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Combat racing Combat racing is a sport featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is a competition with race cars that takes place on race tracks within various sanctioned race events ...
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Did you know?
    • ...that adult flut fluts have been spotted with up to 15 meter-long wingspans (that's almost 50 feet), and tend to be much more aggressive and avoid humans?
    • ...that the Hellcat Jak used in The Lost Frontier is formally known as the Hellcat IV, and once belonged to Baron Praxis?
    • ...that the tigorilla, goosesnake, and kangarabbit were all mentioned at some point in the Jak and Daxter series (as well as caturkey and crocadeer in unused dialogue), alongside other hybrid species?
    • ...that ottsels are a crossbreed between otters and weasels?

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