here. You know those nasty blast bots you seen around? Well, I captured one. Don't ask. I'll show you the scars later. I've rigged that baby with a remote control, and even more explosives than the standard package.

Torn: Jak, link into the remote and direct that blast bot into the KG area. If you can get the blast bot close enough to the Freedom League border and blow it up, it should punch a hole in the defensive line there, and allow us to hook up with our comrades.

Jak's the Man

Torn: Great job! We can link up with the northern front now. I'll get on the horn to HQ and give 'em the good news! You're the man, Jak. You are the man!

Reach Freedom head quarters (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Peace Maker

The Daxtinator is Back!

Daxter: Hello, fellow peeps and cronies! That's right, the Daxternator is back in the building!

Keira: Daxter! Jak! You did it!

Samos Hagai: It's about time you two got here!

Pecker: What took you so long?

Jak: Sorry. We only had a war in the way.

Ashelin Praxis: Great work, Jak. Let me be the first to officially apologize for the city.

Jak: Forget about it. I've got my own interest in this.

Samos Hagai: Well, what we know right now is there's a huge dark planet builder bearing down on us all. How much time we have, no one can guess. If it is rogue Precursor technology, then the only way to destroy it is with more Precursor technology, and that lies at the bottom of the catacombs.

Keira: Also, the large number of eco crystals being moved about can mean only one thing: someone is trying to awaken vast Precursor technology.

Jak: I think Veger's behind it. Or Errol. Or maybe...

Daxter: Ooh, ooh! Wait until you hear about my adventures in the wasteland. So there I was, facing a whole brood of slobbering metal heads, when all of a sudden–...

Pecker: Uh-oh.

Ashelin Praxis: It looks like a large scale assault. Multiple targets inbound. You up for some action, Jak?

Jak: Look who you're talking to. Let's rock and roll, Dax!

Defend HQ from attack (gameplay)

(After destroying the first one.)
Torn (communicator): More targets inbound!

(Upon completing the mission.)
Ashelin Praxis (communicator): Last one. Nice shooting! Find your way back here, Jak.

Veger Gets Humiliated

Samos Hagai: Nice moves, my boy. You're the best man we've got to lead an expedition into the catacombs.

Veger: Please, please, let us not be too hasty. Are you sure you want this dark eco freak contaminating the hallowed halls of our glorious Precursors? I should lead the expedition myself.

Ashelin Praxis: We're tired of your scheming, Veger.

Veger: I've got the answer you're looking for. My Precursor monks have given me the knowledge to turn on the planetary defense grid—if you beg me to do so.

Keira: Jak's always gotten us through thick and thin. I'm with him.

Samos Hagai: Hear, hear!

Daxter: You're washed up, Vegan.

Veger: Veger! It's Veger, you idiot!

Daxter: Whatever!

Ashelin Praxis: Count Veger, I hereby dissolve the city council and strip you of your title, command, and all privileges. Now get out of my sight.

Veger: What? How dare you! I offered you mercy, but now you will all burn in the Precursor fires of creation! I swear it...

Ashelin Praxis: That was one hell of an attack wave. We can't continue to repel such large assaults forever! That floating war factory has got to be shut down. The problem is, the factory is shielded and has gate codes on every access point. Most old KG door cyphers were kept hidden in the main system in the power room. If you can break into the system, you may be able to unlock the war factory doors to get inside.

Pecker: Onin says the eco grid in the power room could help you. But to open the old power room, you must find the junction box in the sewer. Personally, I think you're crazy to go down there. But, uh, good luck.

Top Floor Please

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Find switch in sewers (gameplay)

(Upon completing the mission.)
Pecker (communicator): You guys keep the surprises coming! The power room door is now open, Jak.

Vin is Back!

Daxter: Ah, remember this place? I sure miss good old Vin.

Jak: Yeah, he was a good guy. A bit crazy.

Vin: Hey! Who you calling crazy? I can't help it if the world is out to get me!

Daxter: Vin! Wait a minute, is that you?

Vin: Yeah, it's me. Well, actually no it's not. I'm a multi-layered hyperlinking digi-memoc-bio-construct-super-clocked-mega-memory-construct, baby!

Daxter: Did you understand a word he said?

Vin: When the city was overrun by metal heads, before they got to me, I dumped my brain into the eco grid. Everything's great now. Those monsters can't get me in here... or can they?

Jak: Listen, Vin, I'm happy you're, whatever you are, but right now, I need to get into the war factory but the doors are sealed. We think the code to open the doors is hidden in the system.

Vin: It is.

Jak: Really?

Vin: Positive.

Daxter: Can you get it for us?

Vin: Negative.

Daxter: Why not?

Vin: Because if you have half a brain cycle, you'd know that those access codes are guarded by the central system. Ancient, nasty circuits in there. Even we bit brains can't nibble around there without getting our butts erased!

Jak: Just get us close.

Vin: Oh, sure, yeah, hah, it's your death. If you fail, I can always use a companion in here. Oh, the fun we'll have.

Daxter: Let's hope, oh god let's hope, it doesn't come to that.

Vin: When I put you into the system, the main security will slam down hard. It'll be up to you to beat the system and get out, or get eco-zapped for good! You checksum?

Daxter: Okay, Vin baby! Jack me in!

Vin: Wait for it, wait for it. Okay! Input!

Find cypher in eco grid (gameplay)

(At the start of the eco grid game.)

  • Game on!
  • Here they come!

(Throughout the game.)

  • No!
  • Oh no!
  • Look out!
  • It's looking bad.

(When the enemy sprite enters the same track as Daxter.)

  • Switch tracks!
  • I gotta avoid the nasties.
  • Ooh, there's a baddy on my track!

(When a spawner appears.)

  • Look out!
  • More of 'em!
  • Here they come again!

(Upon destroying a spawner.)

  • All right!
  • Way to go!
  • What a move!

(If Daxter fails.)
Vin: You're erased, bit boy!

(Upon clearing the board of dots.)
Daxter: I erased everything, the system's defenses are down!

(Upon picking up the cypher.)

  • You won!
  • Yes, you beat the system!

Daxter Downloads

Jak: Got the cypher.

Torn: Great work, Jak. Just got the info beamed here. That cypher key will unlock the war factory doors. We'll get on it right away and get back to you.

Jak: Listen Vin, we've got things to do, but we'll keep in touch. We promise.

The Big Raid

Torn: We got a big one this time, Jak. That decoder you found helped us decipher the gate key for the main KG war factory. We can get inside now, and we need our best people on the raid.

Daxter: Oh gee, I wonder who that might be?

Samos Hagai: There is a good chance that factory is doing more than just making death bots.

Torn: I want to know who's behind it all. How are so many death bots being made? Where are they getting the supplies and the eco? Something about this doesn't seem right.

Jak: Yeah, right into the hornet's nest. This is gonna be fun!

Daxter: Yeah, remind me when to laugh!

Jak Takes Off

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Destroy war factory defenses (gameplay)

On-screen: Press L1 to fire bomb

Explore war factory (gameplay)

(After completing the first Daxter segment.)
Daxter: Okay Jak, we're clear.

(After completing the second Daxter segment.)
Daxter: Hello, sidekick. Let's move.

(After completing the third Daxter segment.)
Daxter: Your shoulder getting lonely?

(After completing the fourth Daxter segment.)
Daxter: That's right, I'm back.

Errol Has New Friends

Errol: I've found some new friends to help me conquer this puny little planet.

Jak: You're talking to the Dark Makers!

Errol: It seems my digital self can communicate with these poor, tortured minds quite well. Oh, they're just like you and me, Jak. Well, me at least. They want a home, someone to call a friend, destruction of all light eco! They've volunteered to help me put this puny planet out of its misery. (laughs)

Jak: You're in for a big surprise. The Dark Makers don't play nicely with others. Just ask the Metal Heads.

Errol: I've been given the opportunity to wield a power even the Precursors could not control. Don't fret, you won't live to see what I turn this little world into. Maybe a rock, or a floating puddle of slag, or nothing at all! Complete oblivion! So hard to choose.

Jak: I won't let you do this!

Beat Cyber-Errol boss (gameplay)

(After a few and more failed attempts to damage Errol with a missile bot.)

  • Kick it right under him!
  • Kick it right under Errol!
  • You got to kick the missile enemy under Errol!

(Throughout the mission.)

  • Yeah!
  • (laughs)
  • Had enough?
  • Not this time!
  • Metal is better!
  • I'm superior now!
  • You're just lucky.
  • Too much for you?!
  • Give it up, eco freak!
  • Keep it up, eco freak!

(When Errol spawns enemies.)

  • Let's make this interesting.
  • You cannot match a machine, Jak.
  • We will destroy the living, and make a new order!
  • We will change the universe, starting with this planet!

(While Errol throws explosive blasts at you.)

  • Die!
  • Take this!
  • Payback time!
  • Death to life!
  • Here's some pain!
  • This time, you die!
  • How's your reflexes?

(After getting hit by Errol's bombs.)

  • Looking sloppy, Jak!
  • You're making this too easy!
  • Now you see why I never lose!

Errol Escapes

Jak: Damn! He got away!

Daxter: See you later, mech-a-nator!

Daxter: Jak, the sky is falling!

Act 3

The Temple Gets Attacked!

Daxter: We took it to that robot goon and kicked his nuts! And bolts.

Jak: Errol got away, but we shut down his robot factory.

Samos Hagai: That's good. But it is troubling to see what Errol is doing. I fear he may be trying to awaken that terrible dark ship before we can destroy it.

Pecker: Onin says the Precursors and Dark Makers have fought over worlds for as long as time has turned. It would not be the first time a planet was lost to those monsters.

Jak: Well it's not going to be this planet. We've lasted this long. We've just got to find a way to destroy that thing. The truth lies at the bottom of the catacombs; that's where I need to go.

Rescue Seem at temple 1 (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Mass Inverter

(After exiting the HQ.)
Seem (communicator): Jak, please help us! Errol is attacking the Monk Temple. He wants the secrets we have kept concerning the Dark Makers. Please hurry, if he finds what he seeks, it could undo this world.

Jak Gets Another Light Power

Oracle: Once again you stand before me, brave one, and once again, your heroism shall be rewarded. I give you a new light power, one which will help you reach new places; places only in your dreams.

Rescue Seem at temple 2 (gameplay)

(After respawning or reactivating Light Jak.)
On-screen: Light Jak Flight: Hold L2 then Press X

(Subsequent text. This will be the first text immediately after the cutscene, however.)
On-screen: Light Jak Flight: Jump then tap X to Flap Wings

(Upon flapping once with Light Jak's wings.)
On-screen: Time flaps for maximum flight

Seem Has a Special Gift

Seem: Errol has learned how to connect with the Dark Maker ship. If he can awaken its terrible cargo, he will unleash horrors beyond our deepest nightmares. Not all is lost. I hid the most important artifact from Errol. I was wrong about you. You have the balance needed to save us all.

