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Jak II logo (NTSC-UC).png

Color Character
Orange Jak
Grey Kor
Light brown Torn
Yellow Krew
Brown Sig
Teal Keira
Light blue Vin
Aqua Onin
Green Samos Hagai
Red Ashelin Praxis
Purple Brutter
Pink Tess
Gold Oracle

The following is a list of missions in Jak II. Missions are prompted by either icons on the mini-map representing a character, or they will be told to you via a communicator. When received from a character, you will have to travel to where said character is located (e.g. the hideout for Torn), where a cutscene will begin, explaining the premise of the mission. After this, the location in which the mission takes place will be indicated on the mini-map.

Other times a mission is either received from a communicator or you are naturally directed into the level to the next mission. Some missions are only unlocked if you complete a specific set of earlier missions. Most of the time, however, the order in which you choose to do any mission is up to you.

Many missions will result in a reward of some kind, such as a new weapon, upgrade, or item. For this reason, it is recommended to complete certain missions before others, such as "Collect money for Krew" before "Rescue Vin at strip mine", "Destroy cargo in Port" before "Intercept tanker" or "Escort Kid to power station", "Escort men through sewers" before "Protect hideout from bombots" and "Win Class 2 race at stadium". When taking these routes, Jak will receive weapon upgrades sooner rather than later. It is also recommended to complete "Get seal piece at dig" before playing "Drain sewers to find statue", because Jak and Daxter only learn about the significance of the Seal from the former mission; as completing the latter mission will prompt Brutter to tell them via the communicator about the seal piece in the Water Slums.

Flowchart[edit | edit source]

Escape from fortress
Go to the oracle 1
Protect Kor and Kid
Collection of 25 skull gems required to unlock next mission.
Retrieve banner from Dead Town
Go to the oracle 2
Find pumping station valve
Collection of 200 skull gems required to unlock next mission.
Blow up ammo at fortress
Go to the oracle 3
Make delivery to Hip Hog Saloon
Collection of 200 skull gems required to unlock next mission.
Beat Scatter Gun course
Go to the oracle 4
Protect Sig at the pumping station
Collection of 100 skull gems required to unlock next mission.
Destroy turrets in sewers
Go to the oracle 5
Beat Blaster gun course
Beat time to race garage
Rescue Vin at strip mine
Win JET-Board stadium challenge
Destroy eggs at drill platform
Find pumping station patrol
Completion of all required to continue.
Collect money for Krew
Turn on five power switches
Find lens in Mountain Temple
Ride elevator up to palace
Find gear in Mountain Temple
Defeat Baron at palace
Find shard in Mountain Temple
Completion of all required to continue.
Shuttle Underground fighters
Protect site in Dead Town
Catch scouts in Haven Forest
Intercept tanker
Destroy cargo in Port
Escort Kid to power station
Rescue lurkers for Brutter
Destroy equipment at dig
Drain sewers to find statue
Blow up strip mine eco wells
Completion of all required to continue.
Destroy ship at drill platform
Win Class 3 race at stadium
Get seal piece at dig
Destroy five HellCat cruisers
Hunt Haven Forest metal heads
Get seal piece at Water Slums
Completion of all required to continue.
Beat Onin game
Use items in No Man's Canyon
Pass the first test of manhood
Pass the second test of manhood
Defeat Baron in Mar's tomb
Rescue friends in fortress
Protect hideout from bombots
Win Class 2 race at stadium
Escort men through sewers
Completion of all required to continue.
Beat Erol in race challenge
Get Life Seed in Dead Town
Destroy eggs in strip mine
Protect Samos in Haven Forest
Rescue lurkers for Brutter
Completion of all required to continue.
Destroy drill platform tower
Completion of all required to continue.
Win Class 1 race at stadium
Explore palace
Get Heart of Mar in weapons lab
Beat Krew in weapons lab
Beat the metal head mash
Find Sig in Underport
Escort Sig in Underport
Defend stadium
Check the construction site
Break barrier at nest
Attack the Metal Head nest
Defeat Metal Kor at nest
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