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Trophy: The Collector
Collect 25 Precursor orbs Bronze
Trophy: The Collectivist
Collect 125 Precursor orbs Silver
Trophy: The Collectationator!
Collect 286 Precursor orbs Gold

This page lists the locations of all 286 Precursor orbs in Jak II. Note that the listed mission is when you will be able to get the respective orb the easiest, instead of the earliest possible moment. In some examples, you can grab any orbs during a mission, though in some cases, this means you can potentially fail the mission, while in others it just means ignoring it for a while.

In a couple cases you actually have to wait to collect the orbs and can only do so after a specific mission, though such cases will be listed.

Collecting Precursor orbs is also related to trophies titled "The Collector", "The Collectivist" and "The Collectationator!". Collecting 25, 125 and 286 Precursor orbs unlocks a bronze, silver and gold trophy, respectively.

If you miss any orbs and cannot go back, you can use the infinite orbs trick to make up for it. Only those in the Haven sewers and Metal Head nest are permanently missable.

Method of collection Precursor orbs
Locations 94
Side missions 72
NYFE racing 72
Gun course training 36
JET-Board game 9
Onin game 3
Breakdown of orb locations by missions in order of gameplay
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Mission Location Precursor orbs
Escape from fortress Krimzon Guard fortress 8
Find pumping station valve Pumping station 5
Protect Sig at the pumping station 2
Rescue Vin at strip mine Strip mine 2
Destroy eggs at drill platform Drill platform 5
Find items in Mountain Temple Mountain Temple 8
Ride elevator up to palace Support towers 3
After Defeat Baron at palace Haven Palace 1
Catch scouts in Haven Forest Haven Forest 9
Blow up strip mine eco wells Strip mine 1
After Drain sewers to find statue Haven sewers 1[a]
Get seal piece at dig Dig site 8
Use items in No Man's Canyon Mountain Temple 9
Pass the first test of manhood Tomb of Mar 5
Destroy eggs in strip mine Strip mine 4
Get Life Seed in Dead Town Dead Town 8
Get Heart of Mar in weapons lab Weapons factory 5
Find Sig in Underport Underport 1
After Check the construction site Construction site 2
Break barrier at nest Metal Head nest 1[b]
Attack the Metal Head nest 6[b]


Krimzon Guard fortressEdit

Escape from fortressEdit

  • 1/8 – The first orb is located on top of the cells in the first room, straight left from where you have to jump on some boxes to exit the room.
  • 2/8 – The second orb is in the next room, on top of a large shelf to the right as you enter the room.
  • 3/8 – The third is on top of the control panel with the blinking lights, next to the second guard you encounter.
  • 4/8 – The fourth orb is at the bottom of the first gap you have to roll jump over, just jump down and climb back up afterward.
  • 5/8 – The next one is behind a control panel (once you enter the room, turn right and it's the one straight in front of you) in the room where you're shot at by guards from below.
  • 6/8 – Just after the previous orb, you have to jump and smash through a grate in the floor. The orb is behind a pillar at the bottom.
  • 7/8 – After sliding down the tunnel you'll enter a large room filled with water and boxes. One orb is in the water, behind some Krimzon Guard crates.
  • 8/8 – The last one is hidden in an alcove in the wall, opposite the hole you came from, double jump on the stacked boxes to reach it.

Dead TownEdit

Get Life Seed in Dead TownEdit

  • 1–6/8 – As you enter Dead Town and head for the nearby Titan Suit, climb the scaffolding to the right. If you look to the north–east you can see an orb underneath the ruins. Use the JET-Board to go there and head inside, a six orb trail leads throughout this flooded passage until you return outside.
  • 7/8 – There's a Precursor orb sitting on the stone ledge above the third wall you must knock out with the Titan Suit.
  • 8/8 – The ledge accessed by moving the third block into position has an orb floating at the left end, this puts you within range of a rapid gunner so beware.

Pumping stationEdit

Find pumping station valveEdit

  • 1/7 – Straight from the start, one orb is to the left end of the beach in the water.
  • 2/7 – The second is hidden to the right by the two big pumping pillars, behind some pipes.
  • 3/7 – After killing the first two glubs you'll have to jump on a big pipe to continue. Instead, jump down and climb inside the pipe to find the third orb.
  • 4/7 – After the previous orb, jump down on the ground and go right around the cliff (wall on your left, sea on your right) and the orb will be on a rock to your left.
  • 5/7 – Straight after the previous orb, face the sea and swim over to the nearest island with a big windmill on it. Be careful to avoid the sentry bot, once you reach the island, climb on it and the orb will be on the back behind the windmill.

Protect Sig at the pumping stationEdit

  • 6/7 – Once Sig blows the big storage tank, jump down into the water to your right. The orb is hidden in the corner here.
  • 7/7 – After the next fight with several juice goons on the beach, the final orb is hidden next to some rocks in the water between the cliff and the metal walkway.

