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A map of all side mission computer locations in Haven City.

Side missions are optional missions in Jak II. They are found via holographic interfaces in Haven City where usually Torn (or in rare cases, a computer) will speak to you and give you directions on what to do. After unlocking a mission you can simply walk up to the computer and press Triangle to begin the side mission, assuming you are not in another mission or being chased by the Krimzon Guard, in which case the alarm system needs to be de-activated first. All side missions have a reward of 3 orbs.

Side mission types[]

Type Description
Orb search A very common side mission. Once it has been started, the camera will switch and show the location of a Precursor orb, usually with some kind of notable object in the background. This image stays on screen for a second, and then it will switch back to Jak, who will then have a set time limit to collect the orb. The time limit varies between side missions, dependent on the distance between the player and the orb.
Ring race Once started, a standard single-seated zoomer will appear with a purple Precursor ring someplace in front of it. The actual timer starts when you enter the ring. You will then have to drive through each ring, gaining a few seconds every time you succeed.
Collection As soon as you start this type of mission, you will be shown the objects you need to collect. Afterwards, a fairly long timer starts. The items that need to be collected are scattered around the area.
Other There are three special side missions based on real missions; they re-use an enemy, or either have you repeat a previous mission only in a different location.

Side missions[]

Title (computer) The title of the specific side mission, these might be numbered. The computer number is included as well, corresponding to the one on the map.
Required mission Any required (side) mission(s) that need to have been completed until the side mission can be started.
Other Specific details, such as time limits, targets or other info.
Guide or Map Either guide as to how to complete the side mission or a map detailing the location of the objective, assuming either is required, they are not if the side mission is straightforward enough as is.

Orb searches[]

Title (computer) Required mission Time
Orb search 1 (no. 02) Beat Scatter Gun course 0:17
Orb search 2 (no. 03) Protect Sig at the pumping station 0:22
Orb search 3 (no. 04) Destroy turrets in sewers 0:32
Orb search 4 (no. 05) Find pumping station patrol 0:17
Orb search 5 (no. 09) Catch scouts in Haven Forest 0:27
Orb search 6 (no. 10) Intercept tanker 0:22
Orb search 7 (no. 11) Destroy ship at drill platform 0:27
Orb search 8 (no. 12) Hunt Haven Forest metal heads 0:17
Orb search 9 (no. 06) Win Class 3 race at stadium

Side mission: Collection (no. 06)

Orb search 10 (no. 14) Beat Erol in race challenge 0:17
Orb search 11 (no. 15) Beat Erol in race challenge 0:17
Orb search 12 (no. 07) Protect Samos in Haven Forest
Side mission: Shuttle Underground fighters (no. 07)
Orb search 13 (no. 16) Win Class 1 race at stadium 0:27
Orb search 14 (no. 17) Defeat Metal Kor at nest 0:17
Orb search 15(no. 18) Defeat Metal Kor at nest 0:37

Ring races[]

Title (computer) Required mission Length Guide
Ring race 1 (no. 01) Find pumping station valve 18 rings The most straightforward of the three ring races, this one takes place only in the Slums section of Haven City.
Ring race 2 (no. 08) Catch scouts in Haven Forest 28 rings This ring race begins in the Port, then enters the Palace Grounds, then the East Bazaar (where you cannot use a zoomer at one point, but instead the JET-Board), then the Industrial Section, then finally the Slums.
Ring race 3 (no. 01) Get Life Seed in Dead Town
Side mission: Ring race (no. 01)
26 rings The trickiest of the three ring races, this one begins in the Slums, but takes place mostly in the Industrial Section and requires many hairpin turns and jumps from the upper walkway.


Title (computer) Required mission Time Guide
Collection 1 (no. 06) Win JET-Board stadium challenge 2:00 You will have two minutes to collect 20 homing beacons throughout the northern half of the Main Town district.
Collection 2 (no. 13) Destroy five HellCat cruisers 2:00 You will have two minutes to collect 60 small green eco pickups throughout the southern half of the Main Town district. Note that these green eco pickups can be automatically absorbed by Jak when approaching them from up close, and most closely resemble those from The Precursor Legacy.
Collection 3 (no. 12) Defeat Metal Kor at nest
Side mission: Orb search (no. 12)
2:00 You will have two minutes to collect 30 small dark eco pickups throughout the North Garden. This is one of the few side missions in the game to feature not Torn as the assigner, but instead a computer.


Title (computer) Required mission Time Guide
Deliver package (no. 07) Find gear, Find lens, Find shard in Mountain Temple 1:30 Based on the "Make delivery to Hip Hog Saloon" mission. This mission starts as soon as you jump on the single seated zoomer nearby (it has a package strapped to the back). Once started, you have ninety seconds to drive the zoomer with the package to the Underground hideout.
Shuttle Underground fighters (no. 07) Rescue lurkers for Brutter
Side mission: Deliver package (no. 07)
5:00 (total) Based on the "Shuttle Underground fighters" mission. A timer will start (one minute) and a beacon will be shown on the map. Once the Underground member has entered your vehicle, another minute will be added and a new beacon will appear on your minimap. Dropping off your current Underground member will not result in another minute on the timer; instead, the minute is added once you pick up the next person.
Destroy blast bots (no. 07) Rescue lurkers for Brutter
Side mission: Orb search (no. 07)
Based on the "Protect hideout from bombots" mission. Once started, three blast bots will appear in Haven City, accompanied by beacons on the minimap. There is no time limit and the mission is completed once all bots are defeated.