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Light Flight is a light power used by Light Jak during Jak 3, granted when he rescues Seem from the Dark Makers at the Monk Temple. It is the fourth and last light power gained in the game.

Light Flight does not allow Jak to fly indefinitely; only glide. This is activated by holding L2 and then activating flight by pressing X. Jak then grows ethereal blue wings. Gliding can take place by continuously tapping X. These taps must be well-time in order to maintain a steady glide.

Glitch flight[edit | edit source]

There is a glitch which in combination with Light Shield, allows Jak to fly indefinitely. You can do this by double jumping with your wings unfold, and while in the air pressing Circle+X over and over again in a rhythmic motion. Be sure that the pattern is consistent, or Jak will lose altitude and the flight will sometimes fail.

Glitch Wing Growth[edit | edit source]

There is another glitch involving where Light Jak can grow his wings. You can do this by making Light Jak hop by tapping the X button once consistently, when they grow a white light will pulse with each tap. Be sure that if you accidently tap the button twice and too fast, Light Jak will prepare to flap his wings, causing the wings to change back to their original size. Alternatively, you can tap and forcefully hold the X button at a slower pace, which it's easier and it's harder for Light Jak to flap them. When the wings grow bigger than Jak, their shape is anything, such as an example when you've hit the end of the screen with their growth, like at eleven times bigger and longer than Jak, the end of the top four wings will have a live wire-like shape to them or be arched. So, basically their shape changes into whatever you could imagine them to look like and they can grow indefinitely, depending what type of TV screen you have.

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