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The solar lance beam laser deals damage constantly, striking enemies the moment you fire it.

Daxter, The Lost Frontier

The laser, also called solar lance beam laser and solar lance heavy maser array, is a plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. A forward-facing blast of high energy, the laser has both the fastest rate of fire and the fastest reload speed among all plane weapons. To add, it is also the fastest moving projectile, as the maximum range is reached nearly instantly. In turn, this high-speed, direct-fire weapon can be difficult to wield at times, as the fastest and smallest planes still need to take a second at minimum of a direct hit with this pin-point precision weapon before they go down.

The laser icon.

Although more useful than either of the earlier available machine gun and flak cannon weapons, the laser weapon does have its shortcomings. Despite its high ammo capacity and reload speed, the rate of fire will drain through your reserves more often than not in prolonged fights. Damage-wise it is still outclassed by the later Vulcan Cannon and, although weaker, the chain lightning gun is a more favorable weapon when it comes to taking down many fast moving targets at once.

Locations and availability[edit | edit source]

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Board the pirate galleon".
2 Side mission After achieving gold for the plane race "Round the Mountain" at Brink Island.
3 Side mission Received from the Precursor statue at Sector Zero after destroying 12 dark eco crystals.
4 Side mission Received after completing the Pirate's Cove pirate radio tower mission "Recover weapon artifact".
5 Daxterjacking Only available in Hero Mode, during the mission "Board the pirate galleon" at the earliest.
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