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The KG robot transport, also known as the KG transporter, is a type of vehicle used by the KG Death Bots in Jak 3. It is a large, crimson red, cubical flying transport ship equipped with powerful weapons and heavy armor. Three of these were used in an attack on the Freedom HQ in the mission "Defend HQ from attack".

History[edit | edit source]

Soon after breaking through the barriers between the Port and New Haven districts, Jak went to the Freedom HQ to meet with the rest of the Freedom League, where soon after the place was attacked by three ships. Jak managed to destroy them, where after they were not sighted again in the game.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The KG robot transport resembles a large red cube. It has few discernible features or anything that clearly stands out besides the swarm missile launcher mounted weapon on-top and the quad-directional rotating beam turret on the bottom. There are four boosters on each of the bottom corners, each with their own glass tube with electricity running through. The boosters are not its main source of movement however, as with even just one it still functions normally, instead it has a generic anti-gravity engine built in. Destroying the glass tubes will result in the destruction of the transport ship however.

Lastly it also contains a number of roboguards, spydroids and sentinels which it dispenses regularly in the area.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Despite the impressive arsenal of a transport ship they remain rather easy to take down, with four weak spots in the glass tubes. These are easily destroyed through repeated firing, although accurately hitting the tubes while avoiding the numerous rocket barrages, rotating beam turrets and KG death bots can be difficult. Try to use auto-targeting weapons like the Beam Reflexor, Gyro Burster or Needle Lazer; the Peace Maker tends to lack the needed punch for some reason. The Plasmite RPG is also an option if the others are not available.

The second part is to keep avoiding the ships, staying on the move to avoid rockets and to not get too close lest you end up with a beam turret making movement a lot harder.

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