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Klaww is a boss-level lurker enemy in The Precursor Legacy, encountered at Rock Village. He, for some time, had been terrorizing Rock Village by pounding it with flaming boulders both before and after the Blue Sage was captured.


The Precursor Legacy[]

Klaww is a lurker of enormity and the second boss in The Precursor Legacy. Within the context of the game, Klaww most probably dwelt within the Mountain Pass or his volcanic roost, identified as a monster. Since Gol and Maia's assuming rule over the Lurker race, Klaww serves them by wreaking havoc upon Rock Village from above. After the Warrior of Rock Village tried to battle Klaww, he was defeated and humiliated. Klaww then blocked the ascent to the pass with a thirty-ton boulder. To move the obstacle, Jak and Daxter are required to amass a total of forty-five power cells (twenty-five additional) to power the levitation machine that was created by the Blue Sage before his capture.

After reaching Klaww, Jak and Daxter are forced to dodge Klaww's barrage of rocks, answering his attacks with yellow eco fire while he powers up another boulder. This causes him to drop said boulder on his own head and collapse into the lava. After repeating this process three times, Klaww is swallowed up by the lava, presumably dead.



Klaww is a rather large Lurker, his appearance similar to the Bone armor Lurker. He has dark blue skin (possibly fur) and black hair on his head, shoulders, and growing in as a beard along his jaw and chin, which is wrapped with a brown cloth. He has thin legs and a thin waist, possibly being much scrawnier than he appears to be. He wears a red loin cloth around his waist - secured with a sand red belt - and what appears to be red foot/shin wraps.

Klaww also possesses a set of Precursor armor with the ability to conjure large boulders. Said armor also grants him the strength to hurdle the boulders great distances. The armor covers his torso and right arm only, while his left arm is left exposed. His armor may also grant him protection against the magma settled in his roost for a short duration.

An interesting note are the white horns growing out of his skull, giving him a devilish or demonic appearance to him, possibly a nod to his resistance to the magma, of which his feet are almost always submerged in during his boss battle.


Klaww is enormous, and is incredibly strong, capable of handling volcanic rock and hurling large fiery boulders. He is also seemingly invulnerable to lava. Klaww possesses Precursor armor and a robotic arm. This seems to grant him the power to conjure large and destructive boulders. It is unknown how much of his fire resistance can be attributed to his armor.

Behind the scenes[]

An unused cutscene found in the game suggests that Maia was the creator of Klaww, and deliberately unleashed him on Rock Village to intercept Jak.[1]