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The killer plant,[1] also known as the carnivorous plant,[2] is a type of plant grown inside the Westside Hotel's arboretum. Normally docile and even kept as decorative plants inside the hotel, they turned into dangerous killers ever since the Concierge had forgotten to feed them, sometime before Daxter arrived to deal with the metal bug infestation for the mission "Bring back 25 gems to the Concierge".

They can reach up to an average human's height, and consist of a thick green stem with a small cluster of green leaves close to the main flower. The petals on the flower itself have elaborate floral patterns consisting of yellow and pinkish-red colors, with a single petal in the center which is erected forward and used to attack.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Despite being carnivorous plants, they will not attack the metal backs present in the hotel and only try and eat Daxter if he comes too close. To avoid them, crawl past them or go around them, as their attack range is quite short and they only have a single line of attack. It is also possible to dodge them by jumping away the moment they strike.

They are very vulnerable to the spray gun (and all of its modifications if one returns with them to the hotel). The electric bug swatter, at the time only available method of attack, is also effective but the first four hits only stun it, causing it to turn to an upright position and stop moving for a few seconds. This also makes it vulnerable and easy to kill, which is done by hitting it a total of five times.

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