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The KG Death Bots,[1][a] also known as the KG Robots,[3][4] are a faction in Jak II and Jak 3. Originally a division within Baron Praxis' despotic Krimzon Guard in Haven City, they eventually splintered and reorganized under Errol, starting the War for Haven City.


As an apparently experimental division within the Krimzon Guard, the KG Death Bots were headquartered and produced at the weapons factory just outside the city. Up to this point, they included only the spydroid, roboguard, blast bot, security tank, and robot guard, with the former two being in prototype form. After Praxis was killed, the Krimzon Guard dissolved and was replaced with the more benevolent Freedom League. However, the KG went out of control and reorganized under Errol, the former KG commander who was thought to have died, and moved production to the floating KG war factory above the city.

The KG Death Bots were now made up of more units, with a more developed roboguard unit with firearms, and new spydroids were developed, which were the same as the prototypes but did not use electric shock. New units of KG Death Bots included the hover guard, hopper bot, robo-goon, sentinel, and blade beater, many of the units bearing close resemblance to metal head species, possibly sharing design as the existing metal head groups were allied with Cyber Errol.

When the KG war factory was shut down by Jak, production of KG death bots decreased. When Cyber Errol, while in a terraformer, was killed by Jak in the Wasteland, the KG Death Bots died off. The only surviving KG death bot was an elite unit not seen in the war known as UR-86, and partook in the Kras City Grand Championship in Jak X: Combat Racing one year later.



The KG Death Bots had insignia and other themes very similar to the former Krimzon Guard: the emblem was the same but was split into two sides, and though the purpose for the color scheme and design change is unknown, it possibly represents the concept of "cyborgs"; one side representing cybernetics, the other representing organisms. Another emblem associated with the KG Death Bots was a desaturated version of the Krimzon Guard logo, and was used on KG Death Bot crates only.

All KG Death Bots carry crimson armor with a partially visible metallic skeleton, often completely revealed with the bot's armor is shot off.


Being robots, the KG Death Bots had no need for a defined society. As far as behavioral patterns, the KG Death Bots do appear to have the ability to tell friend from foe, as they do not attack other KG Death Bots, nor do they attempt to battle the Metal Heads—an ally faction. They also had the ability to detect that a blast bot being controlled by Jak was an opposing bot, regardless of possible previous casualties.


The KG war factory

The KG Death Bots were developed and produced at the KG war factory. They were deployed in Haven City where they concentrated and occupied the Industrial Section, and for a short while New Haven as well. KG Death Bots were also found beneath Haven's streets in the Haven sewers.


The KG Death Bots used weaponry similar to the former Krimzon Guard artillery. They primarily used long-range blasters firing a red bolt of energy, which was both powerful and reasonably fast. The blast bot and sniper cannon also used laser blasters, though these were the only examples. The KG Death Bots also used various forms of bombs, including mobile armored bombs, missiles, and various other explosive devices.

They didn't use many vehicles aside from KG fighter jets, a cargo transport, and a factory car at the war factory.


Name Description
Spydroid Small, weak, quadruped robots which attack their enemies simply by head-butting them.
Hopper bot Small, marine robots bearing very similar traits to the metal head hopper.
Robo-goon The robo-goon is a weak, medium-sized prototype bot. They attack by punching and bear very similar traits to the metal head grunt.
Roboguard Considered one of the main infantry units, the roboguard can tuck into a ball and barge into its enemy, or attack from a distance using their twin blasters.
Hover guard Roboguards equipped with a jetpack allowing them to fly around, equipped with twin blasters on their arms.
Sentinel Weak, hovering bots with one blaster, bearing much resemblance to the metal jacket.
Blade beater Hovering bots which patrol passages, blocking them off with rapidly spinning blades.
Blast bot Massive four-legged walking bombs, powerful and equipped with a long-range laser, bearing physical resemblance to the spyder gunner.
KG fighter Fast, sleek jets, protecting the KG war factory.
Security tank Powerful tanks which protected Krimzon territory while part of the Krimzon Guard, but protected the KG war factory during Jak 3.
KG robot transport A crimson red, heavily armed and armored, robot transport ship that can assault targets while simultaneously dropping robotic units.



  1. Short for "Krimzon Guard Death Bots", also shortened to the "Krimzon Death Bots",[2] or simply "KG",[2] as they became the only remnants of the organization.