Daxter: As rubber-wearing, completely freaky, beyond bizarre, paint-faced, super weird monks go, you're all right.

Seem: I have now seen the truth, and I am at peace. At least I was granted the gift of seeing the face of my creators. Thank you, little one.

Daxter: Uh, okay.

Defend Spargus from attack (gameplay)

(After exiting Monk Temple.)
Damas (communicator): Jak, we need you back at Spargus City. The scope's picking up major movement out over the water. It's not a storm, it's... something else. My guess is it's connected to those dark satellites we've seen. You're the best gunner we've got Jak, this is your chance to repay your life debt. Get back here as soon as you can!

(After manning the gun turret.)
Damas (communicator): Open up with the gun, fire, fire!

(Upon destroying a walker for the first time.)
Damas (communicator): You got one!

(When more appear on the horizon.)
Damas (communicator): More, fire at 'em!

(Upon damaging a walker, though they can also be damaged by another's weapon.)
Damas (communicator): You're hitting them, keep shooting!

(Upon destroying all the walkers in the water.)
Damas (communicator): Behind you, Jak, they're attacking the city!

(After destroying the second-last walker..)
Damas (communicator): Only one more machine left!

(Upon being hit.)
Damas (communicator): You're taking hits!

(Upon taking several hits.)
Damas (communicator): Protect your turret or you're dead!

(Upon taking enough damage to die with one more hit.)
Damas (communicator): One more like that, and you're history!

(Upon being shot at with missiles.)
Damas (communicator): Shoot the incoming missiles Jak!

Welcome to the Clan

Damas: You did it, Jak! This victory is a sign of possibility. Times are grim, but when I was the leader of Haven City, times seemed grim then too. Take hope. Even the smallest weed finds shelter within the rocks.

Jak: Wait, you were once the leader of Haven City?

Damas: I came to the throne during the middle of the Metal Head Wars. Baron Praxis betrayed me and banished me to the wasteland. The rest, you know... Anyway, here is your third and final battle amulet. You are one of us now. That war amulet is a beacon. If ever you need us, use it to call, and we will be there. And from me, a welcoming gift. This rare Precursor armor is said to have been worn by Mar himself. I was saving it for my own son, but right now, you should wear it in this difficult time.

Jak: Thanks. I don't have anything for you.

Damas: You give us all hope, Jak. That is gift enough. Welcome to the clan.

Activate Astro-Viewer in Haven Forest (gameplay)

On-screen: You received Chest Armor

(After completing "Defend Spargus from attack".)
Samos Hagai (communicator): We have a problem. Readings indicate Errol has somehow alerted and raised the dark ship's shields. Now even if we do manage to turn on the Planetary Defense System, it may not have an effect. I have a feeling the Astro-Viewer in Haven Forest does more than just look at stars. You must be cautious, dark creatures have taken over the forest. It will be a battle just to reach the Astro-Viewer now.

Jak Links into the Dark Ship

Samos Hagai (communicator): Wonderful, Jak! I knew that machine was special!

Jak: (shouts) Get out of my head!

Daxter: Jak? Jak? I'm losing you buddy!

Jak: It's linking me into the Dark Maker ship systems. They're taking me to them.

Daxter: Jak! Jak!

Destroy Dark Ship shield (gameplay)

Jak: I'm linked into the Dark Maker ship, I can control some of the machines.

On-screen: Press Circle to use Shield

On-screen: Press L1 to grab objects

On-screen: Press L1 to place held objects

Our Hero!

Precursors: Our hero!

Jak: What the– Daxter?

Daxter: What? What, what? What'd you see? Let me look, let me look, let me look. Hello, elevator, bottom floor, goin' up. Come on! (yells) I hate being short.

Jak: It just seemed for a moment, it-it looked like– Nah, it couldn't have been.

Daxter Gets Heroic

Ashelin Praxis: Who knows what Errol will try to do next with that dark ship. We've got to take him out!

Jak: And I suppose you know how we can take him?

Ashelin Praxis: We have a plan, but it's risky.

Daxter: Oh, of course. It couldn't be easy. No. And I'm sure we're on the shortlist to head up the mission, huh?

Ashelin Praxis: No, this one's tricky. I'm giving it to Torn and Jinx.

Daxter: What?! I suppose you don't think we're good enough, huh? You don't think we can do it?

Jak: Dax...

Daxter: May I remind you, that this team of Daxter, Jak and Daxter, have taken on just about every scary thing this world can throw at us for three, count them, three adventures!

Jak: Daxter!

Daxter: This is an outrage, Jak! We're the heroes! We're the ones on cereal boxes for God's sake. And I'm about to release my own line of sports shoes! I've got a contract!

Ashelin Praxis: You're on the mission. Your job is to cover Torn and Jinx in a vehicle filled with explosives. Escort them to the Metal Head section, and together you'll blow open the nest.

Daxter: Oh, well... why didn't you say so in the first place?

Blow open tower door (gameplay)

(At start of mission.)
Sig: Here we go!

On-screen: Hold L1 to auto-fire

(Upon turning the first corner.)

  • Take 'em out!
  • Shoot 'em Jak!

(Upon reaching the split path in the Slums.)
Sig: Open up on 'em!

(Upon encountering the first pair of grunts.)
Torn (communicator): Watch out!

(After killing a grunt in mid-air, before it reaches either Torn or the HellCat.)

  • Beautiful!
  • Sweet shot!
  • Yes! Woohoo!
  • Oh yeah, baby!
  • Great turret work!
  • One metal head totally dead!
  • The metal head hunt machine!
  • Oh yeah, we rock [under this!]

Jinx: Buddy, you're a class act.

(Upon encountering the second pair of grunts.)
Sig: Look out!

(After Torn enters the Industrial Section right when missiles begin chasing after him.)
Torn (communicator): Incoming!

(When the next volley of missiles appear.)
Sig: Keep your tail dry, chili pepper!

(Upon reaching the last area in the Industrial Section.)
Sig: Shoot 'em all!

(After destroying the explosive barrels at the end of the Industrial Section.)
Jinx: That was a sweet fireball!

(After exiting the Industrial Section, when the third missile swarm arrives.)
Torn (communicator): Here comes a whole swarm of 'em!

(When Torn avoids heading into the Metal Head City section due to a fourth missile attack.)
Torn (communicator): Too many! Too many!

(When another volley of missiles attack they begin heading for the second tower in the Port, after circling the first.)
Sig: Here come some more!

(When grunts attack from the top of the buildings as you exit the Port.)
Sig: They're coming from above!

(Upon approaching the Metal Head City section entrance.)
Sig: Now this is the thick, baby!

(After blowing up the barrels at the Metal Head City entrance.)
Jinx: Don't you love the smell of sulfur, man.

(When the last missile volley chases after Torn.)
Torn (communicator): Take 'em out Jak!

Ready to Rock?

Sig: Oh yeah, they hurtin' now. Move and groove, chili pepper.

Jak: All right, it's payback time! You ready to rock, Dax?

Daxter: You mean go in that place? Uh Jak, maybe I'll stay here and uh, protect Sig.

Destroy Metal Head tower (gameplay)

On-screen: You received the Super Nova

Errol Reveals His Plan

Errol: Ah, my little friends have come to see me off. I'd love to stay and chat, but I have an appointment with the most powerful beings in the universe!

Daxter: You're through, metal monkey! Don't make me come over there and... sic Jak on you!

Errol: You're too late! I've already awakened the Dark Maker ship. When I come back, I will be wielding the very power of the Precursors! I'll see you boys soon.

Daxter: Look at that. It's cool, it's amazing, it's reacting to the dark stuff... (yells) It's gonna blow!

Sig: Let's get out of here!

Samos and Onin Show the Way

Samos Hagai: Jak, we're in serious trouble.

Pecker: Onin says there are strange forces at work. Fate has been twisted by something more powerful than anything she has ever seen in her many years; (squawks) something now awake deep in the catacombs.

Daxter: Let me guess. You blow hards want us to go down there, correct?

Samos Hagai: The best access to the catacombs is on the Metal Head side of the city.

Daxter: Sometimes... I really hate you guys.

Pecker: Onin says she sees your fate turning black with uncertainty. Onin says, it will be very dangerous indeed. Onin says, Pecker will escort you through the catacombs and– (squawks) What?! What did you say?

Samos Hagai: You will be Onin's eyes, and Jak's wisdom. You must do this!

Pecker: (groans) Okay, fine! But I am gone the moment that things get sticky! You two, get to the catacomb entrance and take care of business. (squawks) I'll meet you there when the coast is clear!

The Catacombs are the Only Hope

Daxter: The only hombres tough and crazy enough to take on these things are the wastelanders!

Jak: You're a genius!

Daxter: Yeah, that trinket's worth about as much as you'd get from a broke down pawn shop in South Town.

Damas to the Rescue

Pecker: Where have you been?! I've molted three times already just waiting for you! Onin says we must get through the Palace ruins, but I think– Uh-oh...

Daxter: Jak, let me just say, before it's all over: riding on your shoulder, although it is kind of bony, and uncomfortable, well, you've been a good pal.

Jak: You too, Dax. These adventures, they've been great.

Damas: Someone call for an army?

Jak: Well you're a long way from the desert. I thought you said a smart warrior never takes his opponent head on.

Damas: That depends on how hard your skull is. I'd say you and I are both rather headstrong.

Jak: Let's finish this!

Break through ruins (gameplay)

(At the start.)
Damas: Look alive, Jak!

(When dark makers show up.)

  • Look out, Jak!
  • Dark Precursors!

(Upon approaching a door or obstacle. Appears the first time, and will continue to appear while failing to break others.)
On-screen: Use turbo R2 to break obstacles

(When artillery harbingers appear on either the left or right.)

  • On your left!
  • On your right!

Find My Son...

Jak: Damas!

Damas: Not bad driving, kid. It was a good fight (coughs) and a good day to die. I'm very proud to have been by your side in the end. (coughs) This world is not yet out of heroes.

Jak: We did well together. Don't move I'll–...

Damas: Please... promise me one thing. Promise me you'll find my son, Mar. You'll know him when you see this: he's wearing an amulet just like it. A symbol of our lineage with the great House of Mar. (coughs) Save the people, Jak. They need you.

Jak: Father...

Veger: Yes, you were that child. I took you from Damas, hoping to harness your eco powers for my experiments. Then I lost you to the Underground. You seem upset. Did I tell you too late? You were the son of the great warrior Damas. Oh, and he never knew—how delightful.

