The Jak and Daxter Wiki runs official social media accounts on various platforms. They are run by the wiki's official social media handler, User:Thesamoshagai. All administrators are also given access to the accounts.

The accounts serve to bolster the wiki's online presence and social reputation, and will allow us to reach out to other important figures in the Jak and Daxter community, such as developers.

The Jak and Daxter Wiki is currently on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. We also maintain an official Google Drive archive, curated by archivists User:Thatawesomecat and User:Jak Himself.

Furthermore, the wiki uses an official Discord server for streamlining communication, coordinating sweeping changes, and in general keeping up with each other. Accounts of major decisions are generally posted to the wiki's bulletin board but may originate on the Discord sever.[a]

As of now, we do not sanction any other social media accounts. If you find a Jak and Daxter Wiki account on any platform other than those indicated above, it is not official and does not represent the Jak and Daxter Wiki.


Should there be no active administrators available to contact (check), an individual may try adopting the Jak and Daxter Wiki. If successful, said individual will have sysop privileges, with which they will be able to view the deleted article "Social media access". We do not recommend fully undeleting the page; instead just preview the undeleted revision to retrieve the password and/or security information, from where you can then try to access the social media account.

The wiki will have to be eligible for adoption, however, which is at the discretion of Fandom Staff. Do not request wiki adoption merely for access to social media accounts. Try to find someone willing to legitimately adopt the wiki, then work things out from there.


  1. Because the Jak and Daxter Wiki and Ratchet & Clank Wiki are run by the same admin team, the two wikis share a Discord server.