Haven sewersEdit

Note: The orb has to be collected before the Escort men through sewers mission, if not, it will disappear.

After Drain sewers to find statueEdit

  • 1/1 – In the room with the statue of Mar is a staircase leading to a passage, after going through said staircase the orb will be immediately on your left in the corner.

Strip mineEdit

Rescue Vin at strip mineEdit

  • 1/7 – The first orb is behind the northernmost support beam closest to the wall on the right. When you exit the warp gate, look right ahead and head to the pool of dark eco seen in the distance in front of you to find the orb behind the support beam.
  • 2/7 – The next orb can be found behind the light post on the piece of land between the two slanted conveyor belts on the path to rescue Vin.

Blow up strip mine eco wellsEdit

  • 3/7 – An orb is hidden next to a large crate behind the tiny shack you found Vin cowering in.

Destroy eggs in strip mineEdit

  • 4/7 – There is an orb sitting beside the first quarter–pipe after you grind the second set of pipes.
  • 5–6/7 – There are two orbs behind the quarter–pipe facing the two conveyor belts. The cliff overlooks the building in which Vin had been hiding in the first mission.
  • 7/7 – After you jump across the two moving platforms that follow the previous location, there is an orb sitting on a jagged rock on the left cliff wall overhanging a collection of grind–able pipes.

Drill platformEdit

Destroy eggs at drill platformEdit

  • 1/5 – After destroying the first group of Metal Head eggs with the turret, ride the lift down to the lower level and grab the first orb sitting in the corner right next to you, obscured from view by the camera.
  • 2/5 – Before entering the newly blown opening, hug the wall and move left until you reach the corner with the second orb hidden behind some KG crates.
  • 3/5 – After battling the swarm of ginsu in the next section, walk behind the barrels supporting the first flaming walkway and into the back corner.
  • 4/5 – After using the second turret, there's another orb hidden behind the barrels below the ledge leading to the new opening and second centurion Metal Head.
  • 5/5 – The final orb can be found after destroying the last of the Metal Head eggs. Exit the turret and ride the lift down to the lowest level. Before pressing forward, turn around and collect the orb behind the lift.

Mountain TempleEdit

Find lens in Mountain TempleEdit

  • 1/17 – At the second level the waterfall has formed another pool of water, in this pool are two moving platforms with between them (underwater) an orb.
  • 2/17 – The moat surrounding the Lens' building has an orb submerged to the left.

Find gear in Mountain TempleEdit

  • 3/17 – After defeating the ram head and climbing the cliff, there's a tree on top to the right, with one orb hidden behind it.

Find shard in Mountain TempleEdit

  • 4/17 – The first centurion Metal Head is guarding a Precursor orb.
  • 5/17 – If you make a right after climbing the ledge past the centurion you'll come to a tree dangling off a cliff. Some careful jumping will gain you the orb hidden on the small patch of dirt behind it.
  • 6–8/17 – After defeating the ram head, jump down from the platform you were fighting on back to the start of the path, if you land to the left side as much as possible you will land on a section that is higher than the original path (and normally only reachable by JET-Board). Three orbs rest here behind the tree.

Use items in No Man's CanyonEdit

  • 9/17 – Returning with the JET-Board take the north path that led to the shard. When you reach the box puzzle, cross the bridge you made and use your JET-Board to reach the nook between the Precursor structure and the land mass at the end of your bridge, to your right.
  • 10–12/17 – Turn around and follow your bridge back to the start. Instead of making a left to the normal path, use your JET-Board to hover right across the dark eco and on to the grassy steps on the right where three orbs await you.
  • 13–17/17 – Continue this path until you reach the dark eco again, using the JET-Board go and get to the next bit past the eco on your right. If you follow this path you will find the last five orbs and end back at the beginning.

Support towersEdit

Ride elevator up to palaceEdit

  • 1/3 – On top of a pipe behind the elevator once you ride it to the summit of the support tower.
  • 2/3 – The second orb sits just behind the second set of electrified panels you have to navigate past. When you've made it to the other side, grab it just after the electrified panels.
  • 3/3 – After the second motion–sensing turret, the path across the support tower will wrap underneath. The next orb rests on one of the two collapsing panels you have to cross to climb back up on the other side.

Haven PalaceEdit

After Defeat Baron at palaceEdit

  • 1/1 – Before leaving the palace, collect the orb sitting in front of the elevator as you exit the roof.