Dark Jak: (shouts) Veger!

Veger: Thank you for opening the door to the Precursors. Don't worry, I'll be back to put you out of your misery.

Daxter: After him, Jak!

Jak: You're willing to go down there? Without a fuss this time?

Daxter: Yeah, well don't get used to it. It's just that nobody hurts my best friend and lives to brag about it. Let's get him!

The Strange Gets Stranger

Precursor: Greetings, great warrior. Before it is too late, you must power up the planet's defense system. The eco sphere has begun its energy conversion. It will take some time for the weapon to fully charge.

Precursor: You have proven your worth, warrior. We grant you the gift of evolution; the honor of becoming one of us.

Veger: Step aside! I will be the one who evolves into a Precursor. The right is mine!

Precursor: Be careful what you wish for...

Veger: It is done. Don't worry, Jak. It is for the greater good that I assume this role.

Precursor: Even now, it may be too late. If Errol awakens the dark ship's cargo, all will be lost.

Daxter: Listen glow boy, we've been doing all your dirty work while you slept in the stars, so stuff it!

Precursor: Inefficient! I told you we needed a backup hero. We should have gone with plan B! Ow! Hey! Cut it out!

Ottsel Leader: We are unhappy with your performance. If you had been a true hero, you would have stopped Errol by now!

Jak: Oh my god...

Ottsel Leader: Yes, well, uh, now we are even more angry. And uh, we order you to avert your eyes or we will, um... Oh, bother.

Daxter: They look like me?

Ottsel Leader: Not what you expected?

Ottsel Surfer: Yeah, we like get that a lot!

Ottsel Leader: Don't look so upset. If you knew we Precursors were a bunch of little fuzzy rats, would you worship us? Could we run the universe?

Ottsel Surfer: Not possible, buddy!

Ottsel Leader: So, we fluff up the myth... a bit.

Ottsel Dummy: Then we get the respect we deserve!

Veger: You idiots! Get down from there and stop defiling that glorious machine!

Ottsel Leader: Do not let our size fool you. We are the most powerful beings in the universe.

Ottsel Dummy: We are?

Ottsel Leader and Ottsel Surfer: (shushes)

Jak: Why does Daxter look like–

Ottsel Leader: Ah yes. All eco contains the source of our essence, our code so to speak. When Daxter touched the dark eco, he was actually blessed when he thought he was cursed.

Daxter: Wahoo! I'm a Precursor! (singsong) I'm a Precursor, I'm a Precursor! Hey! Wait a minute... They have pants!

Veger: These creatures are the great Precursors?! And I wanted to evolve into th– No!

Veger: (screams)

Daxter: A little drafty, isn't it?

Ottsel Leader: The only way to ensure that Errol will not awaken the ship's cargo is to go there yourself and stop him. We will send you there from here.

Jak: But the weapon...

Ottsel Surfer: Chill out, buddy! You should have mondo minutes to go there and get back here pronto. Way before the–...

Ottsel Leader: Hopefully before...

Ottsel Dummy: Baboom! Huh-ho yeah! (chuckles)

Jak: Let's move!

Ottsel Leader: You idiots! I told you we needed a plan B!

A Terrible Cargo

Daxter: If these nasty things ever wake up, the planet's finished.

Errol: All of these Dark Makers at my command. Just think what I could do!

Jak: You're through, Errol! Even if we both die! (shouts)

Errol: No!

Daxter: Jak? Jak!

Jak: Let's go, Dax!

Close Call

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

A Hero's Work is Never Done

Daxter: We did it! Woohoo!

Jak: Not yet.

Errol: You will all die at my hand!

Daxter: This guy just won't quit!

Jak: It's headed for the city! We got to defend it, for Damas.

Daxter: The last charge of the dark and light brigade! Let's do it, partner!

Jak: To the end.

Crash Landing!

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Let's Finish This

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

Destroy final boss (gameplay)

(Throughout the second half of the mission.)

  • Die!
  • Hah!
  • Die, freak!
  • Had enough?
  • Time to die!
  • Payback time!
  • I'm superior now!
  • You can't beat me!
  • Too much for you?!
  • This time, you die!
  • Let's make this interesting!

(Sometimes after destroying his pawns.)
Errol: No!

(After being damaged by either Errol or his pawns.)

  • Yeah!
  • (laughs)
  • You can't beat me!
  • Looking sloppy Jak.
  • You're making this too easy.
  • Now you see why I never lose!

Jak Goes for the Kill

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

The Heroes Emerge

(Nonverbal cutscene.)

The Universe Calls

Ottsel Leader: Thank you, brave people of this planet... Onin, Samos, and all! Your strength and wisdom in these dark times give us reason to fight on.

Samos Hagai: My life's work, it turns out, was spent searching for a bunch of furballs.

Pecker: Onin says it is a great day for the universe.

Ottsel Leader: Jak, you are the greatest of heroes. You have turned the tide against the Dark Makers, and together we will win this war.

Ottsel Surfer: But dude, there are like way more challenges in the future.

Ottsel Dummy: Hah! Uh, or was it the past?

Ottsel Leader: Yes, yes, I was getting to that.

Jak: More adventures? Where have I heard that before?

Ottsel Leader: We need heroes like you to help us protect the universe, Jak.

Jak: Then you can call me by my first name, by what my father called me... Mar.

Ashelin Praxis: Wait, Jak is Mar? The Mar?

Ottsel Leader: Come then Mar, no time like the present.

Jak: You coming, Dax?

Daxter: Nah. I got all I need right here, baby. But if you need me, and I know you will, you know where to find me.

Tess: Oh, Daxter! My little hero!

Ottsel Leader: We owe you much, Daxter, for all you've done. For your bravery in the face of incredible danger, we shall grant you your deepest desire.

Daxter: You know, I could really use a snazzy pair of pants. Like yours!

Tess: Wow! Those are sharp. I wish I had a pair just like that!

Ottsel Leader: Be careful what you wish for.

Daxter: (whistles) Don't worry honey, you get used to it. Oh, and you may want to shave some parts. Trust me on that.

Jak: Hey! Thanks for everything, partner.

Seem: You are a great hero, Daxter.

Daxter: This is gonna be good. They think I'm a god—and they're right!

Precursors: Our hero!

Ottsel Veger: (sighs) This is going to be a long trip.

Kleiver: Where do you think you're going, little bugger? I've decided I want me own sidekick and you've been nominated. We're gonna be a great team, just don't make me angry.

Ottsel Leader: Are you ready, Jak? We have something to show you.

Jak: What?

Ottsel Leader: The universe!

Jak: Ah, I couldn't leave you, Dax. With all our adventures ahead, you wouldn't last a second without me.

Pecker: Ah, what a team we are!

Daxter: Yeah? Well the next adventure, I call the shots! Put her there, partner. Hah! Psych! Oh yeah, life is good.


Daxter (gameplay)

(Upon picking up an artifact in "Race for artifacts" and "Race for more artifacts".)

  • Great, more junk.
  • We got another item.
  • Damas had better be happy!
  • All right, more Precursor crap.
  • Another trinket for Damas, whoopee!

(As a blast bot begins to deploy bombs in "Destroy incoming blast bots".)
Daxter: Kick the bombs right at him, Jak.

(Upon hitting a blast bot with its own bombs for the first time.)
Daxter: That one hit him!

Jak death

(When Jak dies and falls on his back. Note that this does not occur in Spargus (except in the arena), the Wasteland, Metal Head nest, or Haven City.)

  • You did that on purpose, right?
  • Oh-ho-ho, man! That had to hurt.
  • I'm glad I'm not your stunt double.
  • And I thought you were gonna protect me!
  • I wonder if Ashelin needs a new sidekick?
  • You came! You saw! You got your butt kicked.
  • You need your bottle? Come on, you big baby!
  • You're saving the good moves for later, right?
  • Maybe you should get on my shoulder for a while.
  • Jak, it's time for Orange Lightning to take over.
  • I feel for you Jak, but I wouldn't want to be you.
  • Where are the moves, man? I'm wondering, where are they?
  • Eight, nine, ten, and he's down for the count! You're out!
  • Could we, uh, try that again? All right, places, everyone!
  • This is what happens when they drop my name from the title.
  • All right! Cut! Where's the director? I can't work like this!
  • Are you having an out of body experience? Is that what this is?
  • Please, Jak, you're such a wimp. I could have taken them myself.

Sig (gameplay)

(When not driving the car.)
Sig: Come on man, do you want me to get out and push?

(If you run into something solid with the Gila Stomper.)

  • Woah!
  • (yells)
  • Hold on!
  • Watch it!

On-screen text (gameplay)

(Upon unlocking new secret sections.)
On-screen: You can now afford to purchase new secrets!

(After collecting more orbs without purchasing previously unlocked secrets.)
On-screen: Secrets are still available for purchase!

(Upon collecting all 600 Precursor orbs in the game.)
On-screen: CONGRATULATIONS! You found all 600 Precursor Orbs! Enjoy Jak's stylish new duds.

(Upon approaching a zoomer, leaper lizard, buggy or turret.)
On-screen: Press Triangle to use.

(Upon approaching the garage door, arena doors, or Damas' palace doors while on a leaper.)
On-screen: Press Triangle to dismount the Leaper

(Upon approaching a side mission computer or character after playing a cutscene.)
On-screen: Press Triangle to talk.

(Upon approaching a Dark Strike-breakable wall.)
On-screen: While Dark Jak, hold L1 to charge and then release to perform the Dark Strike

(Upon failing a mission without a "Try Again" option.)

Mission Failed

(Upon failing a mission/side mission with a "Try Again" option.)

Mission Failed
Try Again?
X = Yes, Triangle = No

Soldiers (gameplay)

(Lines used when on patrol around the city, while undisturbed.)

  • Stay sharp.
  • The city's lost.
  • We need more men.
  • I miss the old Baron.
  • Keep the faith, buddy.
  • You back to die with us?
  • This city's going to hell.
  • Nice day—if you wanna die.
  • You think we have a chance?
  • I got a bad feeling about today.
  • Never thought I'd see you again.
  • Never thought we'd see you again.
  • We lost this war a long time ago.
  • We've lost three battles this week!
  • I've bagged me ten metal heads [this week].
  • At least this part of the city's still in one piece.

(Sometimes when you jump on top of a soldier.)

  • Stand back!
  • Get out of my patrol area!
  • This is a combat zone kid, move along!
  • If I were you, I'd go back to the desert.
  • This ain't no place for a rat and his boy.

(While in combat, usually when going to or attacking a target.)

