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Trophy: King of the Road
Collect all other trophies. Platinum

This is a list of all trophies included in Jak X: Combat Racing with its PlayStation 4 release.


Name Requirement Image
On the Board Win a race in Adventure Mode. On the Board
Going for Gold Earn Gold in any event. Going for Gold
Kill or be Killed Earn 4 kills in a Circuit race without dying once. Kill or be Killed
Out of My Way! Reach 150 kills in Rush Hour, in Adventure mode. Out of My Way!
Road Rage Reach 100 kills in a Death Race, in Adventure mode. Road Rage
Unanswered Capture 5 power cells before the opposing team captures any, in an Adventure mode Capture event. Unanswered
Getting Sideways Drift 600 meters or more. Getting Sideways
Tame the Beast Unlock the Havoc V12. Tame the Beast
Defensive Driver Unlock the Boomer. Defensive Driver
Crash and Bash Unlock the Roadhog. Crash and Bash
Bat Out of Hell Unlock the Firebat. Bat Out of Hell
Cover Your Ears Unlock the Howler 99. Cover Your Ears
Wings of Steel Unlock the Dragonfly. Wings of Steel
Adrenaline Junkie Purchase 50% of all Turbo upgrades. Adrenaline Junkie
Road Resilience Purchase 50% of all Armor upgrades. Road Resilience
Swift Shifter Purchase 50% of all Gearbox upgrades. Swift Shifter
All Jak'd Up Purchase 50% of all Engine upgrades. All Jak'd Up
Gold Standard: Red Eco Cup Collect all Gold Medals in the Red Eco Cup. Gold Standard Red Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Green Eco Cup Collect all Gold Medals in the Green Eco Cup. Gold Standard Green Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Blue Eco Cup Collect all Gold Medals in the Blue Eco Cup. Gold Standard Blue Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Yellow Eco Cup Collect all Gold Medals in the Yellow Eco Cup. Gold Standard Yellow Eco Cup
Unleash the Beast Unlock the Naughty Dog. Unleash the Beast
Why So Salty? Unlock the Sand Shark. Why So Salty?
Fresh Kicks Unlock all Wheels. Fresh Kicks
Full Bars Unlock all antennas. Full Bars
Head Case Unlock all helmets. Head Case
What Did You Expect? View the Hot Coffee reel. What Did You Expect?
Highlight Reel Unlock all reels. Highlight Reel
From Zero to Hero Unlock Hero Mode. From Zero to Hero
King of the Road Unlock all trophies. King of the Road
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