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The jungle fish[1] is an enemy seen in The Precursor Legacy and a cameo in Jak X: Combat Racing.


The Precursor LegacyEdit

The jungle fish inhabited the tropical waters of Forbidden Jungle, swimming lazily around, and patrolling streams and pools, attacking anything non-lurker. They typically distance themselves from other piranhas, though it is not uncommon to see two or three swimming next to each other, suggesting (similar to the lurker shark) they may be territorial.

Jak X: Combat RacingEdit

Jungle fish make a re-appearance in Jak X: Combat Racing, as part of an attraction in a fish tank located in the Bloody Hook. In the opening cutscene, Jak is seen ramming through the fish tank with the Sand Shark, leaving the piranhas to flop around on the ground.


They are a tall, tropical fish, with a warm color scheme (including blue, purple, and red), and a large dorsal fin which sticks out of the water as they swim. They also bear typical lurker traits such as appendages growing over their jawline and yellow eyes. They are one of only two lurkers (along with the lurker shark) that does not wear a metal collar.


Similar to most small lurkers, to attack, they simply come up to "bite" their opponent, without doing much else. They are very easy to evade as they are small and relatively slow. They can be killed with one melee attack, bleating similar to the sound of a goat when they die.


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