  • Go! Go!
  • Get him!
  • Open fire!
  • Break him!
  • Move, move!
  • Fire! Fire!
  • For the Guard!
  • Shoot it, man!
  • We need backup!
  • Incoming target!
  • Take 'em all out!
  • Watch your target!
  • It's a big attack!
  • I got a clear shot!
  • Take your stations!
  • Blow that sucker away!
  • Get those guns blazin'!
  • Can't hold 'em off forever!
  • Stand clear, we got a job to do.
  • Alert, alert, we are under attack!
  • It's a big attack, take your stations!
  • Shoot 'em all now, sort 'em out later!
  • Get Torn on the line! We're in trouble!
  • Out of my way, we've got a war to fight!

(After successfully hitting or killing a target.)

  • Oh yeah!
  • I got one!
  • Nice shot!
  • Yeah, baby!
  • You're history, baby!

(Upon being hit.)

  • No!
  • I'm hit!
  • Help me!
  • Cover me!
  • Look out!

Side missions (gameplay)

(Note that the side missions are numbered corresponding to the order in which they are unlocked.)


Orb search
Orb search (no. 01, 04, 06, 07)

Oracle: Heroes must have quick feet. Get to this spot in time for a reward.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Excellent. I see such promise in you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Almost hero, too slow. Try again to prove your worth.

Orb search (no. 02, 05, 08)

Oracle: Move quickly to this spot, and show me why we should trust the fate of this world to you.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Very good. You give us hope for the future.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not good. We are concerned you lack the burning desire a hero must have.

Orb search (no. 03)

Oracle: Find this spot quickly or face the pain of failure.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Success once again. We are very proud to have chosen you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: It is not easy to fail; would you like to try again?

Ring race
Ring race (no. 09)

Oracle: Heroes must show fast thinking to go with their fast movement. Beat this ring challenge for a reward.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Wonderful work, warrior. You are an inspiration.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Too slow for planet saving, warrior. Try again.

Ring race (no. 10)

Oracle: Face this difficult ring challenge and show us your mettle.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Wonderful work, warrior. Again we are impressed with your ingenuity.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: This is a sad day, but then days matter very little. Try again.

Spirit race (no. 11)

Oracle: Let us see how fast you really are. If you are fast enough to follow me, you can catch me at the end. Too slow, and I will vanish, as will your hopes of winning this challenge.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Very nice moves. You are showing great promise.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not fast enough, warrior. Keep with me or fail. Would you like to try again?

Timer race (no. 12)

Oracle: Another time freeze challenge is afoot. Get to the end before time runs out, and remember to hit the freeze tokens as wisely as you can.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: We saw the time travel potential in you from the beginning; you have a true gift.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: You must learn to stop the clock more wisely. Only then will you achieve victory.


Orb search
Orb search (no. 01)

Oracle: Another once-sacred spot in the desert, reach it and we will see if you are as great as they say.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Once again you prove the stories were true; you were—we mean, you are—a great hero.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not worthy of you; this failure must be erased. Try again.

Orb search (no. 02, 04)

Oracle: Find this spot quickly or face the pain of failure.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Success once again. We are very proud to have chosen you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: It is not easy to fail. Would you like to try again?

Orb search (no. 03, 06, 10, 13)

Oracle: Heroes must have quick feet. Get to this spot in time for a reward.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Excellent. I see such promise in you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Almost, hero. Too slow, try again to prove your worth.

Orb search (no. 05, 09, 12, 14)

Oracle: This spot was a place of reflection by the great warrior Mar; reach it in time and the prize is yours.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Mar would be proud of you warrior, as are we.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: You have a long way to go to earn the same respect Mar once had.

Orb search (no. 07, 08)

Oracle: Use a faster transport to find this spot in time. Good luck.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Not bad, we are pleased with your effort.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not worthy of the hero we hope you are. Try again.

Orb search (no. 11)

Oracle: Move quickly to this spot, and show me why we should trust the fate of this world to you.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Very good. You give us hope for the future.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not good, we are concerned you lack the burning desire a hero must have.

Ring race
Spirit race (no. 15)

Oracle: Let us see how fast you really are. If you are fast enough to follow me, you can catch me at the end. Too slow, and I will vanish, as will your hopes of winning this challenge.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Very nice moves. You are showing great promise.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not fast enough warrior; keep with me or fail. Would you like to try again?

Timer race (no. 16)

Oracle: Reach this point before time runs out. To succeed you must stop the clock as often as you can. Touch freeze tokens to make time stand still. Some tokens stop time longer than others. Good luck.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: You are a true hero, Jak, one for all ages.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: You failed to reach the end. You must try again and use the freeze tokens more wisely.

Ring race (no. 17)

Oracle: Heroes must show fast thinking to go with their fast movement. Beat this ring challenge for a reward.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Wonderful work warrior. You are an inspiration.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Too slow for planet saving warrior. Try again.

Ring race (no. 18)

Oracle: Face this difficult ring challenge and show us your mettle.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Wonderful work warrior. Again we are impressed with your ingenuity.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: This is a sad day, but then days matter very little. Try again.

Rescue more Wastelanders (no. 19)

Oracle: Heroes save as much as they destroy. Show us your mercy by rescuing those stranded in a storm.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Excellent work. Your strength will be recognized by all around you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: You have failed your people and you have failed us. You must try again.

Pod spider hunt (no. 20)

Oracle: All metal heads must be removed from the universe, before they destroy us.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: You have amazed us again, and we are rarely so. With your help, our dark foes will tremble before us and the universe may yet survive.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: We are most displeased. Time is running out for your training.

Kleiver's challenges
Racetrack time trial (no. 21)

Kleiver: If you want to prove your driving skills, let's see you take on the wheel challenge again. Beat the best time around the track to impress me and earn a prize.

Wasteland run (no. 22)

Kleiver: If you want to prove your driving skills, let's see you take on the wheel challenge again. Beat the best time around the track to impress me and earn a prize.

Single hang time challenge (no. 23)

Kleiver: This challenge is for the single best hang time in a vehicle jump. Get more air, beat the record, and I'll give up the loot.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: All right, you did it kid. I'm happy for you, but not for long.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: Not looking too good out there, better practice your lift-offs, then come back when you feel sassy.

Total hang time challenge (no. 23)

Kleiver: Real drivers learn to make things happen in the dust. Let's see if you have what it takes in the air time vehicle challenge. All you got to do is make enough jumps so that they add up to the total air time record, and I'll throw you a bone.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: Very nice hopping, ankle-biter. Here's your well-earned prize.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: You need to get more air time in your jump. Even the little ones add up, and the big ones make you a legend.

Single distance challenge (no. 23)

Kleiver: This challenge measures your ability to get a distance jump in a vehicle. Longest jump wins, the rest go home.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: Like a streaking bird you was, giving up the prize is easy.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: Too short, shortie. I suggest you try that one out again.

Total distance challenge (no. 23)

Kleiver: This challenge adds up all the distances you can get in as many jumps as you can do in the time limit. If all the jumps' length pass the total record you win a prize.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: Now that's wheelin' and dealin', here's a little something for your effort.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: Not enough total distance, sweetheart. Go back and do it again.

Roll challenge (no. 23)

Kleiver: Here's a fun little challenge I call "roll-a-derby". Try to roll that vehicle of yours as many times as you can in the time allotted. Beat the total, and you win.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: Not too shabby. You did the deed so here's the feed.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: Not so good kid, I can do better than that.

Marauder challenge (no. 24)

Kleiver: It's time to go marauder hunting. Take out the required number in time, and you'll be my hero. Then I'll trade that respect for a puny prize.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Kleiver: Way to own the desert, that was a good win. Take the prize and enjoy.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Kleiver: You lost. Don't let these animals get the best of you! Never show 'em fear, go back out there and have at 'em!

Haven City

Orb search
Orb search (no. 01, 07, 10)

Torn: Here's a really tough one. Find this one and I'll be impressed.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: I lied, I'm not impressed—but then again, I'm a tough audience.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: I didn't think you could do this one.

Orb search (no. 02, 08, 12, 17)

Torn: Find this spot, fast. Good luck.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Excellent, you did it.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Tough one, huh? Want to shuffle your feet again?

Orb search (no. 03, 11, 18)

Torn: I bet you can't reach this spot in time. Good luck.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Very nice, you own this town.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Not so good, man. Have another go?

Orb search (no. 04, 05, 16)

Torn: Here's another get-to challenge. Time's counting.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Good work, you're looking like the hero I remember.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Not fast enough, Jak. Get a map, man.

Orb search (no. 06, 09, 13, 14)

Torn: You remember the city, Jak? Find this spot before time runs out for a prize.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Good work, you haven't lost it.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Bad luck, man. You need to learn the city layout better. Want to try again?

Orb search (no. 15)

Torn: Find this place fast. You'll need a vehicle.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: All right, nice driving, speed demon.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Too slow, Jak. Try again.

Ring race
Ring race (no. 20)

Torn: Jak, we need you to practice your vehicle skills. Take a vehicle and hit every ring in sequence. Don't miss even one, or it's over.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: You did it. Nice driving, bad boy.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: You missed one, Jak. Not so great, you failed. Care to try again?

Ring race (no. 21)

Torn: The next ring challenge will separate the men from the boys; let's see if you can handle it.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: That's the way to get it done, good work.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: I knew this one would prove too much for you. Keep practicing.

Spirit race (no. 22)

Oracle: Let us see how fast you really are. If you are fast enough to follow me, you can catch me at the end. Too slow, and I will vanish, as will your hopes of winning this challenge.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Oracle: Very nice moves. You are showing great promise.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Oracle: Not fast enough warrior. Keep with me or fail. Would you like to try again?

JetBoard challenge (no. 23)

Torn: Here's another great place to evaluate the performance of the JetBoard. Try to get enough points here as well.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Wow, you can really tear up the concrete with that baby. Good work.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: I'm still not sure the JetBoard's that useful.

Missile ride challenge (no. 24)

Torn: Jak, Daxter, I need you to practice driving that missile in case we need to use it ever again. Hop on it and collect all the tokens before time runs out.

(Upon completing the mission.)
Torn: Very nice driving Daxter, Jak must be wearing off on you.

(Upon failing the mission.)
Torn: Not your best ride Daxter, get on that puppy again and make me proud.

