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The leaper lizard (also simplified to leaper) is a mount used in Jak 3. They are creatures native to the Wasteland, where they are eventually corralled and domesticated in the leaper lizard pen, and then trained to be used as mounts as the main mode of transportation in Spargus. In addition to feeding on the local rodent population, they are sometimes used for recreation and sport such as leaper races.

Once in the Great Volcano, Jak captured and used one to find the satellite inside. It was apparently left over from a failed Precursor monk expedition.

Leapers share similar gameplay mechanics with the flut flut from The Precursor Legacy. These animals are very common to the Precursor Monks, and are able to understand some form of Precursor language.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Leapers are similar in overall appearance to the flut flut, though they have a more reptilian appearance. They have rough skin, usually gray, teal, or green in complexion, with scaly arms used for gliding short distances. They have sharp claws for charging and presumably grabbing.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Their combative tactics are also similar to that of the flut flut, having only a charge attack where they will headbutt their opponent, and an aerial attack, where they jump and charge the ground, releasing a purple cloud.

At full speed, a mounted leaper can be used to harm another human if one is hit head-on. They are otherwise fairly weak and can actually easily die if hit or when running at full speed into an object, though the latter only happens with wild leaper lizards.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Early concept art indicates that the leaper was originally intended to be a metal head flut flut, though this concept never made it to Jak 3.[1]
  • While riding a leaper lizard with the invulnerability cheat on you can walk/ride on water.
  • Leapers appear to understand an ancient language only spoken by Seem. One of the terms is "sien com tava, baroosh baroosh". There are two known translations: "spit Orange Lightning out", or "spit the ottsel/rat out".[2]
    • In addition to feeding on kangarats, one leaper undertook Daxter as a meal before being commanded otherwise by Seem.

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