The revamp project was a sweeping, coordinated content overhaul effort that spanned from late 2013 to late 2017. Seen through to completion by the wiki's active community members—User:Jak Himself, User:Light Daxter, User:Technobliterator, and User:Thatawesomecat—the project resulted in the replacement, removal, or creation of nearly every remaining article, template, category, and image on the entire website. The project elevated every aspect of the website to a basic if not high standard of accuracy, completeness, and cohesion that has helped further ensure the authority of the website and community.


The process of the revamp followed a fairly straightforward structure:

  1. A category of articles would be chosen to work on;
  2. Each article would be pasted into a user sandbox (test editing area) and rewritten;
  3. These drafts would be presented for peer review;
  4. Revised and completed articles would replace the existing article in the live space;
  5. Progress would be tracked on a single to-do list.

Throughout this process, updating, replacing, or reorganizing templates, categories, and meta projects were completed as necessary. Additionally, consensus and precedent were gradually established over the course of the project that has resulted in the policies and practices in place today.

What's nextEdit

While the revamp project elevated every aspect of the website to a minimum standard, the quality of work naturally improved over the course of the project, as compared to that of earlier periods. Furthermore, certain standards and practices were established at different periods. This resulted in a lop-sidedness favoring content from the later games (as each category was done chronologically).

As a result, the wiki will undergo a process similar to the revamp project, but with the specific intent of standardizing all content and bringing it all to the same level of quality. This will also serve as a second go at all of the content for security. We will also be implementing the latest policies and practices on all articles.

Furthermore, whereas the revamp project went through articles in a chronological order (starting with The Precursor Legacy and ending with The Lost Frontier), this upcoming "revisit project" will go through articles categorically (for example, all enemies from all games first, then all locations, then all characters, etc.) This will ensure against any chronological bias in terms of quality or style.

All current project progress is tracked on the site-wide to-do list.