Model viewer

  • Well I'm really looking in to do some, uh, some dramatic work, to really show my sensitive side. Um, and-and-and I'm working right now on my own sitcom. I'd just like to do a shoutout real quick, to Lashandra (laughs).
  • Well you know sometimes I just get a little angry. I like to have my own personal space and, when people invade it, I-I just get mad and, you know, I can't, I can't deal with that sometimes, because you know I'm an artist and I need my time, and I'm creating new things and outlets for this process and, sometimes the hindrance of people coming up to me and telling me what I'm supposed to do just really pisses me off!
  • Well Daxter's his own little uh, little furball. Um, I can't really say he takes all the glory because uh, you know, he brings in the women and I take 'em home with me.
  • It's just all part of the package, baby. That's just who I am. I just got to reach down inside and (screams, laughs).
  • Yeah, two words: Daxter 3. I'm the star, man! Everyone knows it. Jak knows it! Come on, who gets the laughs? Who's out there taking the hard falls? Wasn't no stunt double! Me! I'm the glue in this horse factory. I want my props! Seriously though, the game was great to work on, it's really great. The people were great, the sound engineers were great. I love Daxter, everyone loves Daxter, you can't help it. Let's do it again.
  • Yeah it's uh, it's tough in the suit. I mean, it's a hundred and ten degrees in here! Takes seven hours in the chair to glue this stuff on. I'm like those monkeys in that movie; I'm famous but nobody knows my face! Heh, just kidding. I'm the real thing, you know? Animal through and through. Feel it! Yeah? Real skin. I use conditioner too. Nice and soft, yes? Now I've got you wondering, huh? I'm an enigma.
  • Well I want to direct the next game, you know, I've been working on my command voice. Listen: Action! What do you think, not bad huh? Action! See? I can do it. I'll grow a beard and look shabby chic and talk all intellectual about shot blocking, and image systems, and metaphors... Steven, baby, I want your job.
  • Well, there was that time when Tess and I were caught in the Hip Hog, whew... It was a hot set when we were, you know, getting into our characters. (yawns) Fun times, fun times.
  • Jak and I go way back. Very few people know this, but actually we were working together on the stage version of Spartacus Does Rome—well it was an adaptation, an adult version, you know... But yeah, Jak's great, Jak's great, real pro.
  • I'm writing a bit now. Working on my autobiography. Animal Magnetism: Tensil Town from Three Feet Off the Ground. Gonna be a big seller.
  • Now that you mention it, they wanted me to dye my hair blond for this game. Can you believe it? But I said "No way. I'm known for my orange hair, known for it! I built my rep on this color." No way they're changing my image, I'm a star already! They also wanted me to change my name to Wolf Fury, and lose ten pounds. Huh! I lost the weight by cutting off some of my tail. And for the rest, my agent straightened them out.
  • I hope this game's fun. I mean I do my part, I'm practically carrying the whole thing, you know. The next game should be called Orange Lightning Strikes Again... Orange Lightning Strikes Twice?.. You know, I think we should branch out. Shouldn't just, uh, feel completely anchored to the whole adventure genre, you know. I think we should be branching out—I got the moves, I got the moves.
  • (stammers) Hey could you cut the lights before you... go?
  • Yeah the glow's good. Y-you know, but it's funny down here. It's-I-you know, I try a mousse to fight it, sort of to fight the sheen, because it really, with the lights down here and whatnot, it really, it really has this sheen to it. And I picked me up some of this, it-it just fights the sheen. It's sort of a mousse, you want to try it? A-ah not too close.
  • Oh well, you know, it's-it's funny, it's a funny thing because there's a lot of pressure on the mic. Yeah, eh, I-I mean everybody, there's like five or six people watching you at once. And they feed you the lines, and I tell you it's never good enough. I mean all they-they just want more. But I got to tell you at the same time, it's just, it's a lot of fun, you know I, I do have fun working and I-I love the people, I love really, I love– You know people are interesting to me, but just as long as they don't get too close. Yeah, they have me in a booth here, and I have this thing about people getting too close. So they have to stay sort of outside the booth, and then I do my thing, uh, in here, and then I go outside, but I don't shake hands 'cause I have a thing about germs. Yeah, that's why I keep this thing here on my belt, see, and I just squeeze it, and it's just, it's a dry wash for the hands and then no germs, anyway. Yeah, ahem, the other thing I'm always very demanding about is water, I got to have plenty of water 'cause my throat gets real dry. It's not easy being Vin!
  • It was great fun filming with Daxter. He's such a pro. And he doesn't take up a lot of much-needed screen space.
  • I don't play games that are too hard on my heart. (coughs) Blood pressure and all, you know. I can't get the character to do the thingy eh, you know, jump right or spin. I just don't have the game gene. I could play for years on the same level and never win, so I let Jak and Daxter play for me.
  • I want to be the romantic lead next time. I want to show the world how sexy I am. Sexy, sexy, beast that I am, baby!
  • Yes, well, I think Krew is begging for someone to love him. His life is so devoid of hope and promise, so lacking in identity, and sense of belonging, that it turns inward with hate and self-loathing. And that pain fuels his angst and motivation for destruction. Oh yeah, and his guns and chicks are cool too, man.
  • Well, to be quite frank, I had to drop some weight for this part but I think that it was worth it, yes? I'm at a lean and mean five twenty right now. It took some work to get down to there. I got a personal trainer a little bit, you know. I ate him, uh but not before I lost a good amount.
Ashelin Praxis
  • What did Jak do to get arrested? Oh (scoffs) I can't talk about that. Ask his agent. But let me just say, it was an awesome party.
  • Yeah I did all my own stunts. It was fun to knock some heads around. But I feel sorry for those guys in the metal head suits; I think I broke a nose or two.
  • Oh I would love to do another game. Hey Jak? I'll arm wrestle you for the lead part.
  • Would I be willing to take off more clothes in the next game? Oh honey, you couldn't handle me with less clothes.
  • Yeah, I love Jak. He's so supportive on the set, what a pro. Even with his recent brush with the law, he was always in, ready to roll.
  • I'm hot on that little ottsel. I like a little animal in my men. I like them to have some hair on their chest. And Daxter's got a nice tail.
  • Did I like doing the game? Oh I loved it. I mean, aside from the trailer, which you know, I-I think I'd want it to be bigger next time.
Baron Praxis
  • It was a pleasure working on this one. Seriously, I hope Baron Praxis comes back from the dead so I can kick some more butt in the sequel (laughs). And Daxter, baby, hook me up with Ashelin will you? She won't return my calls, man.
  • Oh, well, I did it for the money. I do everything for the money. Hey, you know I got a serious mortgage in Beverly Hills. The story? Well, I mean, you know, to be honest, the writers were–... well, let's just say there were a few plot errors, and, some of the characters were painfully two-dimensional. And what was that stilted on-the-nose expository dialogue crap I was fed, well, heh, ah geez... Otherwise, no, I-I-I loved the script, uh...
  • Well I wish I had a stunt double for my death scene. Man, the animator wanted to throw me like, fifty feet through the air and then have twenty tons of fifty gallon drums fall on top of me, uh. I mean who do these guys think I am, some superhero? I mean look, I worked on some big action films before but, fifty feet without a wire?! Are they crazy?
  • Oh, I didn't let 'em get near me. No one got into my trailer. As a bad guy, I felt I needed to stay in character, you know? Keep my emotional distance. You can't be friends with the game, guys. Besides, most of them were pussies anyway. What do you expect from the Baron?
  • Game?! Games are for wimps! Get out in the real world. It's called the sun! That round bright thing in the sky! Geez... (chuckles) Seriously though, this is going to be one hell of a game. World is enormous, scenery state of the art, the action is sizzling. I only wish I was getting some back-end points, you know? (chuckles)
  • (squawks) You want me to feather you upside the head? I do it!
  • I really, totally love the writer on this project. He is hot, too! But you know, like, he should have written me a bigger part. I mean, hello? I'm like a big up and coming star! Get a clue! Maybe I should have dated him more.
  • Where did you read that? Like, you totally have to talk to my therapist about that. But, you know Daxter he's like, he's totally neat. He's a hottie! Like, burning volcano hot. I mean, the whole like, animal thing, it's a total act. He's really sophisticated in real life, for sure! He orders wine with lunch and everything.
  • Whatever! Like, Jak is so last year. Just yanking your chain, Jak's cool too. Jak, sweetie, call me.
  • It was so totally awesome to do Tess. She's like, a really deep character, I can like, totally relate to her. She like, she loves Daxter, but she's torn by her loyalty to the Underground. And her outfits, they were like, really awesome.
  • I was like, "Oh my god, I got the part? For real?" And I was like, "Dude, you won't be disappointed!" I can like, act and stuff. I even took a class! I mean wow, to be an actress is like, so cool. I couldn't wait to tell my therapist.
  • Well, the thing about Ashelin is she, she you know, she got a great set of guns. She– and you know, the ones you shoot with. And uh, yeah she's good, she's strong, she's intelligent. Uh, yeah. Fire in the hole! (chuckles)
  • Uh, I guess it was his rugged manliness. But yet, someone who was also not afraid to touch the inner me. You know what I mean? Uh, Torn's that guy we all want to be. The cool quiet guy, that just sits there and when-when your back's up against the wall, you know, he ain't gonna go dancing with you, but, he'll-he'll cover your back.

Developer commentary

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Intro Movie

Josh Scherr: So, this is the beginning of the intro movie for Jak 3. And in the intro movie obviously it's important to establish the setting, the Wasteland, it's important to establish the characters, and also important to bring everyone who hasn't played Jak 1 and Jak II up to speed with the story. So, as we're seeing the ship rocket across the Wasteland here, when I was animating this there were actually no trees, no cactuses, no big rocks for my reference, so when they put them in the game I was relieved when my ship wasn't actually passing through any of it.

Now this guy, Veger, he's one of the new characters, he's the main villain of the piece, and what's interesting about Veger is we're always trying to refine the work that we do, and we did his facial animation system slightly differently than we've done in the past, and it actually worked out very well so that all the new characters in this game used the new facial animation system.

So let's see we got our favorite feathered friend Pecker coming in here, a half-monkey half-bird character, and dropping in right behind him a second later is Daxter who's always trying to upstage him. One of the things we tried to play up in this game that we had a lot of fun with in Jak II is the rivalry between Pecker and Daxter, you know, the two cute animal mascots, so we really tried to push that in this game.

We got Ashelin approaching with her sexy walk right up there, and you're about to see something that looks very simple, Ashelin putting something into Jak's hand then sliding her fingers off, but in fact doing moves like that, passing things back and forth between characters, takes a while; that little thing there took me a couple of hours.

Now as the ship flies away and leaves the big dust cloud in its wake and dissipates to reveal Daxter and Pecker, one of the interesting things is that effects animations such as fire and smoke and dust is all done later by our effects animators. What we do is we simply place a little node in the scene to say "Here, put a dust cloud here" or "Put a flaming ball of fire here", and they all take care of that much later on. So we don't actually get to see it until it's in the game. And here they all are walking into the desert.

Intro - Attacked

Daniel Arey: This scene is a really good example of just the collaborative process at Naughty Dog, so many people had their pieces in the puzzle to make this whole scene come together. Jasen Martinsen was the animator, also Mike Faballone did a lot of the special effects animation, which we're going to see in a few seconds. In addition to that, of course, we had Troy Adam doing all kinds of, you can kind of see all these special effects with the particles in the background sort of adding life to the whole battle that's going on.