Haven ForestEdit

Catch scouts in Haven ForestEdit

  • 1/9 – The river running through Haven Forest starts at a waterfall in the north–west corner. A Precursor orb hides at the base of this waterfall.
  • 2–8/9 – If you follow the river you will find a lake, all orbs are submerged in the water here and only visible from up close. IF you keep hugging the right wall (while staying in the water) you will eventually find all orbs while going in a big circle around the edge of the lake.
  • 9/9 – As you near the area where the Tree of Life is situated, you will see that behind the structure connecting the two bridges are two small dead–ends to the left and right of the base of the plateau, the orb will be in the left at the end.

Dig siteEdit

Get seal piece at digEdit

  • 1/8 – The first orb is visible to your right when entering the first large cavern, across a lava river. To get there, head down the slope parallel to the river, at the bottom use some stone platforms to cross it and head back up the slope on the other side.
  • 2/8 – When you enter the second large cavern you will be able to see the orb in a corner to your right, floating above a metal cube puzzle close to another one of the buttons.
  • 3/8 – Close to this orb is a large pillar in the center of the room, on the left side of this pillar is a path to an orb at a platform at ground level.
  • 4/8 – As you go past the nearby sling blaster; at the top of the construction behind him is a grind rail. Don't use it yet, as the fourth is below it on a lone platform (connected by a series of ledges).
  • 5/8 – This one is close to the fifth button, if you head out from the room where that one was located and go forwards you will see the orb up ahead, slightly obscured by the lava behind it.
  • 6/8 – As you near the big log you have raised by now; to the left is a high ledge which leads around the nearby pillar to another orb.
  • 7/8 – As you re–enter the other side of the first cavern you can see the orb immediately on your right, on ground level next to the wall.
  • 8/8 – The last orb is in the same situation, except on your left in front of a house.

Tomb of MarEdit

Pass the first test of manhoodEdit

  • 1–2/5 – When you first enter the tomb, walk behind the Precursor statue to your left to gain an orb, do the same with the one on the right to find another.
  • 3–4/5 – The next two orbs are at the end of the large flooded entry hall, one orb each is hidden behind the last two opposite pillars.
  • 5/5 – After pressing the first button in the first test of manhood, jump onto the nearby moving pillar and turn around. The fifth orb is hidden here in an alcove behind you. You can still get this orb even after you press the second button, as the pillars slot into their final position which still allows you to climb up to the orb and grab it.

Weapons factoryEdit

Get Heart of Mar in weapons labEdit

  • 1/5 – Before taking the first lift down into the factory, grab the Precursor orb in the inner right corner.
  • 2/5 – After kicking the wheel to rotate the first bridge and crossing the acid you can see a stack of eco barrels to your left, the orb is hidden behind it.
  • 3/5 – The conveyor belt will drop you onto a second slanted one, ride it to the top to find the third orb.
  • 4/5 – After the conveyor belt action you will come into a room with four more guards and a large structure in the center, to your right is another slanted conveyor belt and the orb is hidden behind it. To get it, go left around the structure in the middle.
  • 5/5 – After the second fight against the roboguards you have to go up another large conveyor belt, while you are shot at by a lot of guards to your left, you can find the wheel to turn the bridge in front of you, with the orb hidden in a small nook to the right of the wheel.


Find Sig in UnderportEdit

  • 1/1 – Once you've punched the platforms and raised them to the surface, ride the lift up and cross the newly made path. When you re–submerge, turn around and grab the orb behind you before smashing upon the next gate.

Note that there is one additional orb out of bounds, just before the suspended bridge in the Titan Suit segment. This is not counted towards the game's total orb count, though it is possible to collect.

Construction siteEdit

After Check the construction siteEdit

  • 1/2 – The giant reels of wire have a precursor orb hidden between them.
  • 2/2 – The wooden walkway to the exit has an orb sitting under it, near the wall of eco barrels

Metal Head nestEdit

Note: This location cannot be revisited, therefore all orbs can only be acquired during these two missions.

Break barrier at nestEdit

  • 1/7 – The air train lands to the right of a mound of sand. A Precursor orb sits above a barrel on top of this mound.

Attack the Metal Head nestEdit

  • 2–4/7 – Moving right around Mar's gun will give you access to three orbs behind it
  • 5/7 – When moving into the open area up ahead and fighting all the mantises you will find the fifth orb on your left next to a wall on a raised bit concrete.
  • 6/7 – To the right of the previous orb (and to the left of the grunt elephant when he is at the lower end of his path) are some ruins, on top here is another orb.
  • 7/7 – The last orb is hidden inside the top hatch of a broken down tank. The tank is on the top of the first ledge, to the right of where you pass the first grunt elephant.


Side missionsEdit

NYFE racesEdit

Gun course trainingEdit

JET–Board gameEdit

Onin gameEdit


  1. This orb disappears upon start of the following mission, "Escort men through sewers".
  2. 2.0 2.1 This location cannot be revisited, therefore, all orbs can only be acquired during this mission.
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