What we wanted to do when we started on the story idea for Jak 3 is we wanted to really kind of show the players that played Jak II that the world's gonna really change, and so right off the bat we said "Well you know, that Palace is just gonna have to come down", because we wanna basically show that Haven City is forever altered in this war. Again this is showing some of the cross-section of how these scenes were put together. This scene took forever, we really shot a lot of our special effects load early on this one.

You can see the entire Palace comes down in one big giant piece, and that animation took forever. Again, a number of people working on this to make all the pieces come together, and then the magic of the music and sound effects on top of it to sell.

Intro - the Rescue

Jason Martinsen: This is one of the first scenes I animated, it's your introduction to the Wastelanders, the king, Damas, and Kleiver. Little known fact if you get the secret orbs you can turn off Kleiver's cloth and you get to see his hairy legs and his skid marks. You sure that's a storm you smell, Damas?

First Impressions

Eric Baldwin: All right so this is our first time back after the intro movie, we get to see Jak and Daxter nice and safe. We also see there's been a wardrobe change, and Jak's gotten a haircut, so, hopefully his little hand gesture gets to draw attention to that. When I first started working on this the stage was not really done at all, they were, you know, in the process of working on that. I did know there were steps, and I knew there were pools of water, so, two things I thought of were bringing Damas down the steps to get them closer together, and also get Daxter to wring out his tail, so I can get a little just secondary action in the scene.

I also didn't really know what was going on with Damas; is he good, is he bad, you know, should we be worried about him?.. I knew that Dan, our writer, probably knew exactly where he was going, but I knew that I didn't, and also the viewer didn't, so, we got to you know, kind of leave a little mystery for Damas. And he also talks pretty tough, so, I know that after this scene I didn't quite know if I liked him or not. But I also get to have Daxter act cute, so, maybe that balances out the scene with all the tough talk.

Let the Games Begin!

Daniel Arey: This is a scene showing the battle arena for the first time. The Wastelanders, as you know, are, basically they live out in this desert, the Wasteland city named Spargus, and it's out in the middle of this giant, giant desert, and these guys are pretty tough hombres, and they use this arena kind of as a proving ground for themselves to see who the strongest are; the survival of the fittest idea's basically what their whole creed is. Basically, Jak and Daxter show up at this place not having any idea of what they're going to do, and all of the sudden they realize they're going to be tested in fighting. So, once again, they have to prove themselves, if they're going to even stay in Spargus, prove themselves to be Wastelanders.

The arena illustrates sort of the contrast between Haven City and the Wasteland, where out here basically Jak and Daxter are in significantly more peril, they're fighting for their lives, and fighting to prove that they're worthy to stay in Spargus, the Wasteland city, itself. Again really what this is also for the players it's a beginning of a series of adventures and challenges, both training them and also easing them into the game.

The Arena Heats Up

Adam Schimpf: Hi. This scene was a lot of fun, any scene that has Daxter and Pecker going at it like this is a lot of fun to animate, they're both really fun characters to do. What's interesting is this scene didn't have the gun in it originally, it just had Damas yelling at Jak, but it was decided that he needed to get the gun somewhere in this scene so we had to squeeze it in there somewhere and so, the toss ensued. Daxter grabs his face at this point and that was an incredible pain to do, so I hope you all appreciate that.

Jak Earns a Battle Amulet

Josh Scherr: This is the scene where Damas realizes that Jak is a little bit more than he seems (speaking of which). One thing about this scene is that everybody who animated the scenes in the arena ended up having to reposition everything, because about half-way into production they ended up rotating the arena by ninety degrees. It doesn't happen too often but when it does it's a lot of fun.

Now what's interesting about this scene is we have a lot of scenes in this game where the characters are basically doing a lot of explaining and a lot of sort of expository dialogue, so the trick in the scenes like this is rather than just cutting back and forth to a lot of talking heads, is to try to keep the camera dynamic with interesting angles on the scenes so y'all don't get bored and button out of the cutscenes, because you know, we don't like it when you button out of the cutscenes. Once again, Daxter gets burned. Animating Daxter's very fun—animating the little flaps on his hat is not quite as much fun.

Jak Meets Seem

Josh Scherr: This scene is the introduction to the Precursor Monk, Seem. She was really a challenging character to animate, because unlike all the other characters in our game, she's very subtle in her motions for the most part, especially with the voice. She's actually voiced by Tara Strong, who does a lot of work for cartoons and video games, and did a really nice job with her.

One of the interesting things about this scene is that I animated it well before the final version of Jak for Jak 3 was designed. So, I was actually using the old Jak model, the model from Jak II, and when we changed the character design we actually changed some of his proportions a little bit, so I ended up having to come back to this scene later and re-animate Jak's chest and some of Daxter's positions on his body armor, because everything shifted around slightly. I know it doesn't sound like much, but little things like that add up to a lot.

Now coming up here is a little nod I did to one of my favorite actors, I'll leave it up to you to guess who it is. And now, time for a minigame.

Seem's Warning

Daniel Arey: This scene is one of the first times you actually see sort of something alluding to something bigger happening, this dark satellite is here. And Seem is talking about how it's communicating with something even bigger, again we're just trying to foreshadow where this is heading in the story.

One of the things that's interesting about creating these animations is we write these lines, and then an actor will take them and bring them to life at one level in the recording studio, and then we go in and direct the actors, and it's a lot of fun because the words just kind of spring to life. And then an animator gets a hold of it, and it's just amazing 'cause they really breathe life into the characters, and suddenly everything just all comes together and it just becomes a living, breathing thing. It's quite an exciting thing to watch, really, from the beginning of script and text all the way to the end you see these characters actually feel like they're your friends and you start to really know them and they seem to feel like they really have energy and life behind the eyes. And then when you add sound and music suddenly the whole scene becomes much greater than the sum of the parts. It's amazing.

Kleiver's Race Challenge

Eric Baldwin: All right so this was my first scene I got to use Kleiver. And we have a bunch of new characters in this game, and as the game's progressed the characters get new controls, and little animation controls for us to use, and you know at this point, they were getting really, really easy and it gave us a lot more power, so. Kleiver had all these extra controls so I got to have fun with him; his facial, and mustache, and he even got a little jiggle in his belly.

But here's another character we don't really know much about, if we should trust; the Wastelanders seem to be kind of shady, so, I kinda tried to plan that way. Since he also references putting Daxter on the barbecue and having him for a snack, that was not a friendly thing to do. But yeah, he's a fun character.

Daxter Becomes Dinner

Jason Martinsen: This scene ran into a slight problem that we have a lot where there's important information going on that the player must learn about, and there's other humorous antics going on in the background, and we have to balance the sound out, which sometimes can be disappointing to the animator, but it needs to be done for the gameplay.

This was a fun scene to do, I got to abuse Daxter, fling him around—I love doing that. And here he comes again, and on his way back he'll be hammering away at the lizard trying to get him out of his mouth. And, "baroosh-baroosh", some mumbo jumbo which means, "Spit out little Orange Lightning".

A Face from the Past

Adam Schimpf: This scene was great, I really enjoyed working on this scene, I got a chance to finish up the mission that I just thought was so cool, where you chase around the dinosaurs. And Errol, this is the first glimpse you get of Errol, Cyber Errol, reconstructed Errol, and I just thought his character was so cool and I had a good time animating him.

One thing I remember at this scene is I had to turn it around in I think about three or four days because we had to get it done for E3, so I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, all things given, time restrictions and all.

Jak Impresses Damas

Eric Baldwin: So this is about the funniest scene I got to work on, it was a lot of fun just with Dax and Pecker jabbing back and forth, and trying to get as much personality and comedy into it. The little rivalry has, you know, been going on since Jak II, so this was just another chance to kinda keep it going and have fun. With all the serious scenes I got to work on, this was nice to have just a little lighter moment. And then with an off-screen gesture that really gets Pecker going. And then we get to go into a little of the softer side again, with Damas and his furthering relationship with Jak, so, this was just overall a fun scene to do. And, we go onto the next scene...

I Didn't Know My Father

Daniel Arey: This scene is leading Jak out into sort of an adventure to go catch some lizards. One of the things that's really interesting about cinematics in video games is really they have to do triple-duty: and obviously first and foremost we want to entertain, we want people to be excited about what they're watching, and it should be funny if we can help ourselves. But also we want to move the plot forward, so it has to have some reasonably expository stuff telling the player how the story's moving and the arc is moving. The third and foremost and obviously probably the most important is we want to tell the player what to do. So basically in a very short amount of time, we're trying to do quite a bit of stuff to make the scenes actually work. As we write them, and as we record them, and of course animate them, trying to emphasize important pieces.

So this is an example of him being sent out, and it goes through a whole sequence, and this is where Damas for the first time is really kind of reacting to Jak as a father in a sense, he's almost trying to take him under his wing. There's some strong paternal instincts going on here and it's very new to Jak, it's something he hasn't felt before.

Jak Looks Up

Josh Scherr: This scene wasn't originally supposed to be in the game, but focus testers actually, when they first went into this room, were not clear as to where they were supposed to go, so we added this little camera move showing you where you're supposed to go.

Jak Finds a Glider

Adam Schimpf: This scene takes place once you get to the top of the temple. Jak and Daxter are talking about how they're going to get across and get to where the Precursor monks have already been. What's probably most interesting about this scene from a behind-the-scenes standpoint is that the way we do the camera here is just one camera that moves by single frame to insinuate the cut that you would see in a movie, but what made it a little more difficult was that I had to have a separate camera for the ground shots and a separate camera that was actually fixed to the glider that they're gonna get into in a second, and that just added a little bit more to the difficulty of the scene.

Death Surrounds the Crystals

Daniel Arey: So this is another scene that was animated by Greg Griffith, this is after you've gone through the volcano and gotten to this deep part of it, and discover this monk that's been mummified by the dark eco. Again sort of just kind of reiterating the idea that dark eco is so dangerous and then Jak is playing with fire when he's been exposed to it, and so has Daxter.

The animations, like these animations again, require so many different pieces being put together, the models that are being built, the high res models, the sets, everything that has to go into this process of creating these six seconds a day that we do, actually it's just an incredible number of people that work behind the scenes to make this happen. In that background you can see there are weapons built as part of the volcano. Some of the sets are even more high res than that, they're actually not even level sets they're actually really detailed high res sets.

This is Daxter continuing to refer to his beloved missing pants that he lost since Jak and Daxter, the first adventure, a recurring joke we've had for a long time. And hopefully we'll pay that off in the end.

Veger Makes a Promise

Daniel Arey: Just to give you an idea of the process, this scene is about thirty seconds long, which took an animator about a week to complete—a week of a lot of long hours. They try to do about six seconds a day. When the scene is actually written and then recorded, and we try to cut this, using a sound tool, to cut down the sound file as tight as possible. We kind of consider the editing process in the front as important as in the back. Again, it's almost like writing, when you think you've cut the scene as tight as you possibly can, then you come back a couple minutes later and it's still not tight enough.

Kleiver's Gun Game

Kion Phillips: This scene right here was a lot of fun to do. It just gave me a chance to use Jak and Daxter together and have them be kind of like a buddy-buddy type thing, where Daxter's actually picking on Jak, so, you get to see how, you know, good friends they really are.

This is Combat to the Death

Adam Schimpf: Hi, this is another arena scene that I did that has Pecker and Daxter going at it again. A lot of fun, I really enjoyed all the scenes with Pecker. And what's interesting about Pecker here is that in some of the scenes, even though you can't see his feet, he's really just floating in mid-air and I had to sort of slide him around to stage the camera the way I wanted. So hopefully that's invisible to you guys but it was something that had to be done. That's it.

Ashelin Wants Jak to Return

Kion Phillips: This is a cool scene right here, this is actually my first time I animated a female in the game, and up until then I'd been animating mostly guys, and so it was really tough to try to nail her down. And, you know, she's really sassy, she has a lot of attitude, so I just tried to put as much as that in as possible. But she also has a really soft side, so I tried to show that as well.

And for this scene it was really, I guess a tender, touching moment of some sort, so I tried to, you know, play the balance very lightly between being aggressive and being very subtle. So I think it came out pretty good. So the marauders are coming over the hill, and I'm thinking, seventies car chase movies all the way.

I'm Through Saving the World

Eric Baldwin: Okay so, yeah, I got a little bit of grief over that little bend into the HellCat so she could get Jak's hoverboard out. But, the way I figured it, if she had to get something out of the HellCat, you have to bend over to get it... nothing implied...

There was a lot of touching, it seems, back and forth between, you know, she keeps grabbing his shoulder, or his hand; that kind of stuff looks real nice, but really hard to do. So this scene probably took a little more time than it should have, but I thought it kind of pays off with, you know, getting to see a little softness.

Veger's Twisted Dream

Eric Baldwin: So we've just entered the intro to the mine boss fight. And this scene was the longest scene I had worked on at the time, I think I clocked in close to a little over a minute, and it was really cool to get to work with a scene that had more exposition where we get to find out more about the story. It's the first time we've seen Veger since the intro, and even though we kind of get the idea that he's not a good guy, in the intro movie, we get to hear a little bit more about just his evil plans, so I got to have more fun with his character. I think we got some really good reading from the actor, so, that made this scene a lot more fun to animate.

One of the hard parts to set up for the staging was this giant room has a pedestal that Jak is on, that he's trapped on, and then there's a big giant space in between him and Veger, so, staging the camera from back and forth if you ever needed to see both people in the same shot, there was really a real long distance in between, so I tried to do what I could to trick the camera, or also just use really long lenses. So you kind get to use certain film effects, or film techniques, to try to compress space.

And here's Daxter going off on his little fantasy of being surrounded by women. Which does not go well with Veger. I know we tried to use this joke a couple times about him getting his name wrong, so, I thought that was kind of fun to work with, I think it happens again later on in the game. And here we go.

Torn Is Surprised

Adam Schimpf: This scene was a lot of fun, this is where Jak and Daxter finally get back to the Hip Hog—the Naughty Ottsel—as it was in the end of the second game. Daxter is a little miffed that his bar has been taken over as headquarters by Torn. Just fun because they make reference to the fact that they use the sign outside as target practice, and that gets played up in another scene in which it actually gets destroyed. This is also where you get the first hint that Veger is probably behind what's been going on with the various doings in the game.

At this point, Torn is talking about how they're going to be attacked by the blast bots. The blast bot pops up here as a hologram which was a little bit of work to do, really adds a lot to the scene I thought, but it was a little bit of extra work.

Fish in a Barrel

Jeremy Yates: This scene was a doozie. Just before I was able to finish the scene, I just had to like do some final tweaks on Daxter's eyes, I was told that they had to cut a couple FMAs, and somehow splice Errol into the middle of this scene that I finished, which completely changes the mood of everything, and it made no sense at first, but. So I was able to rearrange some things, some stuff had to be cut out, dialogue had to be completely flipped, and everything, so it was a big mess. But I finally got it to work.

An interesting note is all the holograms here, all the facial animation had to be done with three bones, we weren't able to use morph targets and use this hologram effect, so, that was quite a challenge to get some nice voice reads and the motion on these things was three joints. This Daxter line was a blast to animate, and I decided to hold this last face here for impact.

I'll Handle This!

Josh Scherr: There's a really funny story behind this scene, but I really don't have time to tell it.

Tess and Daxter Reunite

Jason Martinsen: This was one of my favorite scenes to animate, I got to do character interaction with Daxter and Tess, certain body parts pressing up against one another, some hugging; playful animation. And of course, it has chicks with guns, which everybody likes. Just lug around this monster gun, which is scaled down about seventy percent the size it really is in the game for Jak, otherwise it's absurdly huge, which is only funny when Daxter holds it. And, here's their shocked response to her skills. And some more flirting between the two lovebirds.

Love Sick

Eric Baldwin: Okay on this scene, I tried to do a little different entrance. I was getting tired of Jak and Dax walking in with Dax on his shoulder, same time, you know, every scene. So I thought it'd be fun if Dax just kind of came flying in and grabbed Tess. Now we get, it was kind of, kind of fun to see her kind of go off and, about her little fantasy world, and Daxter's playing along with it. Hopefully I got to get the sense of, give Jak's annoyance with the situation. But, this is where we get into the meat of the scene, and they get to go on the gun course.

The Ottsel Gets It

Josh Scherr: So, this scene was actually a lot of fun to animate, especially with all these dynamic camera moves and the Naughty Ottsel blowing up. And hopefully the humor of the Naughty Ottsel statue blowing up distracts you from the fact that there's no reference to the dark eco that you just rescued.

Jak's Fist Gets an Upgrade

Jeremy Yates: I animated this scene just before our focus test deadline. The whole thing was animated in one day, it was a really long grueling day for me. And I realized that I forgot to add Daxter, and I hadn't even started him yet, so, I just put him in at the end. Pokes his head out.

The Big Squeeze

Kion Phillips: This is the first scene I did in the game. I think Torn is actually one of the hardest characters to animate; the way he comes across is very cool, calm, and collected, but occasionally he'll let out a little aggression or some anger of some sort. And I think those are one of the more exciting times with him. But, it's cool to play that balance between cool and rage.

Tough Questions for Sig

Jason Martinsen: This is a very unique cutscene, we have new technology that me and programmer Amir came up with. We spent time figuring out a way to constrain the camera to an in-game car that's set on a path by Amir, and it drives through the desert on set coordinates. And I animated the whole scene with these two characters just sitting in a car, sitting still, talking to each other, just talking heads basically.

I didn't know how it was going to work out, we didn't even know if it was going to work until we finally got it all into the game, and it turned out quite successful, and it's really a cool scene. Get to see the background flying by. And it's going to be used also in one of the other scenes after the fact, and probably will be used much more in the future.

Jinx Has a Plan

Kion Phillips: This scene right here was really fun because it was my first time to get to use Jinx, and this is the first time, his first speaking role in the game, so, gave me a chance to really kind of think about what I was going to do with him, so. He sounded a little bit like a gangster, so I tried to add that into it a little bit, trying to make him seem kind of really slimy, a greasy type of character, so, it was a lot of fun. And also I got a chance to do some more gags with Daxter, and the cigar and things like that, so that was a lot of fun as well.

Veger Gets Humiliated

Daniel Arey: This scene takes place after you've defended the Freedom League headquarters from an attack of robots. One of the most amazing illusions that actually happens here in this process of animating is that these voices of all these actors are often recorded in entirely different places and in entirely different times; Max Casella, who's the voice of Daxter, is recorded in New York, and a lot of these other characters, whether it be Susan Eisenberg who's the voice of Ashelin, or Phil LaMarr who's the voice of Veger here, they're done sometimes weeks apart and many days apart in entirely different rooms, they're never together, and then we cut the whole thing together, and cut it as tight as we can, and it gives the illusion of actually the actors reacting and talking to each other.

Usually. And in fact in this scene we have kind of a moment where the scene was spliced incorrectly and also Ashelin had a line that was supposed to be recorded here that was missing, and as you can tell, here coming up that the transition's a little rough.

So, Veger's very angry at them for basically rallying around Jak and defending Jak for the first time, he's basically giving them a pox on their whole family, then he walks off. And this scene right here, right there, the transition doesn't quite work because Ashelin was supposed to be saying something else, and the line wasn't there. But that's the peril of it all.

But generally speaking, most of the time, when you actually cut these things it all feels like it's all happening right in front of you in real time, which is kind of the beauty and the magic of it all. So, here's Pecker talking. He's voiced by Chris Cox. Pecker is a really really cool character, people really love the character, and Chris Cox has really added this incredible side to him. He's sort of the manic hispanic as we say.

Top Floor Please

Jason Martinsen: This scene really is a great demonstration of Jak's inner struggle– ah, who am I kidding?..

Errol Has New Friends

Jeremy Yates: This is the first time that we actually get to see Cyber Errol; he's alluded to a lot in the game, and this is the first time you see his full body. He's the most detailed character we have in this game, he's twenty thousand polygons, which I've heard is ten times more polygons than the full screen of a PS one game. All the animators are really drooling over getting to animate this guy, so I was really fortunate to be able to work on him during his big "I'm gonna kill the world" scene.

The voice actor work went really over the top in this scene, so I was able to just push all of his actions as far as I could. I did all the animation before they added the voice effect on him, and that really punched it up even more. And after all the exaggerated motions I did, the one thing that left the biggest impression is—boink!—the little finger thing right there.

Seem Has a Special Gift

Daniel Arey: This is sort of the culmination of Seem's character arc. She begins to realize at this point that Jak is the savior of the planet and begins to, like, open up a little bit to him, and in this case gives him a very, very important artifact.

We were hoping to actually have this scene originally, believe it or not, have Seem as a death scene, so if you actually listen to this animation and listen to the recording you can hear that her voice is very different, because some of the takes were originally directed as her dying in the rubble. So she has kind of this whisper, almost dead.

As you can see, Daxter's really funny, he's like my secret weapon. There's an old adage in Hollywood that if you have a boring scene, have somebody run in with a gun; well, in my case it's Daxter, I always have him run in. He's perfect. He's my secret weapon.

Our Hero!

Kion Phillips: This is a really cool scene, this is the Precursor chorus. It gave me a chance to really do some quick, snappy animation with Daxter, having a little fun with him, that sort of thing. And Jak's just kind of ignoring him and that paints a still moment. Of course, Daxter wants the attention, so. I like this scene a lot, it's really cool.

Daxter Gets Heroic

Adam Schimpf: This scene was a lot of fun to work on. This probably is the only scene in the entire Jak and Daxter trilogy that has Daxter actually arguing to go on the mission, rather than arguing against it, so, this was a lot of fun to try to kind of do that. Role reversal. And any time Daxter goes on one of his long rants it's a lot of fun.

Originally I listened to the sound file for this one and had a lot of plans for different poses and different things that he could do and then when I got into the scene I noticed that he had about a four inch-wide ledge to stand on without stepping on the actual holo-viewer they have there, so, I had to try to get the things that I wanted to get done done without having him roam too far.

So, but all in all this was probably one of my favorite scenes to work on, I actually put myself a little bit behind schedule putting the extra time to this one, but, it was a lot of fun. This was also the only scene I did with Ashelin, who was a nice break from the other men.

Damas to the Rescue

Kion Phillips: This is one of the toughest scenes I've probably had to do, it just had a lot of elements to do with it. And in this scene right here, Jak meets up with Pecker in the Palace ruins here, and he gets around about the neo-satellites, and it was kind of tough, because of a lot of different elements that went into it, especially, Jak is supposed to be scared, but, since he is the hero of the game, he really can't show that he's afraid.

And also coming up here you can see where Damas busts through the door, it's a lot of effects with the door coming down, and the satellites getting blowing up, and that's where need to just put that all together, and have it match well was a very tough thing to do. But, pretty happy with this scene.

Find My Son...

Eric Baldwin: Okay, so when we first get our scenes, and we listen to the audio, we get to sit down and look at what we're going to do for the whole scene. This scene presented a challenge in that there was a lot of stuff going on, with not a lot of stuff going on. There was, you know, we find out about the father relationship, Damas, you know, slowly dies away, and then Veger shows up. And so what I tried to do, mainly setting up this scene was just try to figure out the position that they're getting to have this heart-to-heart, I was also kind of constrained by Damas being trapped under a truck, so I couldn't really do a lot of stuff with the camera. But once I set up the pose I just really went around and tried to play with all the camera angles to try to get the most emotional response I could, because the scene is so heavy.

That flashback there was actual animation from the Kid, from Jak II. And now Veger coming up, he's always really a lot of fun to work with, the readings we get from Phil, who's also the voice of Sig, amazingly enough, are just always great. So again, you know, we have, you know, them conversing back and forth, with just a, you know, an amount of space in between them I couldn't really have a lot of action, so I just really had to work with the emotional content, back and forth, and just to try to play off of that.

Okay so, Veger's about to take off, and this posed a challenge for me as well, because Jak's just kind of, you know, having to ignore the fact that his dad just died and that he just found that out, and it was just kind of hard to bring the emotion back down to, you know, to get us back into the game and get us onto the next level.

The Strange Gets Stranger

Josh Scherr: The beginning of this scene is an example of what happens when an animator gets a crazy idea in his head like, "Let's have all the lights turn on slowly and gradually." It's actually not quite as simple as you might think, took a couple of programmers and a little bit of time to get it all working. But, I think it looks cool.

Yeah, this scene, when Dan Arey, our creative director, first told me that the Precursors were going to be a bunch of ottsels like Daxter, I said "Ooh, ooh, ooh, you gotta let me animate the scene where they're revealed." Little did I know that the scene was going to be nearly four minutes long and I had to do it in about five and a half weeks. But hey, you know, that's all right, these things happen.

It's a very interesting, very complicated scene, there's a lot of characters, there's a lot of stuff going on, here's the return of our Precursor entity from the end of Jak II, for those of you who actually managed to finish Jak II—congratulations.

We've also got Veger in this scene. Veger for me, I think, was one of the most fun characters to animate, not only because Phil LaMarr, who also does the voice of Sig, did such a great job voicing him, but, he's just got such an expressive face, so. After he gets transformed and he's looking up and looking all smug about being imbued with the Precursor stuff, he has that wonderfully smug look on his face.

Now of course at this point, this is where the illusion starts to fall apart, you know, Jak and Daxter have had just about enough of being told what to do after three games worth of being errand boys for the Precursors, and so we have a nice little off-screen crotch grab from Daxter; we've been waiting three games to do that.

And now the moment we've been waiting three games for... The big Precursor reveal...

This is something that I talked about a lot with Dan, and we thought about many different ways we could do this and we figured it would just be best if we saw them from behind and they didn't quite realize what was going on and then: poing! And just a long, long take... With everybody just sort of staring at each other and sizing each other up.

These three Precursor ottsels don't actually have names, they're referred to as Ottsel Leader, who's the guy with the staff, Ottsel Surfer, who's kind of the "Hey dude" fellow, and then of course the Ottsel Dummy, who's the guy with the helmet over his eyes, and who has the big bucked teeth. Which is not to say people with bucked teeth are necessarily dumb, but, you know, these are just the way these things pan out sometimes.

This part was a lot of fun to animate, everybody's little reaction takes to what the Precursors really are, and frankly I'd kind of like to be in the living rooms or parent's basements of America watching when a lot of people who've played the series before see the Precursors for the first time, because I imagine we're gonna get just as many people who like the idea, as just as many people who think it's the dumbest thing they've ever seen. Personally, myself, I was sold on it from day one, because, I'm a little tired of the cliché of, you know, the gods being these great, wonderful beings of light, you know, come down from a high-on and, you know, that's just, I think that's what everybody was expecting us to do, and they actually have them all ottsels like Daxter. You know, some people may think of it as a cop-out, but I think, I don't think anybody's gonna see this one coming. I may be wrong.

This part was also fun to animate, Veger changing into an ottsel, scaling his various bones and whatnot to stretch him into the proper shape and then, poink! Now this last part of the scene, because this scene was so long, and because I did have very little time to animate it, Jasen Martinsen, who's another one of our FMA animators, actually did some pitching in for me, so here on end it's pretty much all his animation. So, thank you Jasen for preventing me from having to stay one more night until five in the morning getting this done so that you, the player, can enjoy our story.

A Hero's Work is Never Done

Jeremy Yates: This was a fun one to work on, this is the first time we get to see the giant terraformer. It was the largest in scale creature we've ever done in the Jak and Daxter world. This is part of a six-minute animation that I did for the actual boss fight when you're fighting this thing, just after this movie. I painstakingly had him crawl over the entire world, this desert that we created, in this large loop. It took a very long time.

The Bigger They Are...

Jeremy Yates: Here's another giant terraformer scene. This one was really dramatic and it was a lot of fun to do. I was able to take some of the animation that I did from the in-game terraformer sequence, and actually give it a different angle, usually you get to look down on it, during the game, and this was cool to be able to like, look up at it and really see the scope of this thing.

Crash Landing!

Jeremy Yates: This terraformer was a rigging nightmare because during the animation they kept figuring out new things that we needed to do: have the terraformer come apart, have these wings detach from it, and I was animating pretty much right on Mike's heels as he was rigging this thing. So we had to go back and forth a lot. But the final product worked out really well. The particles and sound effects just really sell the scene, and, I think it's really going to be exciting to see it.

Let's Finish This

Jeremy Yates: In all these scenes, I had to fake the camera a bit and fake the area of the desert so you don't know exactly where he falls, because this could happen at any point during the gameplay. And then at this point, we switch out to the high-res level, from the foreground object that I was animating, and have Jak climb up the top of it. I faked it a bit and just showed him pop out at the end.

The Heroes Emerge

Jason Martinsen: Gotta give props here to Troy Adam for his kick-ass particle work with the wall of sand. This scene had an alternate version, we needed to show some sort of connection between Ashelin and Jak at the end, and this one here was the original idea, which was come up between a bunch of us, and there was another alternate that Neil—I kid you not—Druckmann came up with, where Ashelin pulls down Jak's scarf. And it was a little more intimate, but this version works just as well.

The Universe Calls

Daniel Arey: And here we finally come to the outro of the game, after a long struggle of many hours of gameplay. This scene is actually rather static, there's not a lot going on it appears at least at first glance, but really there's a lot going on in terms of technology. Actually this scene, for the longest time, we were having a hard time even trying to imagine doing it with all the characters on screen. In fact if you notice, some of these characters aren't exactly what they might appear to be. Keira for instance, and Torn, if you actually watch them, if you notice, you pay attention, they're hardly moving at all, because basically the models were simplified to only have one joint of animation to minimize the streaming data, because we couldn't have this many characters on screen at one time. And also, as you can see the ottsels, the Precursors, they actually have environment mapping on them, that causes a lot of problems in the DNA memory to have this much stuff environment mapped on screen. So this scene, as simple as it looks in terms of actual action, is incredibly complex.

So here we go, watching these people sort of wrap up their little story here. Jak's about to leave and do his thing. There's really kind of a funny point that actually, up until the very last minute, we thought Jak was going to get on the Precursor ship and blast off into space for parts unknown until we kind of talked about it, and Evan Wells had a good point that he thought, "Well, you know what, actually what we should do is we should ellipse back to the beginning of the game and have Jak change his mind just like Daxter did in the opening scene, when, suddenly when the dust clears, Daxter's there waiting with Jak because they're inseparable, and of course Jak is as well", so. It was a nice circular storytelling idea, and it ended up being perfect.

Finally Daxter gets his payoff here, he's been talking about pants for two games, he finally gets his pants, thank goodness. And this crazy Precursor seems to want to turn everybody into a Precursor, so. He's a little trigger happy, isn't he? So here we see Tess gets turned into a Precursor ottsel as well, and so Daxter finally gets to uh, to get his little girlfriend. Which is something we've been dancing around with for a while here, what we were going to do with this problem.

Here we see Jak and the Precursors getting ready to leave, as you can see Veger turned into a Precursor, kind of got his comeuppance too, and now he and Kleiver are going to be together which opens up a lot of possibilities for the future for the story. Can you imagine these two together? Trying to rule the world? The stupid guy and the smart guy?

So, now Jak's kind of getting his last real moment of truth before he has to go off and become this great superhero. And so this is how we end our tale, after five years of storytelling and gameplay, we have kind of wrapped up this whole experience in the universe. Ah but you know, Jak and Daxter are inseparable, they're just too good together, so. This is keeping true to the franchise as well, we have every scene we've got to end with Daxter just getting his punch line, getting his last moment, and getting his last laugh. So after three great adventures, I think life is good.